Android 3.2 Now Rolling Out for Verizon’s Motorola XOOM


After word of an initial soak test and an updated support page, we are hearing reports from owners of the Motorola XOOM tied to Verizon’s network that the Android 3.2 update has begun rolling out. For the uninitiated, the update most notably enables the XOOM’s SD card slot, but will also enable a new “zoom to fill” mode for resizing non-native apps for display on Honeycomb tablets. Any readers out there receiving the update yet?

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  1. Not yet. Not surprised. Sigh.

  2. Got my update last night.

  3. Bout friggin time.

  4. I wonder if this means Europeans can now get 3.1 on their Xooms?

  5. I got my update last night. Sweet!

  6. I got my update last night. Now if I could just get upgraded to 4g. I’ll have the tablet I thought I was getting months ago.

  7. So the ‘upgrade’ allows cell phone apps to run on a tablet….just like apple did.

    The ‘upgrade’ takes a decent phone application and let’s you turn it into an abortion of a tablet application.

    Well at least it brings 4G…….



    1. Let’s not forget that something is better than nothing. I’d by far rather be able to use a phone screen-sized app scaled on my XOOM than to be stuck using it at its native resolution. Not sure whom you think you’re representing with your complain, as I’m sure any rational XOOM owner will feel the same way.

      But yes, sigh, I’m afraid that the whole 4G fiasco has become a bit of a joke.

      PS, everyone: Just checked for the update again; no luck so far.

      1. I agree with you completely Rutherford. And like you, I haven’t received the update either.

        @Phandroid: I’d like to see a source please. The people who are reporting it are probably part of the soak test and either didn’t remember that little fact or didn’t know at all they signed up for it. The forum moderator Matt over at the official forums has always been reliable as far as posting announcements for mass update rollouts. Please see the link below, nothing yet:

        1. Actually, I’ve got good news! Just checked my XOOM this morning to find the update is ready. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the foresight to plug the damned thing in last night, so I have to wait until it’s further charged :(

          I don’t think this is a part of the soak test either, based on the comments that I’ve seen here and elsewhere. It could still be, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the rest of you!

          And @Jason, I’m sure you *would* represent those people; too bad you’re only representing a subset of those people that you assume share in your pessimism. To be honest, I’m really not a big fan of Motorola at present, either, but that doesn’t mean that I’d want to be considered a part of your camp.

      2. I would represent any consumer who demands the delivery of features marketed in the advertisement after I handed my hard earned money to claimant of said features who, by way barter, transformed in to seller…and now seller who failed to deliver what was advertised….the classic bait and switch.

        There are 3 kinds of people here:

        Those who can see…that Motorola felt it had to sell vapor ware in order to compete in a time intensive ‘race’ with iPad….and when the zoom lost the media spotlight…motorola lost interest in a responsible timeframe to make good on its promises…becaue no one is buying

        Those who Did. Buy because They assumed Mot would make good on their word….continue to push with no specific ETA of delivery, and no comment on why. And for whatever reason, they are ok with Mot having the money, but them not having all that was promised.

        Sure the xoom has good qualities. But that’s what was promised. And android users are all still comfortable in a haze wondering when or even f the are getting what they paid for.

        3: people like me who have seen Mot screw the customer over support, post sale of entire weapon subsystems, supply chain, component data from OnSemiconductor, where they wouldnt sent a 2 page data sheet die a component they designed into a radio, unless the government paid money for the paper….and when I said I would take a digital copy, they said they both cost money ecause they obsoleted the part and would have to dig it out of archive. I told them I needed it so Samsung could build a run of them to fix all the radios at depot. They replied it was unethical of me, a logistician, to request data from one OEM, give it to another in a competitive

        1. I have a Xoom Wifi…I got what I paid for. No regrets. People need to stop complaining about products they didn’t buy. The focus on 4G and the SD Card slot really is getting old…I don’t support Motorola but remember guys that the Xoom is the only Google supported tablet…which makes it worth it on its own..

          1. It is only a GED in the US. The rest of the world is still on 3.0 with 3.1 rolling out “within a few days”.

          2. I have the Canadian Wifi Xoom but I switched it to the US Firmware to avoid waiting for Motorola to update…

          3. They sold you the Xom. It is the Xooms evil twin.

  8. Not Yet. Phoenix. Purchased 2 days after release. Anyone know if theres some kind of order to how they send out update? By esn? By city? By purchase date?

  9. Nope, not yet……yet anytime I see xoom news I tend not to hold my breath!

    °°°°update. Woke this morning to 3.2 update. Scaling mode works great, looks like android just added 250k apps by using this feature.

    Browser interface seems more smooth. Not sure if this has anything to do with the update but just noticed it.

    Speed seems to have improved.

    Have not messed with read only SD card…….honestly??? At least its something, I can throw some movies on I guess!

    1. I’ve been using 3.2 on my Wifi Xoom for a while and Browsing and Overall experience is wwwwayyy smoother…I’m no longer ashamed of the iPad polish!

  10. Just did a check for the update manually (through the ‘check for updates’ tab on the settings) and am now installing it. I like the Xoom a lot, although I don’t use the 3G connectivity at the moment since my Droid X can provide 3G connectivity at a semi-more reasonable rate of $20/2 GB instead of the plan that VZW had for the Xoom at $20/1 GB. I’m kind of hoping that VZW changes their pricing on tablet’s equipped with LTE modems since it can get incredibly expensive to watch movies and do stuff on tablets.

  11. I just got my update and I’m not apart of the soak test I don’t think. But I seem to be experiencing a new problem, already. Whenever I choose an option like share something or open a video, the dialogue that presents itself for me to choose which application to use doesn’t pop up. Is anyone else having this problem? I’m unrooted btw.

    1. Got my update pushed to me last night. Nope, no sharing problem. Dialogue pops up and works. Tried soft resetting it?

      1. Thanks. After about 15 hours and 3 reboots I can say that things are back to normal. I deliberately shot a 2-second video with my camera and went to watch it and FINALLY a window popped up asking me what video player to use. How random, I don’t even know if that’s what actually fixed it but everything else seems to be working just fine now. I’m very glad I didn’t have to do a restore.

        Also, people need to lighten up about the whole 4g fiasco. Yes the SD Card seems to be working for those that have tried it, that’s awesome because I am down to just less than 5GB left. But some of you guys take this to a whole different level. It definitely wouldn’t have ended my world if I ran out of internal storage and it’s not ending my world to be stuck on 3g either (and I don’t have wifi to fall back on either). Good grief!!

  12. My upgrade is here! So it’s no rumor.

  13. I woke up around 4 am to go to the bathroom and noticed that I had a system update waiting. Seems smooth thus far.

  14. I got my update

  15. Got my update last night. Weird thing tho, when u have a file manager app like Astro File Manager, the folder “sdcard” still refers to the Xooms internal memory hahahah.. and if u insert an external sd card, its folder is “external1”

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