Sprint Posts Overall Disappointing Q2’11 Results


Following the announcement of an exciting new venture between them and Lightsquared, Sprint have publicized their Q2 2011 results. The carrier claims to have achieved a net addition of 1.1 million  subscribers (prepaid and wholesale), but still lost a good chunk of contract customers (who are seen as the bread and butter of carriers who offer postpaid services). They lost 101,000 in the postpaid sector. It is an improvement over the 127,000 they lost in the same quarter in 2010, but a loss is a loss and they didn’t improve by much. Sprint also lost money this quarter. After bringing in $8.3 billion in overall service revenue, they couldn’t muster to turn a profit, losing $847 million. Sprint’s looking for a better Q3 in all areas, obviously. Let’s hope this Lightsquared deal helps give their customers reason to stay on the Now Network within the next year or so as their competitors all look to adopt better technology. [Sprint]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Sprint, Lightsquared Formally Announce 15-Year 4G LTE Deal (But Jury Still Out on Sprint LTE)

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  1. to tell you the true they need to do something with their 4g network, i left them because of that, an the fact that they started charging the extra 10.00 a month, after i give t mobile a try i came to the conclusion that t mobile haps+ is much more faster than wimax and more reliable at a cheaper price too, don’t get me wrong i love sprint and i will always root for them, but they need to get rid of that 10.00 charge and the slow wimax 4g service.

    1. have fun when you get bought out by att

      1. yea, i am on a contract free though, my hope is that some day i can come back to sprint.

        1. I wonder if Sprint will end up merging with VZW if this T-Mobile/ATT deal goes through. I almost jumped from Sprint to VZW before their tiered plans went up because of the lack of Sprint 4g after a year of paying the extra 10 bucks for it.

          1. I doubt they would; willingly at least. Sprint knows competition breeds innovation and is exactly why they are against AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mo. (because we all know it isnt a merger) Also, Sprint knows the wireless industry and the consumers would suffer from a Duopoly and they will do everything they can to avoid being a part of that.

          2. Respectfully, neither TMO or Sprint are much competition for ATT and VZW these days. Those going with TMO and Sprint are the budget customers (I am one of them, so don’t take this the wrong way). The issue isn;t in innovation, it’s in plan pricing. If TMO gets swallowed up you can bet there thrifty rates won’t follow people (once their TMO contracts expire).

          3. If sprint gets bought out by anybody it would most likely be Google. With the Google Voice integration and Nexus S they seem to be getting closer. That would be the best solution as that would bring money and resources for sprint to project their network as they want to.

  2. No surprise here. Sprint has a nice lineup of phones but, trying to market phones like the EVO 3D as a 4G phone is good and all but it doesn’t help when sprint isn’t rolling out WiMax. If sprint switches over to LTE thats isn’t going to help people with a WiMax. If this does indeed happen, they should allow users with 2yr contracts and wimax phones a free upgrade. Just a thought. In order for sprint to stay in the game the ATT/Tmo merger needs to fall by the wayside. If that happens, there only real move is to merge with verizon and become the largest company in the US. Sprints decent coverage, combined with Verizons excellent service, would likely cover 99.9% of the US. This, combined with sprints plan to get LTE would help both companies. Its nice that they are still the only company to offer true unlimited, but with ATT/VZ growing fast, they don’t have any room for there plans to get worse, so they have little room for error. Go ahead and our one up for sprint. THey are soon to follow in t Mo foot steps, and selling out, because unless something drastic happens, they don’t have another move.

  3. im leaving sprint as soon as the new nexus comes out on whatever carrier besides sprint and ive been with them for almost 10 years. I got the evo on release still havent used 4g, there service really isent that cheap overall and for whatever reason they bang me in taxs more then people on other providers. Also there repair programs and insurance is horrendous they have never once fixed a phone for me no matter what the problem is they always want me pay for replacement for $100.

    1. Just had my wifes phone replaced for free, a samsung transform, its a piece of shit but still they replaced it for a new one at no cost to me, the most ive ever heard anyone pay is 35 dollars to replace a phone in store, u sir are either lieing or well lieing

      1. My Transform is a piece of shit too, not gonna lie. But if you root and tinker it for her, should be good. (:

    2. If they asked you to pay $100 for repair/replacement, it’s because you don’t have insurance.

      It’s pretty simple – pay the $5-$10 a month to insure that $600 device you carry around, or expect to pay a fee if you want them to replace it. No other carrier is going to give you a better option than that.

      1. there is $100 deductible if the reason for your damaged phone is your own (ie cracked screen, water damage). If the software or hardware malfunctions they would replace the phone for no charge as it isnt your own fault per say.

    3. Same program as the other carriers have for insurance.

    4. @Jimmy Dick – you have more money than brains.

  4. i dont think att and tmo prices will sky rocket if anything they might have enough power, coverage and customers to be fairley priced. Sprints not gona have enough customers to continue to be cheap there already not as cheap as t-mobile. in order for sprint to stay afloat when the merger comes threw is to have high end devies that you can only get on sprint and a respectable lte service people wont mind paying for, that seems a bit unlikley when they cant even get a crappy iphone.

  5. PLEASE BLOCK THIS PERSON…if it’s really a person…whatever… :(

  6. You guys act like Sprint is a sinking ship. They’re far from it guys. Just wait until LTE gives coverage all over the U.S. and then you people who switched will feel a little more regret.

    1. They don’t even have a good 3g network all over the US, let alone getting LTE rolled out. Sprint is great at starting new projects, and being first at some of them. The problem is, they haven’t finished anything.

  7. I’ve used every carrier except T-Mobile, and so far Sprint has been the best, at least here in the SF Bay Area.

    Their 4G isn’t widespread enough, but I didn’t move to them simply for 4G. I’ve spent enough time on other carriers to know some things are more important, like customer service, call quality, uncapped data etc.

  8. I left Sprint for Verizon because surprisingly Verizon is cheaper with my employee discount. I save the 15 bucks Sprint charges in data and spending limit charges.

  9. yeah… to those who think these mergers are good (like the sprint + VZN people keep saying would be a good idea)… do you honestly think if a company has less competition its going to be better for us, the consumer? If they have no other competition to keep them honest, they will just raise prices to whatever they want, charge more fees, quality/service will decline, etc.. why? because they can. They would know their customers have no other choice than to just give up their mobile devices, which most aren’t willing to do.

  10. I know everyone is complaining about the stalled 4G rollout, and I’m not thrilled about it either. But Sprint needs to concentrate on improving their 3g network. At the moment, it’s terrible in many locations. And I’m talking about in major metropolitan areas. There are many people seeing speeds that are worse than dialup. This day and age, that’s unacceptable, and is precisely the reason why Sprint is still losing customers to Verizon. Sprint will never keep up with Verizon, they simply just don’t have the money. But if they could at least offer a solid 3g service, I really think they could stop losing customers, and maybe even (gulp) turn a profit.

    We keep hearing about Network Vision, well guess what Mr Hesse, people aren’t waiting 3-5 years to get normal 3g service, like the other carriers offer. Unlimited data is great, but when your speeds are less than 100 kbps, it’s worthless. Thank goodness there’s WiFi.

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