Leaked Verizon Roadmap Outs Launch Dates And Device Names For Android’s Upcoming Heavy Hitters


Might wanna grab your diapers folks ‘cuz we have one HUGE Verizon leak for you guys. The above screenshot comes to us from the guys over at IGN and it reveals the names and release dates for a number of Android heavy hitters coming to Verizon in the next few months. Let’s take it from the top:

  • Samsung Stratosphere – This was originally known as the Aegis and seems to be coming with 4G LTE capabilities and Android 2.3. Can we say, “Galaxy S II?” Looks to be launching September 8th.
  • Motorola Droid Bionic – We pretty know everything there is to know about this device and it looks to be launching on September 8th as well.
  • Samsung Illusion – Original name was the Viper. This is most likely a mid-level 3G phone but with Android 2.3 and launching September 29th.
  • HTC Bliss – This is the girly Android 2.3 phone that comes with a charm that lights up when you have a message. Launching September 29th (w/complimentary butterfly tattoo).
  • HTC Vigor – We’ve been hearing about this phone for awhile. It’s going to take the Android world by force with its 720p display and will be replacing the Thunderbolt (already?) as the premier 4G phone from HTC on Verizon. Launches on October 5th.
  • LG Revolution 2 – Not much is known about this device other than it’s the sequel to the original Revolution. Maybe this time they’ll use a dual-core, perhaps?
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab PS – Nothing is known on this tablet other than it seems to be a new version of the Galaxy launching in November. Maybe this is the smaller 8.9 inch model?

So there you have it folks. As usual, all of these launch dates are subject to change and most likely will. Even if Verizon will be experiencing a bit of a dry spell through August, the rest of the year looks jam packed for the carrier. Now, I’m going to turn this over to you. I want to know how this monster leak will influence your buying decisions for the rest of the year? Bionic? Stratosphere? HTC Vigor? Lets us know in the comments!

[Via IGN]

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  1. Be still my heart… my upgrade is a comin’!

  2. ha 4g blackberry lol what is this world coming to. Looks like it will be an interesting next few months not to mention what the stratosphere will end up being since it is launching same day as the bionic.

  3. Still curious on the price of each

  4. I was hoping things would arrive sooner. Vigor leaks please!

  5. December, let it be GS2 or Nexus 3.

  6. So that’s why the Thunderbolt GB update is coming later. Can’t wait to buy the Vigor!!

  7. I doubt the Stratosphere is a Galaxy S II device, its probably the Galaxy S slider phone that we saw recently. The Vigor peaks my interest though. I’ve been waiting for the Bionic, but it sounds like it might be worth waiting a little longer for the Vigor.

    1. ..and then right when the vigor is going to be coming out, the nexus 3 will be announced…you’ll wait for that and right before it releases, a quad core galaxy s iii will be outed..you’ll wait for that and two years later, youre using a G1 still, saying “Im waiting for that Droid Cumgasm”

      1. Such is the vicious cycle of technology. :P

      2. If only it worked that way:)
        Instead, I’ve been looking at my Incredible wondering when something competent would come along. Hopefully the Vigor doesn’t let down like so many before it. I’m ready for something new!

        1. Wait- Incredible…..1? :O

          1. Yes….Incredible 1. There is no device on Verizon that offers me a reason to spend $600 on a non contract upgrade. It runs everything I ask it to. It has a great OLED screen, CM7, Wifi Tethering, Netflix, and a competent camera.

          2. I’m using the incredible 1 as well and have been waiting patiently for something to come out even remotely close to the capabilities of my phone. the incredible 2 was the same as the first with a more feminine look. vigor is looking promising as of right now.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. A service rep offered me an early upgrade the other day, but I was waiting for the Bionic, so I passed. But now the Vigor looks like the way to go, I’m more accustomed to Sense, so it’s worth the wait. What’s with the 6MP camera though? Should be at least 8.

  8. I’m more than a little upset I have to go yet ANOTHER MONTH without a Bionic being that I’ve been waiting since rumors were first revealed many months ago. That being said, I may be going to the iPhone. I’m not happy about it, and I will still call it my cell phone not “my iphone”. I’m just so sick of this crap.

    1. and 3g since the iphone wont have lte.

  9. I thought I was looking forward to the Bionic all these months, but in the back of my mind, I was hoping I would see HTC drop a hot device. My interest is definitely piqued!

    1. Thank you for not spelling it “peaked”.

  10. About Freakin’ time, this whole BS of pulling an Apple and making people guess is so stupid, when every carrier is getting the same phones, we know what phones are out. Verizon needs to cut the bull and go back to letting the public know when phones are coming out, I am still using a Droid classic due to the fact that Verizon hasn’t had the balls to release a real phone since. Their competing against themselves, Android users aren’t going to jump ship due to the iphone 5. So bring on the good phones FINALLY

    1. Depending on how things go I may still jump ship regardless of these spiffy devices forthcoming. I’m still miffed about the tiered data debacle. Sure I get to keep my unlimited now, and I can update to one of these new phone and still keep it…but for how long?

      1. Why do you worry about that now? They are letting you keep unlimited and you want to leave and then you will regret it and not be able to get unlimited back.

  11. Very interesting…if the Bionic and Galaxy S II devices drop on the same day I’d have to try them both out. However I also have doubts that the Stratosphere is a GS2 device.

    I’d also like to see some Vigor leaks soon. Either way, looks to be a very good time to upgrade!

    1. I’m already eligible…now all I have to do is count my pennies and wait patiently till fall.

      1. Same here! Rocking the original Droid still. I would have upgraded by now but it’s been a rather “meh” summer for new Verizon devices in my opinion.

      2. same here I am waiting to see what comes out and test them out don’t want to get screwed again like with the tb.

  12. I’ve been waiting for months for the Bionic. I might have to wait one more for the Vigor. Sorry moto


    1. Who cares about 3d.

      1. I do…at least for my computer:) Gaming in 3d is epic, though I don’t really care about my phone…yet.


        I was enjoying that.

  14. The Bionic specs that show it’s a 4.3 inch screen need to be wrong. 4.5 is where it’s at.

  15. I would take a Vigor on launch day if it was a 4 inch dual-core LTE device with the badass keyboard from the Touch Pro2, and battery life comparable to my D2.

  16. I want to scream. My Thunderbolt is not even half a year old yet and is about to be replaced. Now that ive calmed down, i wonder if i went in and complained about my tbolt enough(theres plenty to complain about) verizon would give me an early upgrade to the vigor

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that’s funny….. there’s no way that will happen, and for the future never buy the first htc release in a series….i bet you bought the htc Eris too didn’t you?

  17. some of these dates are more than likely wrong or online only release dates (not that that’s a bad thing) but Verizon releases Most new devices on Thursdays looking at these dates and the calendar you will notice some of them are not Thursdays.

  18. I think this is a fake, look at the BB curve and how it says 4G. there is no way in hell the the curve is going to be 4G.

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