T-Mobile Relaunching the LG G2X – This Time Baked With Gingerbread


Rumors of the G2X being discontinued began to circle around the Android blogosphere when the device was made unavailable from T-Mobile’s site and from retail store shelves. Normally, that is never a good sign for a device but it looks like LG may have had something better planned for the G2X in the form of an Android treat called Gingerbread.

TMo News is reporting that the phone will see a re-release of sorts but this time come pre-installed with Android 2.3 with some T-Mobile stores could be receiving shipments of the Gingerbread baked G2X’s as early as this week. T-Mobile will also be pushing out the Gingerbread update over-the-air to G2X users still on Android 2.2 in the coming weeks as well. So, keep an eye out for that.

The Gingerbread update should fix a lot of the glaring problems wrong with some (definitely not all) of the devices plagued with bugs and general weirdness. If you haven’t updated as of yet, I’d recommend sitting tight for the OTA update from T-Mobile or waiting for them to supply the update via the T-Mobile website. My brother bricked his G2X a few days ago trying to manually apply the update using the LG updater program and has been phoneless for almost a week now.

[Via TMoNews]

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  1. In hopes this one fixes the camera issues on the gingerbread !!!

  2. I had a G2x for awhile, but I brought it back because the sound quality was sub-par for normal voice conversations. Normally not that picky, but it sounded like an AM radio. Recently got a used Mytouch 4G (HTC Glacier) for almost half the price, and have found performance to be on the same level with the G2x now that it has Cyanogenmod 7 installed. And I can hear people, :D

  3. The software update still doesn’t fix many problems and it won’t fix the screen bleed that comes with 99% of G2x.

    1. I Just Bought Mine On Saturday, Does It Come With Screen Bleed? Or Does It Happen Over Time?

      1. Install screen bleed test or take a look in a dark room. The recent Gingerbread is just a test version, not final. Screen bleed is hardware problem, you can’t fix with software.

    2. The screen bleed complaints on this phone are the most overblown complaints I’ve ever heard.

      1. I’ve Actually Been Able To See A Phone With Screen Bleeds, Its Annoying.. Overblown, I’d Say Yes…
        I Bought This Phone Saturday.. I Have Yet To Have ANY Problems With This Phone.. Other Than The Apps Not Working As I Hoped.. But That’s Pure Software

    3. Glad I’m in the 1%, left my N1 for this dual core beast and had minimal problems. No reboots or bleeds so the update is welcome. Just wanted a solid device until the next Nexus since I got the woman the NS.

  4. Looks like waiting a bit for this may have paid off…

    1. Definitely, our fans said the same thing when we shared this post with them! Glad the loyal fans of LG are happy!

  5. The G2x OTA update is FINALLY OUT! A message popped up automatically at 2AM Eastern Time asking if I wanted to update. Downloaded in 3 parts and now I’m running Gingerbread. Time will tell if all G2x problems are fixed. Most owners of this phone are asleep now but will be pleasantly surprised when they wake up to see the long awaited upgrade message, I’m sure…

    1. Hows the camera looking?! Is it dark again on this gingerbread build ?? And is it having the same froyo LG camera application or the stock GB app!

      1. The camera is supposed be very decent. Many say competitive with the iphone4 :)

  6. Funny that it took so long for Tmo and Lg to release this.
    Ive been running Eagles Blood 2.3.4 for the longest.

  7. the OTA is available right now. Just downloaded it about an hr ago.

  8. arg, still waiting for the OTA update. Any tips on how not to brick your phone through LG updater? Anyone else update that way, any feedback? This article has scared me into waiting even longer… :(

  9. well, i just updated it with the manual updater. thought I had bricked it because of how long it took to reboot (almost 10 minutes after the install was complete), but nope, it kept on trying to reboot with gingerbread through my many battery pulls and restarts (i am neurotic sometimes) and WHAMMO it vibrated at me that gingerbread had come to life and then the phone icon turned green and BEHOLD, gingerbread. i am so happy.

  10. woohooo! T-Mo got rid of the STUUUUPID “my account” app that was causing all the wifi problems.

  11. i should say, the app doesnt appear to be auto loaded anymore…its still there, just not running in memory

  12. Many are excited!!! We know our fans are :) Shared this on the facebook fan page! Keep it up and thanks for the visits to the blog! ^Amy.

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