Captain America Movie Game Only $.99 For A Limited Time – Live Wallpaper FREE


If you’re an Android gamer you might wanna hurry on over to the Android Market and download Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty for 80% off! It’s an action game based on the recently released movie and to coincide with the film’s release, it’s only $1 to celebrate the movie’s opening weekend. Call me crazy, but the weekend has already passed and the app is still only $1? Better hurry before The Man finds out. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t work for all devices so make sure to check and see if your phone is compatible in the app’s description.

[Captain America: The Game]

Oh yeah! There’s a pretty sick Captain America live wallpaper that wont cost you a penny and is currently residing on my homescreen. Bullets deflect off the shield when you swipe or touch the screen. Check it out too!

[Captain America Live Wallpaper]

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  1. I’m worried the game will suck peen

    1. If by peen you mean a giant chocolate covered banana then yes, it’s awesome. o_O

      1. By “peen” I meant ball peen hammer. The goo-slinging-made-of-meat kind.

  2. Call me a permissions nerd if you will but I would avoid any game that requires permission to install applications.

    “Allows an application to install new or updated Android packages. Malicious applications can use this to add new applications with arbitrarily powerful permissions.”

    1. I mean, if this app was coming from some “no-name” developer, I’d be wary. Marvel Entertainment? Not so much. =p

    2. The game is too big to fit on the 50MB APK limit on the market. So the game is only 1MB and when launched it then downloads a 100MB APK and installs that to your internal storage or SD card.

      I have to say I’m getting sick of the paranoid tinfoil hat types complaining about permissions.

      1. Feel free to but I am sick of news stories about how dangerous Android is because people are too lazy to read permissions. Encouraging people to ignore best practice is the road to doom.

        1. Ok, news stories about it, maybe a few, but actual reports of people’s phones being attacked in these ways, slim to none… I agree about tinfoil Dave

  3. Make that 15 minutes count boys & girls

  4. The wallpaper is awesome.

  5. Thanks for the heads up! The live wallpaper looks amazing and is exactly what I’d want and the game is actually fairly decent and definitely fun and well designed. It’s the first game I’ve ever purchased on the Android Market and it’s well worth the $1.

  6. The game is actually pretty decent, the movement and combat system is based on gestures instead of an onscreen d-pad. You swipe to the right, Cap runs right. You swipe left, he runs left. When in combat you continue to swipe in the direction where the bad guy is and Cap clobbers the bad bag in that direction (including doing combos and using his shield).

    The major downside is instability though. On my Nexus One I can get about 10min of play before the game causes a system freeze and forces me to use the power-volume_down-trackball restart trick.

  7. Where the hell is the exit button? I mean seriously I’m just suppose to have this run in the background all the time? Reset my phone to close it? wth!!

  8. Can’t get the game because its not supported on the OG Droid :(
    I was hoping I could just buy it while its 99 cents and then actually play it on a future phone, but I guess $5 isn’t that much.

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