HTC Vigor, Droid Bionic and Other Mysterious Devices Outed in Verizon’s Pre-Map List


If you were sitting back watching superphone’s like the HTC Sensation and Evo 3D drop on just about every carrier, you possibly may have been wondering where was all the Verizon love? Well, the guys at Droid-Life were able to get their hands on this screenshot of Verizon’s MAP (minimum advertised price) list and there are a couple of big name, heavy hitters being outed.

Of course, we all know the much delayed Droid Bionic (Motorola MOTXT875) is going to be dropping on Verizon soon with its rumored September launch date. We pretty much know everything there is to know about that device and now, it’s just a matter of waiting.

The one wildcard on the list is the ADR 6330VW. Seeing how the silver/white version of the HTC Incredible 2 was leaked earlier today and this device’s model number is so similar to the regular Incredible 2 (6350), we could be looking at the upcoming white Incredible 2.

Making the biggest splash on the list is the HTC ADR 6425LVW, otherwise known as the HTC Vigor. This device has leaked its way all over the internets, smashing up NENA benchmarks and showing off its camera capabilites on Flikr. The device is reportedly packing a 1280×720 HD resolution display and one of Qualcomm’s new 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragons. This device sounds so beastly, it’s almost scary (hold me). Looks to me like this could be HTC’s answer to the iPhone 5.

Last on the list is the LG VS920. We have no idea what device this is but given the fact that its model number is so close to the LG Revolution (VS910) I don’t think it would be too far fetched to imagine a revised Revolution. Possibly with a dual-core. Possibly the LG Revolution 2.

Given the nature of MAPs, it should only be used to give us roughly and idea of when something will be released but the fact they are listed, tells us these devices can’t be too far off. While most of the devices listed have been nothing more than pure speculation, hey — sometimes it’s fun to try and predict what’s coming around the corner. Now it’s your turn. You guys still have your heart set on the Bionic? Possibly waiting a little longer for the mysteriously powerful HTC Vigor? Or will you simply pick up the first device that drops?

[Via Droid-Life]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. If they release a dual core lte version of the g2x I would be all over it. I think they need something new since moto is dropping the ball with the bionic.

    1. My brother’s G2X is totally awesome. I’m completely smitten with it. I agree, a Verizon version with LTE would be one amazing solid device. =)

      1. I played with one in a tmo store one time and I really liked it and I think having an option of 4inch screen lte phone would lure in some more customers who dont necessarily want a 4.3 inch screen. Also if it is close to stock like the g2x is then it will have a large dev following especially since the bootloaders are easily unlocked.

  2. No info on the Galaxy S2? I’m tired of checking every hour for info, I just want the phone already. My original Droid is ready to be upgraded, tho liquid smooth running 2.3.4 makes it enjoyable still. No longer interested in the Bionic.

  3. HTC Vigor will be my next phone. Simple as that.

    1. For me it will probably be the first to market between the SGII and the Vigor. I need an upgrade from my OG Droid.

      1. I need to upgrade from the Droid Incredible. I’ve grown to love HTC and I’m worried the Function will be watered down like the Fascinate. I’m just hoping more info regarding both handsets (and the Nexus Prime) is released soon.

  4. I’m a professional photographer so a camera phone is pretty important to me

    You mentioned there were examples of the HTC Vigor camera capabilities on flickr? can you send me a link to that? I’d be very interested.

    I am a pretty big android fanboy but I do have to give credit to apple for an amazing phone camera. Of course it’s not good enough to involve myself in their treachery

    1. Updated post to include links. What’s weird is that it was showing a 6MP display which CANNOT be right. I’m guessing the guy who took the pic didn’t have the resolution all the way up in the settings. I expect at least 8MP camera but standard (lackluster) HTC camera sensors.. =/

      1. Thanks Chris. I personally would prefer a 5-6mp on these tiny camera sensors. The pixel density is much higher so the pictures would be sharper. Unless you plan on blowing up your phone pictures to 11×14 and up; larger MP is really quite useless. Unfortunately it looks like this guy didn’t use a flash so you can’t tell much from the picture.

        What is the track record for HTC cameras? I currently have a OG droid and when it decides to focus correctly it’s actually pretty sharp

          1. Thanks Melvin. Almost on par with the iphone. not too shabby. i was surprised to see the galaxy so low. i thought Samsung made good cameras in their phone?

      2. I could be wrong, but I believe I had read that the HTC Doubleshot (MyTouch 4G Slide) did 6MP widescreen shots – perhaps this is something similar? If this thing has a keyboard like the one on the Doubleshot, I just might be in heaven. (A decent, high-end non-Motorola slider finally coming to Verizon… eh, probably just dreaming.)

        1. BTW, the Doubleshot camera has gotten some really good reviews, and is among the fastest as far as smartphone camera shutters go.

    2. You use your camera phone for professional photography? Wouldn’t you have a dedicated camera for that? Just curious, no harmful intents.

  5. I’ll take an HTC Vigor now please ^_^

  6. iphone got a smooth OS, a lot of current android phone hardware can kill a iphone hardware. its their OS that we need to beat.

  7. Maybe the lg is the revere that was rumored on the leaked roadmap awhile back?

  8. Waited Months for the Bionic but Motorola blew it with this last delay. Bought a tablet instead and will now wait for the HTC Vigor. I have been an HTC guy all along and was willing to give Motorola a chance with the Bionic, but the combination of weak reviews for Motorola’s recent phones (particularly their screens), Motoblur, and the endless delays have put me off for good.

  9. Any possibility one of these could be a Mango phone (WP7)?

  10. HTC Vigor!!!! OMG 1280*720 display!:D :o

  11. I hope the Vigor is the HTC Phone that I have been waiting for… And if it is, I want it now.

    I miss my HTC phone…

  12. VIGOR! I have the original Droid Incredible, and so far haven’t seen anything (including the Bionic, as I am partial to HTC products and the accompanying Sense UI) that has made me want to get rid of my trusty and much loved DINC. But if the Vigor is, in fact, the next HTC Superphone, I’ll dump my DINC like cheap trick that I met at a bar!!!

  13. Just release a damn phone already – I don’t care which one! I’ve been sitting on an upgrade for two weeks now, and there is NOTHING worth getting locked in for two years on. I don’t care if it’s Bionic or SGS2, but release SOMETHING!!!!!!!

  14. I hope they fix HTC’s battery for the Vigor.

  15. I laugh at all you people who have been “sitting on an upgrade for 2 weeks” I’ve been waiting since last august for a new upgrade when I heard a rumor about the dual core beast from motorola at the end of the year. HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL!?

  16. Moto really dropped the ball on this one, if they had released the Bionic in August I would have bought it for sure…now there are too many good phones on the horizon. Why would I buy the Bionic when the HTC Vigor and the Nexus Prime will both be out before Christmas…along with Moto’s next dual-core phone the Dinara? I see no reason I can’t wait another month or two for possibly a much better phone. My OG Droid has held up pretty well over the last two years, but HTC and Samsung both make quality phones as well, and I’ve read nothing but bad things about pentile displays…bring on the Vigor!!!

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