[Update: Statement Corrected] Verizon: Galaxy S2 Will Have 4G LTE; We Aren’t Getting Our Hopes Up


This goes so far from the norm with Verizon that I am very skeptical about this, but I’ll report it anyway – a rep on their VZWSupport Twitter account has mentioned to a user that the Galaxy S II will have 4G LTE. Think about this for a minute – a customer support rep, who are often proven to be cloudy when it comes to details – has confirmed a feature for a phone that Verizon has yet to officially acknowledge here. Doesn’t add up.

It’s likelier that the rep was speaking about the Galaxy Tab 10.1 coming out with 4G tomorrow. Of course, I could be wrong. And I hope I am. The Galaxy S2 probably will come with 4G, but it’s also probable that it won’t as Verizon hasn’t even put it in some of their flagships.

Take this with a grain of salt until we can get independent confirmation from someone within Verizon. In the meantime, let us know if you think this rep is mistaken or if they just jumped the gun a bit and might be on the verge of losing their job soon. [AndroidForums.com]

[Update]: And just like that, the statement was corrected. They were talking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Let’s move along now.

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  1. That tweet’s actually been redacted. They got confused between the SII and Tab again :(

    EDIT: Sorry I didn’t see it still there.

    1. Its actually still on there twitter feed. Where did you see it was redacted?

      1. droid-life actually, and I couldn’t find it when I looked for it myself.

    2. That tweet is still there 13:28 EST. There have been some additional questions about the Galaxy (Tab) that the service reps have been trying to answer with some confusion.

    3. The tweet is still there. It probably was for the tab as that is releasing tomorrow and the other tablets they have are 3G only. Another VZWSupport rep just tweeted that the SGS2 is not even in their system so the LM guy/girl definitely messed up.

  2. why get a galaxy when the nexus prime is coming this holiday?

    1. Because some of us heading back to school won’t have the money for a new phone come December.

      1. You have the money now…but won’t have it few months from now? Is there some kind of tax on savings that I wasn’t aware of? o.0

        1. Yeah, it’s called living expenses as a poor college student.

          1. Your logic makes no sense…

          2. Your logic makes no sense….The poor kid would never get a phone if he waited to get the next best phone because there is always something better coming out..Wait till the nexus prime comes out I guarantee there will be another phone coming out a couple of months from then with quad core and then everyone is going to be saying why not wait for the quad core??? So you might as well get a phone or you will be waiting forever.

          3. Well, let’s see…

            Summer -> Make money = have money for fun things like phones

            Fall-Winter-Spring -> Spend money (textbooks, food, ect…) = watch hard earned savings steadily go away and start eating instant noodles when savings dry up much sooner than expected.

            Don’t need to be waiting on a $300 phone, I would much rather buy what is available instead of budgeting for large, largely unnecessary purchases in the future.

            That and soon as I buy it, something even more ridiculous will be announced.

  3. Wow…my first reaction was “oh man…I hope he IS about to lose his job for jumping the gun leaking true specs” Then I reconsidered my thought process: So I’m so obsessed with this phone, that I’m ok with someone losing their job just so that I can have news about an antenna inside it a few days earlier than I would have otherwise!? Yikes…I think I need to chill out and get my priorities straight!

  4. I agree, it seems very unlikely. They were probably talking about the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and that rep is now probably fired.

    1. One shouldn’t sensationalize. People don’t get fired for slip ups like that unless it’s really company destroying (i.e. you lose millions) or if they are repeat offenders. “LM”, the rep who responded with that info, is still tweeting on behalf of VZWSupport.

  5. Damn idiots!!!

  6. At this point, all i can say is WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?!!? Just get the DAMN SSGS2 OUT!!!!

  7. I hate Verizon so much.

    1. Me too, but I hate Motorola more… the reason…… that piece of crap Xoom.
      overpriced, under performing and really a disaster from the start.
      But lets give credit where due. Motorola has one “first”
      The first to fail with a Honeycomb tablet…nuff said!

  8. Confusing Galaxy SII with the Galaxy tab 10.1, WHO DOES THAT?!?
    Bad customer service, Verizon! Such a c*ck tease! It’s not fair that everyone else is getting the GS2 with the fastest data networks their providers offer and we’ll probably have it stuck on 3G!

  9. Of course it will be a 4G phone. You expect a flagship phone like this on any carrier won’t be 4g? Why do you think it took this long?

    Apparently we will all find out on August 14

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