Motorola XOOM (Verizon) Upgrade Soak Tests to Begin This Week


The Motorola XOOM tablet by Verizon – the one with 3G radios that’s supposed to get a 4G upgrade sometime soon – may be set to get an upgrade in the coming weeks as Motorola has informed early adopters of a forthcoming soak test. The test is said to begin this week and will bring about the following changes:

  • Optimizations for a wider range of tabletsAndroid 3.2 includes a variety of optimizations across the system to ensure a great user experience on a wider range of tablet devices.
  • Compatibility zoom for fixed-sized appsAndroid 3.2 introduces a new compatibility zoom mode that gives users a new way to view fixed-sized apps on larger devices. The new mode provides a pixel-scaled alternative to the standard UI stretching for apps that are not designed to run on larger screen sizes, such as on tablets. The new mode is accessible to users from a menu icon in the system bar, for apps that need compatibility support.
  • Media sync from SD cardOn devices that support an SD card, users can now load media files directly from the SD card to apps that use them. A system facility makes the files accessible to apps from the system media store.

It’s possible this one may be Android 3.2, but even if it isn’t we’re glad about that last bullet point. Quite frankly, we can’t understand why SD card support didn’t ship in the first place, and we can’t understand why full functionality hasn’t been granted up until now. In any case, it should be on its way soon following successful tests. [Droid-Life]

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  1. Unfortunately, all I can say is I’ll believe it when I see it… :(

    1. Sadly, this is the way of life for us xoom owners!

  2. I’m sure it will be released just after non US Xooms get 3.1

    1. I would rather think the non-US 3.1 update will be released “a few weeks” later ;-)

  3. And for the Wi-Fi only Xooms?

    1. ummmm…If you don’t have 3G…what are you asking about 4G for??? Master of nothing intellegent…..Cmon son. You will get the best WiFi signal still…

      1. Who was asking about 4G? The Xooms come in two forms WiFi only and 3G. My question is moot, though as it was already available when I checked today.

  4. They only talk about loading media files from SD card. I wonder if writing to SD card will be supported as well. Didn’t I read somewhere else that yes, SD was enabled with the 3.2 update, but read only?

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