European Rollout of Android 3.1 for the Motorola XOOM Finally Begins


After missing its initial launch in June, the Android 3.1 update for the Motorola XOOM is finally rolling out to European users, just as promised. The commencement was announced via Motorola’s Facebook page and will be hitting countries across Europe in stages. This could mean some XOOM owners may still be waiting a few days or even weeks to get their hands on a version of Honeycomb that has already been surpassed. We’ll wait for this update to circulate a bit before we start in on the Android 3.2 speculation.

[via Facebook | Thanks, Denny!]

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  1. Yea but doesnt this update give eurpean xoom owners use of the sd card??? We had to wait to 3.2 but I am pretty sure 3.1 enables sd card for them

    1. True but I think they would have preferred to wait for 3.2 if they knew their 3.1 would arrive after 3.2.

  2. Any word if Canada is included in these upgrades or do we need to stick it out with 3.0 even longer?

    1. Have not seen anything mentioned about CA but this update is only for 3G Xooms so if you are wifi only you are out of luck.

  3. … hitting “only some” countries across Europe

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