Apps of the Day: Lego Creationary, Call Report, and More


Every day we peruse the Android Market looking for the best, worst, interesting, and most unique apps in an effort to sift out a few gems. We call it Apps of the Day. We can’t guarantee that every app featured below is a real winner, but each is worth at least a quick look. It’s all in an effort to help you, our faithful readers, get the most out of your Android handsets. Read on to see what we found today!

Lego Creationary – Lego’s award-winning board game has landed on an Android near you. Roll the dice to determine the category then guess what object is being built before your eyes, just guess before it is completed. Guess faster, earn more points as the challenge level continues to increase. Adults will probably get a few minutes of fun out of the game, but it will definitely keep the younger folk busy, even if it is more or less a digital advertisement for the game’s real-life counterpart. Can’t complain when it’s free. [Market]

Call Report – With all of the wonderful things our smartphones can do we sometimes forget that they are, in fact, also phones. Call Report seeks to remind us exactly how often, with whom, and how long we have been using this little known feature embedded in Android devices. And that’s just about all it does, and we’re fine with that. Create a report and filter it based on contact name or number, date, duration, and call type (incoming, outgoing, etc.). You can even send the report to your email. Call Report won’t win any awards for being the most useful app, but you may learn a thing or two about yourself. As one user said, “it was kinda scary to find out that in less than a month, I have talked to my girlfriend for over 4500 minutes on the phone.” [Market]

Contact Photo Finder – If you are anything like me, you are probably a bit anal about the uniformity of your contact list. Names should be entered correctly, numbers assigned properly, and contacts without photos should be avoided (OK, maybe I’m a bit OCD). For many, syncing a device to Facebook will solve this, but in some instances that doesn’t cover your entire address book. Enter Contact Photo Finder, a simple solution that will search the web using a contact name and pull back a few pictures. Select the photo, crop, and there you go. Main drawback: common names not guaranteed to return the actual person in your contact list. If no picture suffices the app will also let you pull images from your SD card, search for clipart, or browse the parent page where the image was located. [Market]

Unlockio – Ever wanted your phone to play a custom sound whenever it is unlocked? Well, me either, but regardless it is now a possibility thanks to Unlockio. Fire up the app, select a custom sound or default ringtone, and unlock to your hearts content. That’s the easy part. Coming up with an acceptably annoying unlock tone is a bit trickier. [Market]

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  1. yesterday I found youtube remote. blew my mind.

    1. I just tried it out and its awesome.

  2. Isnt it monday? wheres the Nvidia contest?

  3. Lego! Android! …. my 8 year old brain just exploded! If only Star Wars was somehow involved….

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