LG Thrill 4G Hands-On and First Impressions [VIDEO]


Last night I was lucky enough to hold the LG Thrill 4G in my hands for the better part of a few hours at a concert event in NYC hosted by the LG. Aside from capturing some of Jane’s Addiction’s set in full 3D glory (a 60-minute documentary of compiled concert footage will be available August 4th), I had the opportunity to get to know the Thrill 4G a bit better.

Getting to the point, this phone is nearly identical to the Optimus 3D in every way. It features the same tri-dual package of dual-core (clocked at 1GHz), dual-channel, and dual-ram. The phone is about as quick as you’d expect and the glasses-free 3D elements are pretty top-notch. Video capture, pictures, and games all come to life before your eyes, though for me the novelty has already worn off since the Optimus 3D unveil back at Mobile World Congress. The device feels solid in hand despite its construction being mostly of plastic.

If I had any major fault with the Thrill 4G it would be the version of Android it runs. Currently stuck on Android 2.2.2, LG’s custom user interface doesn’t do much to help. It’s not that it is unusable — it’s fairly inoffensive — but it doesn’t add much to the experience that a stock installation couldn’t have accomplished just as well.

Perhaps the most appealing feature of the phone is its pricing, which an LG rep confirmed would be somewhere between $99 and $199. Recent rumors suggest the low end of that spectrum is likely with a $99 price point floating around. For that money the Thrill 4G seems more than worth it.

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[Update] Android 2.3.3 Update Available for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 in Italy

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  1. for $99 psh cant beat that wit a stick

  2. my buddy got one of these for free from lg during the google i/o this year. only about 100 people got one. Other than a few bugs, it was really fast and the 3D is alot better than the EVO 3D, My Opinion… Im quite surprised with the Price. Take it While u can. This is a great phone if the bugs got worked out since this pre-production one my buddy got

    1. the only things that kills this phone is 2.2.2 froyo and at&t, bad combination.

    2. I commend both Htc and LG for what they have both done for the smartphone industry spear heading this technology. Being an Evo 3d owner I feel no question that the quality of the evo 3d is much better as well as the software on the evo 3d. Today is late July 2011 NOTHING SHOULD EVER LAUNCH WITH FROYO that is a major fail on LG’S part. HTC understands the industry and has been a PROVEN LEADER not only for Android but also the windows platform. While some content may not exist on the evo 3d that exist on the Lg model the Evo 3d is still far Superior to that device. Plus the 16 to 23hrs of battery life I get daily on my 3d evo makes the Lg model feeble at best.

      1. Wow! You own an EVO 3D and think its better?!

        I am shocked!

      2. The EVO3D has an arm 8 cortex design whilst the LG Thrill has the superior arm 9 cortex design which makes it 40% faster. The Powersvr540 also trumps the adreno220 in the E3D. The LG 3D display is much better then the e3D which has had alot of complaints about fuzziness and being headache inducing. Camera and 3D footage appears far more sharper on the LG too.The phonedog dogfight review gives it to the optimus 3d (AKA Thrill) on having the better 3D display http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… as does the PCmag review http://www.pcmag.com/article2/…. as well as Slashgear http://www.slashgear.com/lg-th…In fact most tech savvy reviewers have given it to LG, afterall it is their specialism. The LG Thrill 3D actually shoots 3D in 3 mp and not 2mp like the evo 3d so the camera on the LG is better if we go by specs alone. I’ve played with both phones and personally in regards to 3D the LG optimus 3D does it a whole lot better although sense 3.0 is really neat. The LG 3d come with a wealth of pre loaded material that is 3D and the 3D menu is great and is something the evo3d does not offer. The evo3d build quality feels less premium and I wasn’t impressed with its 2d 720p recording, i don’t know why they couldn’t have had it on a par with the htc sensation which records video beautifully.The TI OMAP 4430 is much faster and its GPU is better at 3D rendering. The LG Thrill 3d also has camera alignment correction technology which the evo3d does not which is a major advantage on LG’s side. Bear in mind that the LG Optimus 3d is also divx/xvid certified and plays almost every codec under the sun, the evo3d shamefully does not.

      3. lg 3d its better as far as 3d features but htc evo 3d its the superior phone

  3. I was debating whether or not to go for it until I heard that they are developing Cyanogen Mod for it to be released (in nightly form) soon. This phone will now be awesome and have gingerbread.

  4. Such a sweet device for 99$

  5. this phone was mine even if the price was $199

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