Verizon Details Motorola XOOM Android 3.2 Update on Support Page


Verizon has updated their Motorola XOOM support page to detail the Android 3.2 update, which should be rolling out to the 3G-enabled tablet any day now. The update brings the expected enhancements billed for the latest version of Honeycomb, including new zoom scaling for non-native apps, microSD support, and movie streaming and rental improvements. The 15.4MB file will bring the XOOM’s software build to HTJ85. The update will be available pending the results of a soak test said to kick off at some point this week.

[via Verizon]

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  1. Root your 3g Xoom, apply the Team Tiamat Xoom Rom 2.0.1 Manta Ray & you’ll have 3.2 and all of the above features!

    1. or you could just get the update..just sayin

      1. True, if you like waiting. What Moto has been promising since the release date, the dev community has given us months in advance! ;-)

        1. Moto promised Android 3.2 since the release date?

          Huh. Never knew that.

          Seriously? Your first comment was as spamtastic as the one that’s under review.

  2. SPAM

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