Android App Helps Extract the Hacker in You


Well this is just crazy. At Defcon, developer Zimperium, a security firm, demonstrated an Android application called the Android Network Toolkit (Anti, for short) that would allow users to exploit unprotected devices on security-free WiFi networks (or networks that they have gained access to).

The firm says the tool’s purpose is for people to find aged exploits and patch them so that “hacking” their network and taking control of devices connected to it isn’t as easy as putting together a 10 piece puzzle. It will allow users to do more than just “find” these exploits, though – you can actually act on them as if you had every intent to cause malintent.

Commands like “man-in-the-middle”, a snooping tool, and “attack” allow users to intercept data and control devices with the push of a button.

Security entities claim some people pay up to $10,000 for this sort of functionality whether it be for internal security testing or for malintent, but Zimperium’s application will be made available for free for non-commercial use and only $10 for a corporate license in the Android market sometime within the next week.

This is obviously a very touchy subject, but it’s still interesting nonetheless and I’m excited to see just how far this tool will let you go. Just promise us that you won’t use it for evil. [Forbes]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Interesting……If I can spare the storage space on my phone I might use this to “check for vulnerabilities” in you…eerrr I mean in my home network

    1. get a larger sd card.

      1. All my apps are already on my SD card, my SD card has more than 50% free space….its apps like Google+ Google Maps Google Music, Whatsapp etc that take a lot of internal storage space

  2. This is odd?? Is this a good thing or a bad?? Sounds like a bad thing for the market since the average joe can now use this to exploit users on a wifi network

  3. the idea is…if people patch the (VAST AMOUNT ) know vulnerabilities, this app will not function…BUT THIS IS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR!!
    i knew if anything android could do it. this is the security tool i want!
    im paying for the $10 version. I hope the developers uses exploit from exploit-db and…”other sources” to keep it up to date. script kiddies all over the world…REJOICE! :)

  4. Sweet, now I can screw with my neighbor.

  5. Definitely not an app I would be advertising. People from this site will more than likely use it for less than honorable uses. While it’s out and available to anyone, posting it on this site, to a non-developer/hacker community, is only going to peak the interests of those who don’t know what their doing by giving them the ability to screw up someone elses system. Bad move by Phandroid imo. Seriously, just look at the username above me, “I Pirate Movies”. What kind of idiot advertises to the world they’re committing a felony by pirating movies? Use some common sense Phandroid, that’s all I’m saying.
    Just my 2 cents.

    1. i was so ready to claim that you were wrong about this….

      then i scrolled down

  6. I’am so going to fck with my bosses networks, times of screaming at me, and thinking he is better than me are over, payback is a bytch!!!

  7. Im excited for this actually. I think it’ll be good for those of us who know how to patch up the holes…..but are too lazy to check for them the normal way ;)

  8. I would just use it if anyone gained access to my router at home. Nothing evil about that, right?

    1. Umm, why don’t you just password protect your own router?

      1. I do, but if someone knows how to get past it, this would be a good way to fight back for someone like me that doesn’t know how to do this stuff myself.

  9. So I can now go to starbucks, and totally screw with all the douche bags in the lobby…? Sign me up.

  10. does anyone know where to get an APK of this? im running a custom ROM, its not showing up in my market. let me know at [email protected]

    1. it is coming next week as a free app, with a $10 upgrade…CANNOT WAIT!

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