HTC Bliss Rumored to Ship with Sense 3.5


If I were to tell you the HTC Bliss will feature a rather bland, mid-range spec sheet, you probably wouldn’t be surprised. But what if I told you it might ship with a new version of HTC’s Sense user interface? That’s the latest word on the street when it comes to the Bliss, HTC’s handset supposedly designed with the softer of the two genders in mind. The handset’s CPU is said to be clocked at 800MHz and accompanied by an Adreno 205 GPU, but more interestingly its Android 2.3.4 build is rumored to be cloaked in HTC Sense 3.5. Currently Sense sits at version 3.0. What will change in the next iteration of HTC’s favorable Android skin will remain like the release date of the Bliss: a mystery.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. Hopefully in 3.5 they will scale it back a bit because sense is becoming really bulky

    1. They’re marketing this phone to women, there will be no scaling back!

      Edit: I’m not trying to be sexist, I’m saying HTC is going to be.

    2. Totally agree. Sense on the Sensation is so fat it makes it feel slow compared to the likes of the Desire and other simpler phones

      1. What do you mean it’s so fat? I think it could use some optimizing since the Evo3D runs a lot smoother but how can you tell its ‘fat’?

      2. ? .. What is slow exactly ?.. Hit the icon for your screen of apps, boom they are there.. hit an icon to load an app.. boom it’s there.. swipe through your screen of apps, and it’s the most responsive I’ve ever seen.. Sliding form home screen to home screen is perfectly speedy.. There is no lag anywhere that I can see.. you will have to narrow it down for me to judge whether or not you are full of it.

  2. Gimme moar Sense!

  3. if anything, marketed to women–it’ll be more Sensitive

    /horrible joke

  4. at this rate sense is quickly becoming more fragmented than android

    1. Really? How does it matter at all? Are some apps not working on different phones because the Sense version is different?

  5. How can Sense 3.0 run on this single core 800mHz processor but not on phones like the Thunderbolt or the Inspire?

    I have the Sensation so I’m good but still, gotta stick up for our HTC toting brethren.

  6. i want 3.5!
    will they be updating phones?? im guessing no

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