Samsung Tells us to Look to the Stars and Watch for the Next Generation of Galaxy S


Just got this package from Samsung. I got a bit excited, naturally – what looked to be a Galaxy S II was starting at me on my doorstep. I grabbed the box and opened it with glee, only to find that it isn’t, in fact, a Galaxy S II. Instead, there were pieces to a very small Galaxy S II-branded telescope and a card telling us to watch for the next generation Galaxy S.

I’m not the first US writer to get this and it hasn’t been popping up on any non-US sites – Samsung’s brewing up for a launch pretty soon. We already know that at least one device will come this August with Verizon rumored to be the frontrunner in launching their own device.

So things look to be well on track with this interesting marketing tactic Samsung’s deployed. The only question now is when exactly can the United States finally look forward to (hopefully) Exynos, Super AMOLED Plus love. PS: I did look through the telescope – it was pretty OK. We look forward to the device’s arrival sometime soon.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. thats pretty cool

  2. As to quote the double rainbow man himself:


  3. Nice marketing ploy Samsung!

  4. @tehsusenoh: It means they took waaayyy too long to come to market with this. You only have so long to have a (admittedly awesome sounding) piece of hardware be top dog and they given everyone months to catch up and release their AAA phones. Just don’t understand what took them so long. I’m holding out for the next nexus phone anyway, and hoping by some miracle it will be by HTC…

    1. hopefully a nexus announcement comes before the gs2 release… we’ll know what to get/wait for

  5. We all know exactly what it is. Samsung launched a SGS2 into space the same exact way Google did. They are tracking it and will give the location to watch it in the sky. This will be intertwined with a lunch date and all this cool jazz from there marketing dept.

    This stuff is too easy.


    Problem is there date of July 15th has passed. No news, videos or anything about it landing!

    More Info here? http://space-balloon.net/index.html

    1. couple of things, sending the SGS2 into space was a Japanese promotion. it would have went up and landed the same day so it’s already back. it would have kept going up until it reached the point where the near vacuum of space almost, but not quite into the thermosphere (about 19 miles) allowed the helium to expand to a level where the balloon could no longer maintain it’s structural integrity. it would bust. then float down to earth. the whole thing would probably take no more than 3 hours so tracking it now is a no go.

      BUT, they are holding off on releasing the footage until “mid-august” so i have no doubts that they’ll work it into the US release promotions.

  6. well, i need this phone. my LG enV3 is just subpar.

  7. Dude, you looked through the telescope during the daytime? Is your cornea sizzling?

    1. Depends. You may be looking at your neighbors’ windows across the street ;)

      1. hahaha good point!

  8. Phew I’m glad this was for Galaxy S2, I though it was the Sequel to the Galaxy S2 already!

    1. at this point i’m looking forward to the sequel. although the SGSII is pretty much the top phone out there right now, it still feels like old technology since it was released in europe a few months ago.

      1. Agreed…I’ve already given up on waiting and got something else. Time to wait for the next big thing

      2. well the next big thing is probably a higher resolution for the s-amoled+ screen. Nobody else has anything like the s-amoled tech but they compensated by having higher resolutions.

        1. i’d consider the nexus prime to be the next big thing.. but thats just me :)

        2. LG’s NOVA display is very competitive with samoled+

      3. I just got the Galaxy S II last week when it became available in Canada and I just love it. Yes there are already rumors of the S3 but my guess is it’ll be available over here in roughly a year from now. There might be better phones coming out in a few months but right now it’s the best phone money can buy.

      4. Same here or the new nexus, Im not wasting anymore of my time waiting for something that should have hit the states back in May for Christ sake. Next gen galaxy s is definitely right around the corner. For those holding their breathes for this device to come to the states your most likely to die of asphyxiation.

        1. Are you dumb? “Next gen Galaxy right around the corner”
          for us. Europe, yes. It will most likely be may/june. America? No because your carriers want different versions which will mean a year from NOW.

      5. The Galaxy S II is nowhere near “old technology.” Nothing tops it right now. Nothing.

        1. Aren’t you an EVO 3D owner? O_o

          1. Yeah, it still doesn’t top the GS2

          2. But the Vigor will

  9. Please be LTE!

  10. Its about damn time!! Now when is the fuckin announcement coming!?

  11. Release the damned galaxy already!!!

  12. can we please just get a release date already

  13. God, kinda sad we got this in Europe 1,5-2 months ago, but nevertheless it´s a beautiful phone and after the first few months I still think it was worth every penny ;) Just go for it. And shame on you USA carriers for being so lazy and ignorant, in Germany such carriers would be out of business really fast.

    1. Its how the carriers work here i guess since we have subsidized pricing they have the freedom to do whatever they want with the device and the release of it. Its not like Europe/Asia/Canada where the carriers don’t have that control. its sad though that we let the carriers do what they want when we the subscribers pay the money for the service and in turn there paycheck.

      Back to the article:

      I noticed this is the third blog to get that same telescope, if I recall, last year when Samsung was about to launch a device in the US it sent something to all the press, kinda how big video game publishers send something of meaning that goes with the game about to be released/announced to the press.

      Its slightly like viral marketing and to keep the masses excited for a launch.

      But the fact it says “the next generation of Galaxy S” means its finally time to launch the Galaxy SII here in the states.

      The samsung website had a register page up for a little while earlier this morning then it was taken down, the register page was for the Galaxy SII here in the US, but the look of the phone looked just as it does in Europe/Asia/Canada. Hopefully that means that if carriers do get there way that they’ll get different versions along with the true Galaxy SII.

      remember the Verizon Sammy qwerty (which is unknown)? and the AT&T qwerty that was a Galaxy SII? lets not forget that there are multiple variants of the older Galaxy S1 in a couple different forms on a single carrier. But hopefully Samsung will make it all clearer than the leaks and rumors are putting it to be. I just hope that if the SII does launch next month on Verizon, that it has LTE on board… not having that will kill its chances here in the US against the upcoming iPhone 5/Bionic and other 4G phones.

    2. Your right, its just there are way too many ignorant ASSHOLES here in the United States. I went to Spain this past June and I’ve seen phones and devices there that will never reach the states. U.S has nothing to offer when it comes to technology. All we give the world is war and FAT people.

      1. ROFLHMFEB!!! X’D
        (Rolling On Floor Laughing and Holding My Flat European Belly)

      2. “Your right, its just there are way too many ignorant ASSHOLES here in the United States.”

        Says the guy who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re….

        1. You know “Dwight” is what they name retarded children right? Or the stuff around your lips.

          1. Seriously?? First off, using the word Retarded, is not only done by ignorant idiots, such as yourself, it is also very hurtful, Grow Up!!! Second, GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. He doesn’t know the difference between it’s and its either

  14. SG2 or Nexus Prime? =( Hopefully both even come to T-Mo….

    1. One word


      1. According to tmonews, the hercules might be t-mobile’s version of the gs2


        So.. I guess the question is GS2/Hercules or Nexus Prime

        1. Psh if it ain’t got an xynos (it has a snapdragon), it ain’t a galaxy s2 :P

          I want a t-mobile s2 with a xynos processor!

    2. Optimus Prime

  15. I’d rather have the Infuse…

    1. So get it.

  16. I like the irony in the package.

    “Hey look to the stars for the new Galaxy S2. Oh by the way, this is as close as you are going to get to getting one of these hot babies. But hey just like the stars, they are pretty to look at, but you will never reach them because they are so far away.”

  17. Who cares? Something bigger and better will be out 2 months after the SGS2 is released here and everyone will be whining about that!

    1. Rinse and repeat.

  18. First, how come, if Verizon is getting the S II first, the first company to be given FCC approval is Sprint: http://www.wirelessgoodness.com/2011/07/26/samsung-galaxy-s-ii-for-sprint-hits-the-fcc-with-wimax-goodness/

    Second, if the Sprint phone provided FCC approval is indeed a Galaxy S II variant, why does it have significantly different dimensions? Is this the “Next” generation that Samsung is speaking about? Will it have a super AMOLED+ 4.5″ screen since the case is larger? Hmmm.

  19. Hey what happen to to all the samsung bashers who said hell would freeze over before they would buy another samsung phone. LOL. Its funny how things change after a couple of months.

  20. Contest Prize!

  21. i am waiting to hear more on the next nexus (i herd it refered to as nexus prime) as it is romured to be the first quad core phone packing the Tegra 3!!! if nvidia is telling the truth and the tegra 3 really is 5 times faster than the tegra 2 thats just gonna be sick. so at this point for me there is to much on the horizon to really care about the SGSII anymore, sammy took to long getting it here… i will just wait 6 or 7 months and get 5 times the phone :P as i am happy with my captivate for a little bit longer…

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