If the South Rises Again, They Will Have Android in their Pockets


With nearly every analytics firm offering their own take on platform leaders in the US smartphone market, Mobile ad agency Jumptap has turned their attention in a slightly different direction. Most surveys will tell you Android holds a confident lead as the top platform in the nation, but just how does that lead breakdown across the states? The results are somewhat surprising.

Android held a dominant lead in the southern and southwestern states, while iOS was the platform of choice for those in the northeast and mid-west. New England ranked particularly high for iOS users, while New York stood out as the sole territory where BlackBerry still reigns supreme.

Jumptap’s findings give Android the lead in the US with a 38 percent share, but iOS showed stronger figures than others have reported with 33 percent of the market. Given that the study is based off of ads served by Jumptap’s network, the results should be viewed in terms of general trends rather than an actual representation of smartphone sprawl.

[via Jumptap]

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  1. wow. figured cali would be ios

    1. I want those neutral states assimilated immediately. Resistance is futile.

      1. I’m pretty sure we’re Droids not Borgs.

        1. How do you think the Borg Collective started out???

    2. I don’t get it. Texas is Android? AT&T HQ? and Lousiana is iOS?

      1. You would be surprised how far some AT&T people will go to avoid getting an iPhone.

        Most people I know who use AT&T talk about the Captivate more than the iPhone anymore. More and more AT&T people are sick of the arrogance of Apple people so they try to distance themselves by using Android.

  2. I’m not surprised NC is neutral, there’s the banking, energy, medical, and tech hubs all over the state.

    1. Same here in California.

  3. Alaska is not on the map because they are just now getting the RAZR.

    1. And 3 Alaskans cut themselves with it.

  4. The only reason MD and VA are Blackberry is because of the government around DC. Most people I know (myself included) carry multiple phones. So they have a Blackberry and then an iPhone or Android. I wish I could dump this dumb Blackberry. It is good at email though, but that is it.

  5. How is Cali not iOS. That’s all I ever see here in the Sac area

    1. You’re hanging out in the wrong places.

    2. California is home to both Apple and Google, so I’d say it was a mix.

  6. everyone i saw down in Austin had an iphone…it was disgusting.

    1. Well…. Austin IS the liberal buttsore of Texas…

  7. Hey Spence Sac area is only about 2 Million people combined with the metro area including Sac, Folsom, EDH etc. Bay area is probably 5-6 Million and LA area another 15-20 Million and rest in central valley. So even though saturation is high in Sac the number arent there.

  8. Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas may be surprised to learn that they have been replaced Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey as “Southern” states.

  9. Psh…and those Northerners think we are the stupid ones ;)

  10. lol, what are we considering the south here? Texas is the southwest….

    As a native tennessean. im a bit offended by this. If anything, this map says the south is neutral.

    Don’t get me wrong…go android! But Florida and Texas are not south.
    The south is Tennessee/NC/GA/MS/AL/SC/ARK/LA

    1. Yeah for real. 3 states out of like 11 are Android dominant and suddenly everyone in the South is using Android? Just from my friends and acquaintances here in Alabama, it seems about 40/40/20 Android/iOS/BB, so I guess the neutral color is accurate

      1. Lol at the way you deduce. Your observation from a small group makes a statement on an entire state accurate.. GTFO

    2. From the Wikipedia:

      “Four of the seceding states, the Deep South states of South Carolina,[11] Mississippi,[12] Georgia,[13] and Texas,[14] issued…”

    3. Texas isn’t the south? Lol GTFO

    4. Your partly right but Texas was a southern state (Confederate) during the war against Northern Oppression (Civil War). The portion of Texas from Houston Eastward toward the Sabine River is about as Southern as you could get. Texas is a big place most people I know from their (my family) consider themselves Texans first and Southern second. Now El Paso, San Antonio, and Brownsville is a whole different story.

      1. Totally depends on what city you’re in. Austin and Dallas are hardly southern.

      2. The Civil War, the oppressors were the Southern States, remember slavery?

    5. You forgot VA. you know, where the Confederate capital was?

      1. The war ended in 1865, it really doesn’t matter anymore :)

    6. I live in Texas (Dallas area), I have family in Alabama (Dothan). They aren’t all that different as far as culture.

    7. Well Texans might agree since they so want to be their own country. But in parts of Florida “them would be fighting words.” Florida north of West Palm definitely consider itself the “South”. Below that line everyone tries to run from that label.

  11. im thinking the reason that louisiana is iOS is because ATT has had such a strong foot hold on louisiana. Verizon came along and helped push android, but ATT has way to much hold.

  12. OK, if you don’t think northern Florida is the south, then you’ve obviously never been there. And if Kentucky isn’t in the south then I don’t know what region it would be classified in.

  13. As a Kansan I am surprised the graph shows us a BB dominant. I don’t see too many of them around the public. I see an equal amount of iphone and droids though.

  14. Oregon, LOL the joke of the west!

    1. The only joke is your joke, which bombed.

  15. Neutral is another way of saying that the state is shifting towards Android. Android is gaining the momentum everywhere. Being neutral just means you are on the tipping point.

  16. First Texas was a Confederate State in the civil war although all Texans consider themselves somewhat independent they are very much southern from the are around Houston eastward.

  17. Oklahoma is still neutral because the 3 guys that live in that state don’t have phones.

    1. You sir, are an idiot

  18. Although i know Canada isn’t even mentioned here for the west coast ( BC ) is pretty much BB heaven, just about everyone i see is rocking a BB ( although i noticed it’s mostly girls/Women ) with the iphone coming in a very very close second and Android barely even making a dent

  19. Miami is like a different republic… It’s so south, that pork, rice , beans and latin music is part of the culture. LOL. Well go Android! From Miami :)

  20. North, South, whatever… I’m proud to live in an Android dominant area!

  21. Virginia is bb dominat,i call bs on that. Everywhere I go all I see is either android or ios,mainly more android then ios.

    1. They probably lump DC in with Virginia. Lots of BBs in DC…

  22. As Florida was one of the Confederate states, I’d say that we’re Southern.

  23. A whopping 18% of my sites traffic is through smartphones! wow, it looks like what Gogle said will come true, laptops are then new beta max

  24. This thread is a reminder that the south needs to move into the 21st century, and stop fighting a war than ENDED in 1865, yeeesh lol

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