NenaMark Fills Us in on the HTC Vigor


We’ll preface this post by saying you never can be sure how much faith to put in these benchmark tests that often pop up around the interwebs, but if NenaMark is to be trusted we may have just scored some new info on the HTC Vigor, a handset previously only known from an image taken by its 6MP camera. As was previously suggested, the device again is flagged for Verizon’s network, but thanks to additional details we are learning it will run a 1.5GHz CPU (no indication for dual or single-core) with Adreno GPU, currently sits on Android 2.3.4, and most interestingly is said to sport a 1280×720 display. Sounds like a handset we could get behind, no? For now take it as a rumor seasoned with the finest grains of salt, but we will be interested to see how this one develops.

[via Android Police]

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  1. looks great, but can be FAKE

    1. Well if its true then this just may make me hold off on that GSII. I’d really prefer to stick with HTC for rooting.

      1. The galaxy s2 is still better.

        1. Maybe… From what I have read from people that have had both the SII and the Sensation (lucky euro bastards), it’s either too close to call or slight advantage to Sensation when “everything” is taken in to account. Both have their strengths and “less strengths”.. If this phone is an improvement over the Sensation, then obviously it would be worth looking at.

  2. I hope this is true. It’d be nice to see a flagship HTC phone on Verizon again and it’d be even better if it ends up sporting LTE.

  3. Seems odd to only put a 6mp camera along with the other specs, no?

    1. Megapixels on cameras with tiny sensors mean nothing except more noisy pictures. Is it any wonder the iPhone 4 with a 5 megapixel camera takes some of the best smart phone pics?

  4. Maybe you should be writing on a different subject! Perhaps on something you know about. This is in fact a dual core CPU. It isn’t a new CPU either information on this DUAL CORE has been around for a awhile!

  5. I’m guessing this is gonna be a tablet. I’d be pleasantly surprised if it’s a handset with that resolution.

    1. Actually, it is likely an LTE smart phone meant as an update / refresh / big brother to the Thunderbolt. The model number of the TB is ADR6400LVW (where “L” indicates LTE), and if correct, the Vigor’s model number is ADR6425LVW. For reference, the Droid Incredible is ADR6300VW, the HTC Merge is ADR6325VW, and the Droid Incredible 2 is ADR6350VW. Just saying…

      1. That’s some good sleuth work lol. Hey maybe the next big thing is 720p screens!

        1. Lol. Thanks. A 720p screen would be fantastic. Enabled global roaming capabilities would be nice too!

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