Clearwire to Add 120Mbps LTE-Advanced Network to its Arsenal; We Wonder Where the WiMax Rollout Is


Kind of surprising to hear this news, really – Clearwire is set to introduce an LTE network that will be upgradeable to LTE-Advanced and deliver speeds up to 120 Mbps. It’s said the telecommunications firm has already completed trials for the service.

With Sprint not making a commitment as to which path they’ll take in their future of 4G – having already struck a deal with Lightsquared to help them roll their network out – it’s not clear (no pun intended) how Clear will advance forward.

We know they’ll at least offer the service directly to consumers and through their various partners, but it remains to be seen if any cellular companies, Sprint included, will employ their LTE network.

They say initial markets will be a lot of the same that already have WiMax coverage. The problem is that their WiMax network is still relatively small and has hit a standstill in light of recent financial troubles (which should be slowly going away). As it stands, Clear has a ton of WiMax-enabled customers and they have yet to mention a word about future rollouts.

And who’s to say the same won’t happen when LTE rolls around? Unless this is Sprint’s big fall announcement regarding the future of their 4G network, we don’t see a whole lot that makes sense in Clear’s latest moves. Quite frankly, we’re kind of hoping Sprint goes with Lightsquared for their mobile high-speed needs. [Electronista]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’m hoping the phones we use can be software upgraded to support this.

    It’s extremely unlikely but I would sure appreciate it.

    1. LTE and WiMAX are hardware driven. The phones have antennas that permit 4G reception. Sorry, but no software can change your phone to LTE.

      1. Firmware upgrades can but I will admit it is a longshot.

      2. There are chipset that can use Both Wimax and LTE. The one on verizon need a sim card but there are sim-less chipset that cost more then the standard one that Verizon use.

  2. I want to know what it’s like to experience 120 megabits per second coursing through my body.

    1. I feel like your nervous system already accomplishes this but I could be wrong.

  3. This article is not android related. at all.

    1. Technically, the article is about Sprint’s 4G network!

      1. ok. what’s your point?

      2. Yes, about Sprint’s 4G network, which only has Android devices on it… thus Android related

    2. Are you stupid? You do know that Sprint is the majority owner of Clearwire right? Why don’t you go and bitch about pointless bullshit somewhere else.

      1. Sprint doesnt own any bit of clearwire you dipshit. And so what if it did? If sprint takes a shit, is that android related?

        1. I think you are the dipshit. Sprint do own a majority share of Clearwire.

        2. Way to make an ass out of yourself.

          I would suggest looking stuff up before you go typing “facts” about things you have no idea about.

          You just wanted to bitch about something and you were called out for being a whiny bastard.

          1. Thank You. I couldn’t figure out a way to call this guy an idiot without punching my screen. Yeah, um get your freaking facts straight before you type crap

            -Sprint customer and EVO 4G owner (btw it runs Android OS)

  4. Quoting the original article: “Where 2.5GHz WiMAX is mostly limited to the US, it’s being used for a number of 4G rollouts in other countries. The wider reach could improve Clearwire’s bottom line by getting cheaper equipment as well as more commonly available devices.”

    Does that mean people on Sprint could end up importing European LTE devices?

  5. Just as Sprint finally gets leaner dropping iDEN they gonna get another band….What ever.

    “Sprint: The Now Network….with CDMA, WiMAX, LTE, and what the hell now GSM”

  6. I have clearwire. Its actually pretty good. Besides, I was tired of putting up with comcast and verizon trying to screw me. Comcast tried to send me a “disconnection fee” of 20 dollars despite never being disconnected and I just about had it with fiber. Clearwire has been straight forward billing with no “secret” fee’s since.

  7. Finally, a true “4G” technology sees the light of day!

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