Sharp FX Plus Appears as Walmart Exclusive for AT&T


According to a new Walmart flyer, the retailer will be picking up an exclusive for AT&T in the form of the Sharp FX Plus. The handset features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard in a form that is reminiscent of Sidekick handsets of yesteryear along with an Android build also reminiscent of yesteryear. The phone will ship with Froyo on board, a 3.2-inch display, and earSmart noise cancellation technology. In other words, it’s not quite the Galaxy S II slider we saw yesterday. As of no, we have no clear word on when the FX Plus will be available.

[via Engadget]

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  1. as of now*

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  3. Oh hai there sidekick.

    Man, I loved mine when I had them. Started with the 2, then the 3 and LX. I still think it had the best damn physical qwerty keyboard I’ve ever used. If only it was physically possible to have a 3.7″+ screen on one without it being horribly unwieldy.C’mon Samsung, take the GS2 guts and throw it into a SK device. SAMOLED screen and we’re set.

  4. sharp used to make the original sidekicks and those were the best man, i miss mine.

  5. Sharp in japan produce awesome phone but outside of japan…. Useless metal.

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