Samsung Admire Leaks: Mid-Range Gingerbread Handset for MetroPCS


A mid-range handset running Android 2.3 is headed to MetroPCS courtesy of Samsung. The phone is known by model number SCH-R720, but should launch under the Samsung Admire name. The handset is said to house an 800MHz processor and 3.2MP camera, though it won’t be in the good graces of MetroPCS’ 4G LTE network. This one is 3G only.

Rumor has it that a release is slated for the end of summer, with August or September being the months to watch. A tentative $149.99 price tag has been floated.

[via SamsungHub]


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  1. Samsung is slowly turning into the modern Nokia.

  2. What really kind of surprises me is that this phone has gingerbread, yet the top-of-the-line Droid Charge on Verizon is still froyo. At least Samsung has new phones with gingerbread. If they could only update the older ones.

    BTW, MetroPCS doesn’t have a 3G (EVDO) network. They went straight to 4G (LTE).

    1. if they dont have a 3g network then why is this 3g?

      1. Metro is working on building 3G
        When their 3G is good enough, they will activate it for phones that support 3G.
        So far they have not activated it for anyone yet.

        1. Update: some areas are now getting 3G; out of those areas, some are capped and some not. Dallas, for example, seems to be capped. I can barely get to 200 kbps on the speedtest.com app.

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