Aug 8th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 3:41 pm

If you still had any doubt that the Samsung Hercules would be T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II (or one of several possible variants for it), our friends at TmoNews have procured evidence that further strengthens the rumor. We don’t see much in the shots here, but the back shows T-Mobile’s logo, the Galaxy S II branding and that curved bottom that exists on every Galaxy S II device, while the front shows the set of four capacitive buttons instead of the usual Galaxy S/S II configuration.

T-Mobile’s variant also has more rounded corners than the original Galaxy S II. We still don’t know much about T-Mobile’s version of the Galaxy S II, or any carrier’s for that matter, but it’s possible their version could come with Tegra 2 instead of Samsung’s Exynos processor. This one will also have a 4.5-inch display compared to the original’s 4.3 inches. In any case, all of these leaks mean we’re getting ever closer to a US launch and that’s about all we can ask for at this point. [TmoNews, PocketNow]

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