T-Mobile G2x No Longer Listed on Magenta’s Site – Due to Questionable Quality?


Well, this is just odd. The T-Mobile G2x – you know, the first dual-core smartphone with stock Android – is no longer listed on T-Mobile’s website. It’s not just out of stock – it’s downright gone. They couldn’t have discontinued the device this fast, of course. TmoNews is hearing that it may be due to the device’s quality issues. In particular, users have been experiencing random reboots and freezes, light bleeds, and bad battery life since the device launched.

Last week, LG let us know that the Optimus 2X would be receiving an upgrade that fixes the software issues. We assumed the G2x would receive the upgrade sometime down the line, but it wasn’t confirmed by T-Mobile nor LG. T-Mobile may have yanked it from shelves to give LG time to revise the manufacturing and to fix the software issues.

Those who already own the device can do nothing but wait and see, unfortunately. We imagine T-Mobile would issue the fix with the G2x’s Gingerbread upgrade, but the only timeframe we’ve gotten from Magenta regarding that is “very soon”. (And it’s been quite a while since they’ve said that.)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. yup, it does restart automatically at least once or twice a day. its such an awesome phone that ive gotten used to this quirk though….

    1. I agree with you. I have no reason to think about returning mine.  Coming from the Vibrant, this phone is awesome. 

      1. I’m surprised to see this article. I’ve  heard nothing but good reviews.  Team Douche has been talking the phone up like crazy on Twitter. They are a pretty reliable source when it comes to anything Android. 

        1. This phone has many problems. I went through three before giving up and buying a G2 to tide me over for the next big thing. I love how the G2x feels in my hand, the tapered glass, and speedy performance. Unfortunately, all of mine were plagued with various issues ranging from really bad light bleed, battery life, inconsistent gps and data connections, and freezes/reboots. The cons just massively outweighed the pros for me. If most of this is fixed, I might just give it another shot. I am very pleased to see T-Mobile taking action. Even though, up until its disappearance, they have claimed the “no known issues” bs.

          1. I have 3 G2xs here and not one of them has any problems. Yes, there are some bugs, but nothing like those that have been reported. No bleed, reboots, or freezing. No issues with the GPS. Though I’m aware that the GPS firmware is buggy and that will get fixed in a new baseband update.

          2. NM.. T-Mobile and LG still want to play dumb, apparently.

      2. i wish tmo wold have dun this with my vibrent

  2. I almost bought one at full price without a contract….that was close.

  3. Mine was great all around except for choppy web page scrolling and screen leakage. By the way, some people had their camera lens fall off. That’s a tad lame. I returned it because it didn’t have the bands I was told by the loyalty team it had (ATT) and the screen leakage apparently worsens over time. At first I saw none, and then over a week later, I see white lines down the right side. I thought LG was one of the display kings of the world. What did they do….lame off on the G2x display build? It will be interesting to learn if there is hardware issue contributing to the heat and reboots.

  4. I personally have never owned a quality lg product. Phones, cd drives, tv’s. Never had any luck. Anyone remember the LG Scoop?

  5. It is true. The quality is shiit. My friend exchanged hers twice in a week.

  6. No problem yet with mine and had it day one! Maybe a couple of reboot but not in the same day.

    1. same here

  7. Huh, the Galaxy S II is superior in all aspects, so why would anyone want this phone anyway?
    And there you go for buying from LG.
    Just hope that they won’t make the Nexus 3

    1. because it runs stock android and not some shitty tw from samsung…you act like samsung is without faults of their own. everyone knows the problems they had with the original galaxy s. and updating through kies is such a pain. 

      1. dont forget the behold 2 fiasco….samsuck blows

        1. Behold 2 sucked ass anyway.
          But also it would be like saying: the first iPod sucked, so I won’t buy the new iPhone 5.
          It’s not even comparable.

      2. It isn’t stock android unfortunately. Lots of LG stuff running under the hood.

        1. its as close to stock as any phone that isnt a nexus or g1/mytouch 3g

      3. As I see it the only problem with the original Galaxy S was that the GPS didn’t work, it was slow, and you had to use Odin, to flash things.
        Well: They fixed the GPS, they switched the file system, which made it fast, but you still have to use Odin (not really a problem).
        And I actually like TW, but I bought the Nexus S to skip it anyway.
        Galaxy S II is superior to the G2x anyway, you could also flash cyanogen mod on the Galaxy S II.
        And Kies was never a pain in the ass.

    2. Galaxy S 2 is a whole lot more expensive, does not get any Tegra2 games and a lot of people have problems with their GPS.

      Why would anyone want to drive another car than a Porsche? Still there are other cars… your argument is dull.

      1. +1

        Dario, you also seem to forget the obvious. T-Mobile only offers the G2x and most likely will not be selling the SGS2. Facts are your friend.

        1. I know, but I would definitely switch provider to get the Galaxy S II.
          Luckily I don’t buy on contract, so I skip that bullshit.

      2. i dont like porshe..i want a ferrari ty very much.

      3. If you meant that the G2x is a Porche, then you are wrong.
        The Exynos chip is way superior to the Tegra 2 in all ways.
        It was a way better display, is much thinner, has a better camera, better speakers, etc.
        I would compare the G2x to a little electric Mini car.

  8. The G2X was the worst phone I have ever owned and will never buy another LG product because of the way they have ignored and denied everything wrong with it, even deleting questions / comments from their Facebook page and denying knowledge of well-known issues via their customer service reps. What a terrible way to treat customers.

    I returned mine. I guess I’ve learned not to stray from HTC. Even with their bullshit locked bootloader policy (that I’m sure we’ll still be able to get around), at least their phones work.

    1. This is true. They were deleting comments on their twitter and facebook pages. It’s pathetic and immature for a corporation such as LG to do that.

      As for HTC, it looks like things may be getting better for us end-users. If they reverse their policies on locked down, signed boot-loaders, there will most definitely be a surge in sales. Especially the Sensation.


  9. Never had an issue with mine. I’ve used a few custom ROMs which were ok but now I’m back to stock.

  10. I noticed it wasn’t on the T-Mobile site as I was looking for the phone number to call to return my G2X.  The phone was nice except for the glitches.  Mine would reboot, freeze and occasionally hang up calls as they are connected.  I hope they fix these issues with the software update.

  11. i have had no problems with my g2x and think it is a great phone. the phone is still being advertised but when you go to buy it, it is no longer there?? maybe they are making room for the sensation? they better send out the update soon or im gonna be pissed! g2 gets gingerbread and g2x doesn’t?! thats ridiculous!!!!! 
    http://explore.t-mobile.com/4G-phones    < the ad is till on the webpage

  12. Lmao, does anyone else realize that every Tegra phone so far has failed?

  13. Eh. Root/Rom and this thing is absolutely mind blowing. Only issue I have is the slight screen leakage in the top corners, but its minor. Can’t even see it with the gingerbread UI, which I was worried about, since it only shows up on black. I’ll probably still be dropping it for the next Nexus, but as it is now, I kind of love it.

  14. I have not had any serious issues since I purchased my G2x, so I will definitely be keeping it cause I really do enjoy it. I came from a moto cliq that gave me worse issues than what you people are all crying about. 

  15. Oh…. That’s why when I tried to order one, it was not on the page!  And I went to the store and they are still selling them, so I am now wondering if they have issues, why are they STILL selling them at the stores ?

    1. Because what tmonews is just spreading speculative bullshit foraging for your mouse clicks? Nah! I called up tmob twice and one of them said “out of stock at the moment, please try later.” 

  16. wow -___- and my dad was just about to buy me this phone today

  17. @TMobile “The T-Mobile G2x has been very popular and high demand has resulted in inventory constraints, which we are working to address.”

  18. http://g2.t-mobile.com/g2x  you can get to it through the NVIDIA® website!!

    1. And it says temporarily out of stock next to the big buy now button.

  19. I couldn’t get used to the poor battery so I got rid of mine, shame because deep down it was a nice phone.

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