Jul 27th, 2011

Just got this package from Samsung. I got a bit excited, naturally – what looked to be a Galaxy S II was starting at me on my doorstep. I grabbed the box and opened it with glee, only to find that it isn’t, in fact, a Galaxy S II. Instead, there were pieces to a very small Galaxy S II-branded telescope and a card telling us to watch for the next generation Galaxy S.

I’m not the first US writer to get this and it hasn’t been popping up on any non-US sites – Samsung’s brewing up for a launch pretty soon. We already know that at least one device will come this August with Verizon rumored to be the frontrunner in launching their own device.

So things look to be well on track with this interesting marketing tactic Samsung’s deployed. The only question now is when exactly can the United States finally look forward to (hopefully) Exynos, Super AMOLED Plus love. PS: I did look through the telescope – it was pretty OK. We look forward to the device’s arrival sometime soon.

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