[Update] Android 2.3.3 Update Available for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 in Italy


The Android 2.3.3 update said to be headed to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play this week is turning up just as expected, making its first appearance in Italy and ready for download and installation via SE’s companion software. Aside from the standard Gingerbread upgrades the phone will also receive deeper Facebook integration, WiFi hotspot an USB tethering capabilities, a new photo widget, and a sortable applications tray. We expect the update to begin appearing in other regions shortly, but if you happen to be located in Italy you can head over to Sony Ericsson’s site and download it now.

[via AndroidWorld.it | Thanks, Emanuele!]

[Update]: It’s actually available for all unbranded (unlocked with no carrier logo) Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 units. Grab the update tool from their site and try it on yours.

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  1. It’s also available in Spain :)

  2. Nothing in Canada :( I want my WiFi hotspot.

  3. waiting for it in australia !

  4. That screen doesn’t prove that it’s available in Italy. The same image is on Danish, Netherlands, Swedish and many other languages on the Sony Ericsson site.

  5. Too little too late SONY ERICSSON. Just glad I returned my X10 after I found it it doesn’t have pinch to zoom and won’t be able to upgrade to Ginger Bread. Such a waist.

    1. what about your waist? lol

      1. too much ginger bread

  6. no update in india :(

  7. Is this really happening? I can’t believe it!

    1. No not now, it says that it is availible but it is not. But I think it is close

  8. It is available everywhere but nowhere..

  9. Will have to wait and see how long it takes to reach Trinidad!! Check out my blog for the tech news also @ http://www.mytechsngadgets.blogspot.com

  10. Is this available or not? Has someone in Italy installed it?

  11. when T_T . . when T_T . . when T_T . . When it ill available here T_T

  12. seriously?
    whoever wrote this article please check your facts?
    At least head over to either the X10 modaco section, or the XDA developers section as if it really was out, it’d be all over there..

  13. i’m in Vietnam. and i waiting too

  14. when he will be release in Rwanda?

  15. oh my god this gone very good step from sony wonderful .my set gone be more faster than before ; SREE from INDIA

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