Toshiba Thrive Gains Sleep Fix


Toshiba has issued an update to the Honeycomb tablet that kept users from being able to use the device. The wake functionality would malfunction, causing the device to become a temporary paperweight until it decided to play nice. Fortunately, Toshiba put on a nice, big red cape and came to everyone’s rescue. An OTA update for the tablet is now available through Toshiba’s Service Station utility, an app on the Thrive (hope you haven’t somehow removed it). Go on and check for it, we hear it should be a relatively quick download.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. this update has been available for over a week, hasnt it?

  2. for the love of God, it’s a tablet w/ media functions, TURN UP THE DAMN VOLUME ON IT! This is the second Android device I have now and both of them suck TERRIBLY at volume. Might as well make an app that has somebody come onto the lower right part of the screen and do sign language for you!

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