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OK, so I haven’t had combat training in, like, forever. So I shouldn’t be embarrassed when I admit that I can’t fight, should I? No? Great. What if I told you I was afraid to fight? Well, normally I’d say “I just don’t like hurting people”, but that hasn’t seemed to work out so well for me in the past. Perhaps genuine fear would keep people from messing with me. Or maybe I should just man the hell up and learn how to fight. Whatever, here’s apps of the day.

Ricochet – Boy, have we come a long way from joyriding in cars. In Ricochet, kids are now joyriding in space ships. And instead of getting into a wreck or somehow driving into a pit of fire, the culprits have found themselves stuck in a black hole. Your objective? Get them home by ricocheting them off of asteroids. They must have run out of gas or something. The only problem with this story is that black holes are supposed to obliterate anything that enters them, but I’m not sure any living human being knows that to be tree. Regardless, this one’s worth a quick look. [Market]

MyFlare – I know I’m not the only one who still gets a bit… “cautious” when going out at night to take out the trash or walk to the store. If you ever feel like you need some added protection that isn’t a weapon when walking alone, MyFlare should be on your phone. At the push of a button, you can have your phone send a distress text message to up to 10 of your contacts with a GPS signal every three minutes, dial 911 and record and send video of whatever’s going on. It won’t be enough to send your assailant running for their own safety, but it’s something. [Market]


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  1. Hive Player for Honeycomb, with scrollable widget for music library navigation and playback. Lite and $1.99 paid version.

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