Nielsen: Android Sits Nicely With 39% of the US Smartphone Share in Q2


We’ve come to get used to this by now, but here it is anyway – Android was the top smartphone in terms of US smartphone market share in Q2, eating up 39% of the pie. Apple’s iOS sat a tad lower at 28%. Meanwhile, Microsoft only accounted for 9% (WP7 and WM combined) and Palm and Nokia’s OS both got 2% each. As for top OEMs, Apple remains in first with RIM and HTC tied at second. Samsung and Motorola have a bit of catching up to do at 10% and 11%, respectively. [Nielsen]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Google to Apple

    “Come at me Bro”

    1. LMFAO that’s all you could come up with.

      1. I found a funny pic…

        1. Nice

        2. This is eerily disturbing.

    2. Thats because all you iIdiots are dumb enough to pay for inferior technology.

      1. Timely updates? You get one friggin update per year and nothing cosmetic ever changes. Same lame App Jukebox layout.

        1. Yeah I understood you the first time troll. I have a Nexus One, so I’m not at anyone’s mercy, and when I had my Hero on Sprint I flashed Cyanogen–something too complicated for an iSheep like you to understand.

          So lets figure this out:

          Google is an “open” platform that releases at least two software updates per year to dozens of OEMs.

          Apple is a closed platform that releases one update per year to a phone they manufacture themselves. So what’s so damn impressive about Apple’s business model?

          Google has accomplished a lot more in the world of mobile computing. Eat crow lame iSheep.

        2. “Well fandroid doofus since you’ve utilized CyanogenMod, an AFTERMARKET firmware that offers features that are not available in official Android firmwares, then you’re no different than an iPhone jailbreaker….”

          To start, no, jailbreaking the iPhone is NOT the same as flashing a custom ROM on an Android handset. Cyanogen is a CUSTOM ROM. Your ability to copy text from Wikipedia doesn’t impress me.

          “If Google was truly open source, they would handle updates like Apple: bypass the OEM’s and carriers and release the updates DIRECTLY TO THE CUSTOMERS….. ”

          Oh and discard the OEM shells that allow it to be open source. Take away the freedom OEMs have to customize the OS. Makes sense . Your problem is you don’t understand Google’s business model. You come on this forum and compare Android software updates to iOS. This makes zero sense. Why? It’s not expected that Gingerbread will make it to 100 percent of the phones immediately. In fact, it won’t ever make it to a certain percentage of low-end phones. So if it makes you feel better to bash a business model that’s entirely different than Apples then go for it. But don’t compare the two as if you’re comparing “apples to apples.” If you want to compare the updates of the iPhone to the updates of an Android handset, your ONLY choice is to compare the iPhone to the Nexus series–a series of phones fully supported by Google. But nooo, you insist on trolling and comparing all Android handsets to the iPhone. You’re obviously confused and ignorant so go troll elsewhere. Last time I checked the Nexus One still hasn’t reached EOL. It’s received two major software updates and ran under three completely different versions of Android.

          Understand Google’s business model before you open your mouth. It’s not their aim to control every aspect of Android. They want to allow the platform to become diversified. They want to be open to OEMs and developers alike.

          iKing = King of ignorance and trolling

        3. “But supposedly high end Android phones like the Droid X and the Atrix have been stuck on Froyo for months…”

          Again you are clueless. I installed Gingerbread on my coworker’s Droid X in June. Yet you continue to troll. GTF off this forum and go take your butt hurt responses elsewhere. You only post on articles that discuss Android’s growing success and market share. You suck at trolling.

        4. “So Google, in order to keep OEM’s happy, allow them to bastardize Android with their bloatware, muck up the update process, and frustrate legions of their own customers. What a great business model.”

          It’s a hell of a lot better than Apple’s model. Intolerable iSheep like yourself boast of how great their SINGLE product is. Again choice wins. You’re boring. Go elsewhere and express your butt hurt opinoins.

          How do you explain Google’s stock going up and up when you consider they don’t even sell hardware and most of their services are offered for free? You can’t. You’re a drone who only knows how to live a stale life.

      2. Timely updates?? When was the last time there was an update that really added anything to the user experience?

        “malware infested cesspool”. Do you know, or have you heard of anyone actually having a problem with malware? I subscribe to many Android forums and I can honestly say I haven’t heard or read about one single person, having a problem with malware. In fact I’ve read more about iOS users having security issues. Now I’m sure you could come up with something on Google, but I doubt you have any reason to call the Android market infested with malware, other than being another brainwashed iPhone user trying to convince yourself that Uncle Steve is making a better device. So go to the Apple forums.

        I have no problem with the iPhone, it was great technology a couple of years ago. I just feel Android has pulled away, and it works better for me, but I certainly wouldn’t be going around to Apple forums, bragging about Android and bashing Apple. You would have to be a total douchebag to do something like that, wouldn’t you agree?

    3. Really.. another iSheep defending Apple’s position in how they are making tons of money with high, HIGH PROFIT margins for inferior tech and services!.. F APPLE!

    4. Just got my second 2011 Macbook Pro so shut up bro.

      1. Way to waste your money there bud.

        1. Actually no. I buy a new Laptop about every 12 months and this time a made a check list of things. I narrowed it down after like 30 hours+ to a 13in. core i7 Macbook Pro or this Samsung:

          In the end the Macbook was better but damn did I really want the SSD Hard Drive. Now I don’t really have that much of a problem with OSX but I will be installing Windows 7 with Bootcamp and partitioning most of my hard drive for it, probably 400gb.

    5. Yet Google’s shares are greater than Apple’s. Too bad. Looks like being the Evil Empire of Profit Margin doesn’t pay off in all respects. Google being The Wild, Wild West, has so much more to offer.

  2. Interesting to see the breakdown by manufacturer as wll as OS. Gives a clearer picture on the state of things.

  3. “worldwide”? Both the title and text of the source page clearly state that the data presented is “U.S. Smartphone Market”. Fix your statement.

    edit: good that it got corrected. sneaky that it doesn’t show that the article is updated.

    1. Who the hell are you talking to?

      1. This was written before the titel was fixed.

  4. Seriously, Nielsen? Andriod?

  5. This is US only. If this was World Wide, Nokia would be there.

  6. “but it’s clear Windows Phone 7 is making decent progress”

    Really? They lost 1% from last quarter, how is that making decent progress?

  7. Surprised at Motorola being higher the Samsung with so many ppl on the Samsung bandwagon and so many ppl hating on Motorola..

    Although the GS2 hasn’t hit the States yet…

    I think WP7 is hanging in there.

    1. The GS2 can and probably will change the balance. It would be interesting to see the numbers for how many full price import purchases have already been made for that phone in the US. I suspect those numbers are much greater than typical for a phone prior to it entering the US market.

  8. “but it’s clear Windows Phone 7 is making decent progress”

    Come on, Quentyn. You, too?? It’s not making a progress AT ALL. WP7 sales have dropped, quarterly, and Windows Mobile sales have dropped, too. That 9% is lower than last quarter, and btw It’s TOTAL SUBSCRIBER BASE – It’s NOT quarterly sales.

    This simply means there are still a lot of Windows Mobile devices out there. Jesus, how hard can it be to remember the difference between total user base and quarterly sales.

    Look, I’ll explain it to you and everyone else because there seems to be a lot of confusion everytime a stat like this is shown:

    Android has 50% quarterly market share in US right now
    Android has 39% total subscribers in US right now.

    WP7 has 1-2% quarterly market share in US right now.
    WP7 has 1-2% total subscribers in US right now(9% with Windows Mobile users)

    iPhone has 26% quarterly market share in US right now.
    iPhone has 28% total subscribers in US right now.

    If you can’t remember the exact stats from quarter to quarter, at least remember how to differentiate between them, and please make it clear every time you report such a stat next time, because a lot of people confuse them.

    1. So, based on the numbers that you presented, the iPhone is selling at a rate lower than its subscriber share. That indicates a loss of total market share for the iPhone in the most recent quarter. WP7 would be flat.

    2. Good points Lucian. Your explanation is clear and concise and hopefully will be used in the future.

    3. “decent progress’? more like a decent in progress

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