White Galaxy S II Pics Surface – Looks Strangely Familiar…


The glossy white backing, the white front bezzle and that all too familiar “home” button smack in the center. Okay, maybe it’s not the most original design we’ve ever seen but pics of the fully white Galaxy S II have finally surfaced thanks to Expansys in France. This fully white version may come as a surprise to some (I’m sure Jobs would agree) seeing how the 1st generation Galaxy S only had a white battery cover. The phone is looking to hit the UK next month via Clove with France receving this white version in September.

[Via JournalDuGeek]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Seeing this, I kinda miss my Nokia 3300’s fully replaceable covers. Those were awesome.

  2. So, from now on every thin smartphone that comes out in white is automatically biting off of Apple’s design? I agree, they should’ve opted for red, yellow or neon green. smh

    1. Every completely white phone with a boxy styling and unnecessary “home” button in the middle. Yes. =p

      1. I agree, the “home” button is a major turn off.

        1. The home button is not attractive at all. I do have to point out though that, I know the difference between a circle and a rectangle. Also, it does have capacitive buttons on both sides.

      2. Looks like Samsung WANT to get themselves sued…

      3. Oh I agree. It is a ripoff. They’re playing to the moronic crowd and it works. You’ll see no love for Samsung phones outta me.

      4. This might be a stupid question, but if they get rid of that ugly home button will we still be a able to take screen shots???

      5. Which proves what everyone already know: Many clueless people (ie a large majority of Apple users) whip out their wallet for anything shiny with a nice outer casing. So as mentioned already, Samsung is simply playing to that crowd but actually giving them something that is superior unlike crApple. That is indeed clever business and as long as it pushes Android further into the mainstream, I’m all for it.

        As for ripping off ideas – see IOS5 also known as Android 1.6 lite.

    2. I want one, apple-y or not. I used to have a white iPhone and my cousin has a white iPad 2. The white bezel is so sexy.

    3. Oh wow. I love how you kompletely neglected the design of the phone. LoL!! That’s klearly a square-pod. :P

      I’m sorry, but Samsung is taking it too far. I don’t want them banned from the US. o.O

  3. lol, Cleaver marketing.
    With the understanding that most phones are purchased outside of Apple store, it is likely that the GS II will sit next to the iPhone 5.
    They are banking on the the fact that the consumer will opt for the one with the larger screen. By boosting the chip from 1 Ghz dual core to 1.2 Ghz they are purposely trying to 1 up the iPhone slightly in every category. Side by side comparison is exactly what Samsung wants and what Apple doesn’t want. Larger screen with Super AMOLED Plus certainly stands out and up close the GS II is incredibly thin. Nice one Samsung.

    1. I would think “Cleaver marketing” would include a meat cleaver of some kind. Oddly enough, I cant find one on their site or in this article.

      1. I think he was typing with an accent =p

      2. Clearly he’s saying that cleavage sells.

  4. If they released the white in the US, I could see these selling well in rural Kentucky and Alabama.

  5. not of fan of the home button but i must say its a nice look

    1. I’m more worried about the two capacitive buttons on each side of the home key. They might not be very visible on a white background. Anyway, I love my black SGS2.

      1. If the capacitive buttons had a red glow to them it would sweet! But I could see Apple fanboys saying it looks like a 2nd Gen iPod.

        1. A red glow. I like that.

  6. IkIng, you still here? wow you must really like android since you’re here 24/7.

  7. Finally someone made a fully white Android phone. I’m tired of all these manufacturers putting out “white” versions of phones where they just put a white battery cover on the thing. That’s not a white phone, that’s a lazy marketing tactic.

  8. I wish cell manufacturers would try to be different. I would like to see red or blue or silver android phones. Now its black or white and maybe a red button.

    1. You know who has a plethora of big, bright colors? Windows Phone 7. They look pretty awesome too. Just wish they were running Android =/

      1. Their UI is ugly to me.

    2. That’s why Nokia shoulda been on Android. Have you seen the Nokia N8? So many colors.

  9. i really want the sg2 but the last thing i want is some idiot telling m i shoulda got a iphone when i never wanted 1 from the beginning

  10. Samsung is going a little too hard now…All white? Smh.
    Do better Sammy.

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