Official: Verizon Will Be Offering Motorola Xoom Users Their Free 4G LTE Upgrade In September


Look we got in our inbox a few minutes ago. It’s a flyer from Verizon advertising the 4G LTE upgrade for your Motorola Xoom! We never had a solid release date from Big Red and even though we still don’t know the exact day or hour of it’s coming, it’s nice to know the free 4G LTE upgrade will at least be made available in the month of September. Even though Xoom users wont be able to claim “firsties” to having a 4G enabled tablet, are you guys at least excited to have a more pinpointed time-frame? Chime in below.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Not excited at all.

  2. Excited, yes. A bit frustrated with the delay, also yes. Now the Xoom can truly live up to its name.

  3. Meh. Not excited at all. I’m over my tablet. I got it free from work.

    I want a table that can replace a laptop, and as much as I use my Xoom, it ain’t a replacement, and there isn’t one in the foreseeable future.

    As for 4G LTE, I care even less, seeing as how I mostly use Wi-Fi anyway. And, since there are no more unlimited data plans, 4G might be fast, but probably it’s not worth the price.

  4. It will be nice to finally have the “complete” tablet that was advertised, but I’m actually more excited about the Honeycomb 3.2 upgrade that will enable my SD card slot. In most areas I frequent, WiFi is an option so I use it: it’s a habit I cultivated because of the tiered data plan. 4G for any kind of Netflix or HBO Go (not that they’re officially available on the Xoom…) could get very expensive.

    The irony? I’ll be grandfathered into unlimited data on my next phone (Bionic or Galaxy S2), and with those phones’ HDMI out, I’ll be better equipped to watch the officially supported Netflix or HBO Go than I am on the Xoom’s 10.1″ screen. Funny old world.

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