AT&T and T-Mobile Compatible Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II Now Available from Newegg for $650


Tired of waiting for the US carriers to get their act together and release the Samsung Galaxy S II? Look no further than Newegg. The online retailer has the unlocked Galaxy S II available for $649.99, nothing like the subsidized price you will pay if you’re willing to sweat this one out but a justifiable sum for this dual-core beast of a handset. What you will get for your money is the international version of the phone prepped for GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 radio bands, perfect for subscriber’s to AT&T (3G) and T-Mobile (EDGE only) in the States and Rogers and Fido in Canada.

Official word from Samsung is that the handset will come to American shores this month in the form of carrier-customized versions of the original. If you want a chance to get your hands on the Galaxy S II already available to people the world over, this is your best bet.

[via Newegg | Thanks, Casey!]

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  1. It isn’t compatible with T-Mobiles 3g (4G) only Edge
    “AT&T, AT&T 3G, T-Mobile, Rogers, Fido”
    hint the missing *T-mobile 3G* Just want to make sure people don’t buy it expecting it to work on tmo’s 3g

    1. Right! How lame is that, who would ever buy a phone thats not at least running a 3G connection?!?!?! That would be a freakin Android NIGHTMARE!

  2. Phone needs AWS/UMTS 1700 for T-Mobile 3G/4G.

  3. Got mine from Amazon a few weeks back for the same price. LOVE IT

  4. $650? LMAO, amazing what people pay for phones!

    1. i’ve been paying that much for phones since back in the 90’s

      1. Good for you, I have been paying twice this amount since ever.

    2. i agree, here in the states doesn’t make a lot of sense but everywhere else in the world it does. We pay for a subsidized version of the phone here in the states because our MONTHLY costs are far higher. I have an unlimited plan in Europe for my iphone (omg i’m a loser!) that’s about $65 a mo, here in the states for my android unlimited i’m $90-$110 depending on where you go. $40 a mo difference x 2yrs = $960, clearly the subsidized version costs us more here.

      1. I agree with “the rest of the world”. But the US way of doing cellular phones never justifies this cost. My OG Galaxy S cost me $75. Our current plan has 2 Galaxy S phones and a regular cell phone with unlimited calling, messaging and data for only $165/mo for all 3 phones!

        So to be completely honest, its still relatively cheap here in the US. Not as bad as people claim.

        1. apples and oranges man. i’m comparing new phone (subsidized) vs new phone (non-subsidized) and showcasing the cost we pay as a country on new phones that are subsidized. I understand your point but it’s not relevant to that comparison.

        2. Who claims it’s bad??
          In Norway, the prices are way higher, the cheapest contract fucking costs 2400$ each year, that’s what you call a real scam.

        3. Free gs2 unlimited everything 35 a month. Nuff said

  5. same price as unlocked iphone 4

  6. lol @ people who spend that much for only edge…

    1. Sadly I’m still tempted to buy the thing

      1. DON’T DO IT! You regret it the 1st time you download an app from the market and it takes 4 FULL mintues to dl and install. How do manufactures even build a phone not for 3G or higher?

        1. “How do manufactures even build a phone not for 3G or higher?”

          When the US carriers don’t play “nice” with limited public spectrum and practically pay the handset makers to NOT produce phones capable of roaming on competitor networks.

          LTE isn’t even built out and its already looking like it’s going to be impossible to roam. Nice job FCC, way to “force” roaming agreement when the carriers don’t even operate on the same spectrum.

          1. wrong all american LTE will be 700 band meaning the carriers in us will eventually run the same networks

        2. Wifi

  7. No thanks, I want the Hercules!

  8. I would if I didn’t f’ing hate AT&T and T-Mobile. I guess I’ll just wait for the Verizon equivalent.

  9. You guys have to stop calling non-AWS handsets T-Mobile “Compatible”. It throws everyone off.

    As for CDN compatibility, because it has 850/1900 3G, it’s not just Fido/Rogers but also Bell/Virgin/Solo/Telus/Koodo compatible.

  10. im sorry but NOT HAVING 4G IS UNACCEPTABLE !

  11. So it’s supposed to be released by someone in the US this month. Yet, there are no details floating around still. However, the Bionic is getting all kinds of photo shoots and its not coming out till next month. Where is the freaking GS2 info for VZW already? As long as Motorola sees fit to lock down the bootloader I will continue to pass on everything they release.

  12. If american version is not 4G….. I pass

  13. wonder why they just don’t make 1 model – WORLD phone compatible with all frequencies. easy to manufacture, no problem selling anywhere :)

  14. I posted this 2 weeks ago lol

  15. LOL i’d pay 650 for it unlocked. I could care less about 3g/4g edge or whatever. I use wi-fi as is anyways 90% of the time.

    But this is one phone i have no interest in.

  16. Hi, I bought this phone first (unlocked and rooted) from a place in Chicago and go it and loved it but it was slow on the ATT network in Indiana.. I went to ATT and held the infuse and did speed test next to each other.. Infuse was blowing the doors of it at 5 meg or so down and 1 up and the Samsung Galaxy S2 was only at 1.5 down maybe 2.5 if I was lucky.. I dont understand why that is.. Can anyone tell me.. I sent it back and got the infuse and I have had it now for about 3 week and I am tempted to take it back and get this again (if it would hurry up and come out on ATT) so I know it worked with their network like the infuse does.. Does this make sence to anyone.. let me know please [email protected] what you think I should do.. thanks

    1. You need to change the APN settings. Copy them from the Infuse… The difference in speed is dramatic once you change them.

      1. ok soo… IF I love the size of the screen you dont think that will mess with me if I go back to the Samsung Galaxy.. I am going to be buying this out right at 650.00 either from ATT when it comes out or from the internet.. I am saving my upgrade for the iphone 5… So Should I just stay with the infuse that I have for 3 more days (30 day return) or should I return it and buy the samsung galaxy from the internet unlocked or wait for it to be on att.. also when I do videos with the Infuse and play them back on the computer or tv they seem kind of choppy.. just not as smooth video as the iphone also why does it continuesly auto focus.. I wish i could turn that off that is a pain .. does it do that with the Galaxy S2 also… IT also bothers me that some of the features doesnt work on the Galaxy S2 like the email thing cant get it to work when i had it and some of the other things done work and I was hoping they would work when they came to att.. what do you think

        1. I like the SGSII much better than the infuse. The screen is more readable, there is more freedom on an unlocked phone. The dual core makes it very fast and touchwiz is much improved over the one in the infuse. The Mail client is nicer. I could go on and on….

  17. The SGSII works amazingly well on AT&T. I’ve had mine since early June. I got it from Amazon. It will do HSPA+ when using the correct APN settings. If you have access to an Infuse, just copy the APN settings or google them and you are good to go. Fully recomend this phone if you can’t wait and can afford it.

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