New Motorola DROID Bionic Pics Surface – Now With More Blurrycam


Some new blurrycam photos of the Motorola Droid Bionic surfaced today thanks to Droid-Life. While it’s essentially the same ‘ol, same ‘ol, we do have a better indication of the phone’s size thanks to the comparison shots with the Droid Charge. I have to admit, I am particularly fond of Moto’s design on this device. Some are even speculating that the Droid Bionic could have a 4.5-inch screen. If this is indeed true, let’s hope it’s not tarnished with that horrible Pentile display. Last time I checked, many of you were going to wait around for the Galaxy S II. Have these new leaked pics changed anyone’s mind?

[Via Droid-Life]



Chris Chavez
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  1. Want.

  2. Definitely want, but with Motorola’s position on bootloaders, I feel like I can’t buy it. I want to buy it because it’s an awesome phone, but I also want to speak with my wallet.

    1. Didn’t they say they would unlock them all in November or did I dream that?

      1. If they did, why wait? No one wants locked bootloaders. The community has proven that custom ROMs are better than what they can release. Why not just pay the community to create the software for their phones or at least give the option from Day 1?

  3. I wish Sprint would’ve gotten this instead of the Photon. I just like the looks of this one better. Can’t believe this phone isn’t released yet though.

  4. Pentile Screen = Pass
    Pentile screens are the worst thing to come to smartphones in a long time. Really bad. Stay away. I was a Motorola phone fan until pentiles.

    Bring on the GS2 and the Vigor.

  5. Hey everybody look a fancy Droid x 2 let’s hurry to go buy it when It’s available

  6. looks like a droid x with a ffc

  7. Looks like it shares a lot of design traits with the D3. The camera also looks almost identical.

  8. Galaxy s 2 all the way for me

    1. it has the wrong serial number, new model is xt875 that’s probably why they pulled it off the dev site

    2. Has the wrong model number. Lets just wait till the phone is confirmed before we listen to leaked specs of dev sites and other places. Not saying they are wrong, but want to make sure that the info that is given to me on specs is correct.

  9. meh, taking so long to come out, will be “last weeks model” before it even comes out…. at least with most phones they are top dog for at least a month or 2 :-/

  10. I have the Droid X. I am a fan of Moto hardware. I am NOT a fan of Moto encrypted bootloaders, however. I became a fan of modding on my DX, but was frustrated with the bootloader. I’ll never purchase a phone with an encrypted bootloader, again. I don’t care how good it is. The way I see it, when they encrypt it, they are telling people like me, “go elsewhere if you want to mod your phone.”

  11. Moto really dropped the ball on this one, if they had released the Bionic in August I would have bought it for sure…now there are too many good phones on the horizon. Why would I buy the Bionic when the HTC Vigor and the Nexus Prime will both be out before Christmas…along with Moto’s next dual-core phone the Dinara? I see no reason I can’t wait another month or two for possibly a much better phone. My OG Droid has held up pretty well over the last two years, but HTC and Samsung both make quality phones as well, and I’ve read nothing but bad things about pentile displays…bring on the Vigor!!!

    1. I am the same way. I do not think the Bionic can compete easily with the SGS2, let alone the iPhone 5. Then, 4 weeks later with an HTC Vigor with specs that blow it away, especially the screen (the most important thing on a smartphone). If you wait another 8-10 weeks, you have the Nexus Prime,

      2 months ago, the Bionic would have been a hit. September makes this just a run of the muck blah blah phones. They will have to compete with price and not quality.

  12. The best thing about this is it’s using an OMAP instead of the Tegra2.

    1. What’s so “best” about that?

  13. Glad to see that the 4.3″ screen report might be false.

  14. I wanted the Bionic 2 months ago. No longer. No reason to bring a phone out late and charge a premium for outdated hardware. SGS2 if it is 4G. HTC Vigor if the SGS2 is 3G only.

    No matter what the phone has inside it, the #1 thing is the screen, the software, and the call quality. Moto screen with pentile = fail. The locked bootloader kills it as well. The call quality is usually top notch though. Mot o has lost a customer on this one.

  15. This is actually my favorite phone. Good things always take time to come to the market, but worth waiting for. Now, if only I can find it in Asia.

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  16. Would consider if it Global, (GSM) and the screen does not have pentile. I was really disjointed the the D3’s screen.

  17. Hardware looks pretty similar to the Droid3 minus the slide-out keyboard, which isn’t a bad thing if they just got rid of the damn Pentile display.

  18. “Blurry Droid pictures”

    I have to say that caught my attention. Misunderstood, just converted to droid3 from blackberry.

    Very disappointed in the quality of the still images on the droid.

    Shoots faster than bb but… blurry.

  19. The hell if I’m buying it.

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