Have an Optimus 3D or EVO 3D? SPB Shell 3D Might Be Worth Checking Out With Experimental Autostereoscopic Support


A couple of days ago, SPB Shell 3D was updated in the Android market. Alongside the ability to view the launcher in landscape mode and switch between handset and tablet mode, they have added a biggie for those with autostereoscopic 3D phones. You can view the launcher in glasses-free 3D, but they’re tagging this feature as experimental so it may not be as sweet as it sounds. I have yet to try it for myself ($15 is too rich for my blood) but I’ll be looking to acquire an updated .APK to see just how it all looks. A full list of changes to SPB Shell 3D 1.2 is below. Android market link is here.[via IntoMobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I wouldn’t blow $15 on that trash app. The question is, has anybody tried it? You can customize it as much as you can a rubber tire. People, I have an Evo 3D and this abomination IS NOT WORTH $15!!! You might as well blow that money on POT or a good PIZZA. Not on something that will truly PISS YOU OFF!

  2. I paid for it. I dont run a blog but I can afford. SHAME ON YOU! lol
    no 3d phone though :(

    1. Lol not that I can’t afford it, I just don’t prefer it over Go Launcher Ex. I’d pay $15 to use it once, which isn’t sensible. There’s the refund window, but 15 minutes is cutting it way too close.

  3. Classy…

    1. Isn’t it?

      1. We won’t tolerate that.

      2. I want to know what he said

        *stamps foot*

  4. The Eye Candy is good for a week but then you realize its slow and crashes alot.. Also lacks utility and update support. SPB only cares about getting your $15. While they laugh at you behind the scenes when they get another email with them saying “another sucker just paid $15 for my app that I wont update hahahaha”. Dont get it, its not worth it.They dont support their customers.

  5. wait your going to pirate the app to see how it works I thought you were better than this..

    sorry didnt see the post above me but still you shouldnt say that you are because people will take it the wrong way especially since your blog is pretty well known

    1. I meant a review APK file directly from SPB. I don’t pirate. Everyone who’s seen my phone think I’m crazy when they see all the paid apps I have. :)

  6. I tried it on my Droid X1 and its nice. Ppl that havent tried it or dont like has some nice widgets that arent just about eye candy.

    The messaging widget is nice.

    Now it does has stability issues last time I tried it a few months ago. If it can be worked out it will be a real winner. Nice to see them still trying to improve it tho.

  7. I just tested this on the EVO 3D. As far as I can tell This is NOT glasses-free 3D. The only options available in settings are red/cyan for glasses.

  8. Spam Bots at it again,boo.

    1. Aww you called the spammer your boo. Thats sweet of ya.

  9. 3d is gay… It sounded neat until I saw it on the Evo 3d. It was reminiscent of those cheap hologram trading cards you has as a child.

    1. So 3D likes to have sex with other 3Ds?

      That sir, just blew my mind right out of my skull.

  10. I just paid $22.87 to have you offed.

    #true story

    1. You’re $22.87 is hereby accepted. :)

  11. Great shot at creating this application I applaud this person. But for me it’s HTC SENSE OR NOTHING Htc has designed sense special and we all need to enjoy this newest iteration. No need for anything secondary in may book

    1. You’ve proven again that you’re an idiot. This application was created by MANY people. The author is “SPB Software”, which generally means a company of sorts. And “we” don’t “need” to enjoy Sense. It’s up to the user to do with their phone whatever the h*ll they want. Not you. Take your narcissistic views somewhere else. The world isn’t all about you you you.

  12. been using SPB for ages on my DHD. Started out a bit buggy but is now very stable. Haven’t had a single issue with it for months and I’d say it now runs smoother than Sense does once you load up a stack of widgets.

    I really like the look of it once you play around with it to your liking – I like the way it handles folders especially.

    $15 is expensive but it’s not exactly a lot of money – especially considering you’re installing it on your ~$800 device.

    1. Yea, but then you can’t install other Home Replacement apps since you want to get your money’s worth out of this one.

      BTW, did they find another way to organize all your apps? Because I HATE how they just throw all your apps on different screens, then you have to put then in the recycle bin if you don’t plan on using it, or some folder, which you will have to remember the folder you put them in. Dugh!! When I used the beta, that was annoying!!

      1. ummm what?

        not sure what you’re getting at there.

        There’s a normal app tray with all your apps in one list ala stock android, it has a nice superfluous 3D effect too.

        you can put apps wherever you like on the home screens, same with folders and widgets and folders can take up one icon space, a line of four or two lines (half the screen). they are transparent and have a nice opening animation.

        it used to force everything to the top of the screen which may be what you’re getting at – you can now place anything anywhere you like.

        1. oh cool. I tried the beta, and the apps were placed similar to how an iPhone places it’s app. There was no app tray. You understood correctly, thanks.

    2. LOL $800 device… what planet are you living in? $15 is a hell lot of money for a crappy app.

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