Even More Droid Bionic Pics Expose One Big Battery


With a 4.3-inch display, dual-core CPU, and 4G LTE radio, the Motorola Droid Bionic promises to be one heck of a phone. It also promises to be a big battery hog at the same time. So we should expect a rather big battery, right? And here it is pictured without the blurriness of shots we saw yesterday. We also get another pic from the front side of the phone showing us the redesigned look of the phone we have seen over and over again. Enough with the teases, can we just get some official information like a release date already?

[via MyEGarageSale]

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  1. I’m number Juan!

  2. I’m intrigued by the home screen if that’s what’s displayed. 6 dedicated icons at the bottom would be sweet!

    1. That is adw launcher.

      1. Ah, that makes sense.

  3. interesting, but is it 4.3″ or 4.5″?

    1. 4.5

      1. WRONG! 4.3, read the article HO!

        1. There have been pictures in the past that make it look 4.5″.

          We need some real confirmation.

      2. wish you were right…

        1. He is. The screen is 4.5″. Confirmed.

          1. no. it’s 4.3. FCC Confirmed. Sit down.

          2. Sit down? Get over yourself, please. It’s embarrassing when people try to act tough on the internet.

            So can you explain to me why the pictures of the Bionic next to the Charge CLEARLY show the Bionic has a bigger screen?


          3. haha really? No one’s acting tough, you just must be bitter about officially being proven wrong. I couldn’t care less about some crappy blurry image that was then inverted and photoshopped. Please. The phone is on record at the FCC as it has to be AND Motorola’s own Dev site as 4.3. You look unbelievably foolish. Get over YOURSELF. It’s ok to be wrong. Just don’t go ‘confirming’ things with no real evidence.


            Reading is fundamental.

  4. Is that the new moto blur??

  5. I might just get it because I’m tired of waiting. I just want a new phone and motorola’s build quality is so good.

    1. For me it’s a tossup between this and that HTC phone that comes out a month or so later.

  6. adw lancher does not have 6 dedicated icons

    1. It does if you nix the dock at the bottom in the options.

  7. I want one……..the home screen looks great

  8. Man, i’ve been interested in this phone since January, but Motorola sure doesn’t want this phone to succeed. This has to be one of the most poorly handled releases in recent memory in regards to marketing and hype. What’s the harm in revealing a phone that will be out in a month? I dont know if its more Verizon or Motorola. People are doing a shitty job with the Galaxy S II as well. What the F is going on? Doesn’t seem smart with the iphone 5 lurking around the corner which WILL hurt the release/sales of both these awesome phones.

  9. I don’t get it. How much different is this from the DX2?

    1. Very different, actually. The DX2 doesn’t have a front-facing camera or 1GB of RAM like this does. This is also 4G capable; the DX2 isn’t.

      1. Different cpu/gpu combo too.

      2. Also different version of blur erm i mean motorola applications platform lol

      3. the bionic will be better than all moto phones the closest is the photon and droid 3 because droid 3 has omap as well but the photon beats all of them on the design :)

  10. Since when does Verizon use sim cards?

    1. Their world phones have sim cards.

    2. Their LTE phones have em too.

    3. their lte phones have sim cards. world phones also have them

  11. So if I understand this, this is a Droid 3 without a keyboard and has a more pixelated screen? The only good difference is that it has 4g.

    1. Bigger phone, more ram and webtop feature too.

      But yea basically thats it.

  12. If you want 4G you will not go I-Phone. If you want to control what is on your phone you won’t go I-Phone. Get it, Got it.

  13. Sure was…hoping for 4.5…

  14. Whats the difference between this and the Samsung gs2?

    1. The SG2 will have Super Amoled Plus display. There are probably other minor differences such as it being the thinnest smartphone but the display is the biggest difference.

  15. Anyone else just waiting on Nexus Prime or HTC Vigor? I had Samsung Galaxy 2 in the line up but now I’m not so sure with rumers of Vigor and Prime probably being 1.2-1.5 Gigahertz and Super Amoled HD 720p display.

  16. I would have gotten this if the plan was still unlimited.

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