Promo Shots Give Us a Clear Look at the Sharp FX Plus for AT&T


We know the Sharp FX Plus is headed to AT&T as a Walmart exclusive, and now we are getting a nice, clear look at the handset courtesy of PocketNow. While the Froyo handset with slide-out keyboard and 3.2-inch display is unlikely to be a stunner, it will offer another mid-range option to customers looking for a messaging-friendly handset. It could go for as cheap as free when purchased on a two-year contract.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. If they can make android sidekick clones why couldn’t they just have made the new Sidekick?

    1. sharp made the original sidekicks with danger but tmo bought danger out and started letting people like motorola and samsung wreck it

  2. No you can only compare to a sidekick when you have a 5 row keyboard

  3. That phone… Is ass ugly.

  4. Had the AT&T rep bring one of these to my store. When you hit the “g” key the phone would type out “gh” when you hit the “t” key the phone would type out “tr”. The buttons are pretty well spaced, so Im certain I wasnt hitting both buttons. Im hoping this was just a bad phone, and not an omen of whats to come. Ill be pissed if I have to deal with people all upset because they bought a POS phone.

  5. Notice how the screen half of the sandwich is smaller than the keyboard half of the sandwich.

    But the actual keypad occupies the smaller space.

    So they could have made the screen module much larger and the keyboard module smaller, without shrinking the keypad.

    I would like a large screen and high end phone with a keyboard please.

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