Jul 5th, 2011

HTC has trademarked a lot of names and they’ve stocked up on even more code names. The HTC Vigor is another one of those names that popped up a while ago alongside now-released devices such as the HTC Tattoo. In fact, we reported on the Vigor back in 2009. I remember being excited for a long list of HTC device code names where at least half were believed to be names of Android handsets.

Unfortunately, that one never did make its way to the marketing campaign… until now. It appears that they’re taking that old name and applying it to a new device set to come out on Verizon. It’s modeled quite similarly to other Verizon HTC handsets so we can’t tell what exactly we’re getting here. One thing we do know thanks to the sample photo leaked above is that the device will have a 6 megapixel camera, a strange number when talking about phone sensors. [PocketNow]

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