Samsung Sends Galaxy S II Toward the Stars With Space Balloon [Video]


It’s all the rage in Android device advertising these days, folks – send something into space and make sure you get some pictures and video of it. That’s exactly what Samsung did with the Samsung Galaxy S II in conjunction with JP Aerospace. They sent the phone 30,000 meters into the air using a space balloon and had a camera watching the astronaut who carried it the entire time. The device is scheduled to launch (into the air, not in the US) on July 15 and Samsung will be broadcasting the event live on UStream. Check the video out above, but be sure to head to their site for an extended look. [Samsung Hub]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Would be it be wishful thinking to believe July 15th would also be when the SGS2 would be dropping into the US market?

    1. Absolutely not.  Thats exactly a year from the origional’s launch.  I’m pretty confident that next month we will atleast know when it’s coming or it may even be for sale finally.

      1. And if the Verizon one will be LTE. PLEASEEEEE.

    2. Yes, it is, but I will be sitting in my windowsill every night wishing on that same star.

  2. That marketing ploy seems cheesy enough for me to believe that it would be arriving in stores on that date… Why else would they be so insistent about the return date?

    1. I can’t see them going to the trouble for the Canadian release, but I could be wrong…

  3. Must be docked in to the spaceman’s head connected to a big battery pack.

    1. yeah.. thats for sure

  4. No LTE. Why bother?

  5. When it comes back to Earth, make sure it lands in the US.  And hopefully some advanced race of alien beings will have added an LTE radio.

    1. LOL. FREAKING HILARIOUS. best comment right here ^

  6. will this be on all carriers?

    1. There are apparently going to be variants for the big 4.  Sprint=Within, AT&T=Attain, Verizon=Function, T-Mobile=Hercules.

  7. It would be nice for this to release to Verizon before they officially impliment the tiered  data pricing. I am due for an upgrade (HTC Droid Inc.) and would like to lock something in. 

  8. I have been waiting for the dam phone for a looooooooooooong time now… Drop on earth already ! Couple days ago i recieved in my dream… yes i do dream about cellphone’s..you NERD’s :) .
    Any way i think this is what Samsung is planning to do… They will make millions of us watch the stream of SG2 coming down to earth, and when it hits the earth, we will be shown a pop up link on the same web site saying ” SG2 has officially arrived in North America, to place your order now “CLICK HERE” “.

  9. I already sent Samsung a nasty email about the fact that they have waited atrociously long for the release of this phone.   I told them that I went with the Sensation because I am tired of waiting for their lazy asses to get in gear.  I also told them that confidence wanes when you take this long to release a product yet speak of timely updates.  This thing should have friggin ice cream on it by the time it’s released.

  10. So the Galaxy S2 will have traveled to the far reaches of Space before its released in the US?

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