Motorola Promises Android 3.1 Update August Rollout for European XOOM Tablets


Wait a second, didn’t Motorola announce back in June that the Android 3.1 update for the XOOM had begun rolling out to folks in Europe? They sure did, but if you revisit the original Facebook announcement, surprise surprise, it appears the update didn’t quite make it out of the starting gate. We’ve heard that story before, which is why we just don’t feel comfortable trusting a new Motorola Support Forum posting stating that the update will begin rolling out definitively on August 9th. Considering XOOMs elsewhere are already on Android 3.2, this shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, right? We’ll keep out finger crossed but we aren’t holding out breath.

[via Motorola |Thanks, Chaz!]

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  1. So glad I imported a U.S. wifi xoom to Sweden…

    1. Wifi non-us Xooms can be flashed to the stock U.S images to receive faster updates thankfully.

  2. With 3.2 being out on US Xooms, I’d be seriously p.o.’d at Motorola if I were in Europe. They just keep doing more and more stupid stuff.

  3. Motorola breaking proimises? I… I can’t imagine that!

  4. It is Motorola Europe. Why are you guys surprised ? It’s not like their past record is any better.

  5. Let’s hope us Canadian Xoom users get our updates too!

    1. Flash the US Firmware on it and be done with them. Seriously you are waiting for 3.1 when 3.2 is already out (and its a great update performance wise) …I tell you…get rid of Motorola by flashing the only Google supported Firmware!

  6. I gave up long ago wasting my time “hoping” that Motorola would give us an update “soon”. To be honest, the moment I discovered that my non-US Xoom was not a Google Experience Device (which all marketing information had stated it would be), I knew I had no choice but to flash the US firmware onto it.
    Luckily, I made the wise choice when purchasing of getting the WiFi model, rather than the 3G one.

    I’m now rocking an Android 3.2 GED in the UK.

    Still… I should never have had to take it upon myself to flash the US firmware onto the non-US device.

    In fact, Motorola has blatantly violated the UK’s “Trade of Goods Act”, which makes it a CRIMINAL offence to use misleading or false information to market a product. I’m seeking legal action against Motorola, and I urge other non-US Xoom customers to do the same!

    To add insult to injury, the Xoom 2 will be appearing either in late August, or early September. Word is that the Xoom 2 will feature Ice-Cream Sandwich (Android 4?).
    I firmly believe that the Xoom 2 will arrive long before the current Xoom sees so much as Motorola’s bastardized version of Android 3.1.

    Bottom line: don’t waste your time with Motorola or its products. Whilst it’s true that the Xoom hardware really is superior to other Android Tablet hardware available right now, their lack of ethics and support render them and their hardware entirely useless.

    If you’re looking to buy an Android tablet, I’d strongly suggest you wait for Google’s own “Nexus” tablet series (which should be hitting the market next month) as this way you can ensure you get a Google Experience Device, free of manufacturer’s “customizations” such as bug-ridden UI and bloatware!

  7. I’m from India, purchased my Xoom from the Middle East, its firmware says : GAS_ASIA_USA_EVRSTURTIRD_P016

    I’m still on 3.0.1 :(

    no updates yet! can anyone give me any info?

  8. I got burned buying a Motorola Milestone and learned my lesson. Moto no more. I’m glad I chose the well-supported Transformer instead of Xoom.

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