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On a day where Apple announced their 2nd quarter earnings, you had to expect news would be light. That’s ultimately what gave me the time I need to check out today’s apps of the day. While I’ve never been subject to coming out of pockets for my books, I’ve heard far too many horror stories regarding big bindings of paper that cost an arm and a leg. And no matter how much I play Guitar Hero 3 with a Pro guitar, I always get the urge to play on a touchscreen. I still hesitate to put time into learning REAL guitar. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it? Hello? – We know it’s summer and the last thing you school folks want to be thinking about are textbooks, but there’s going to come some point in time where you’ll need to buy those thick, lengthy text books. BIGWORDS finds the cheapest textbooks and allows you to buy or rent them. And if you’re trying to make a bit of money back from a textbook you’ve purchased, you can sell them as well. Considering the common belief that college students don’t have a whole ton of money, I’d say this one is worth more than a quick look. Available for phones and tablets. [Market]

Virtual Guitar – I’ve always wanted to learn guitar, no matter how freakishly impossible it looked. While I’m not quite yet ready to purchase a real guitar and accompanying equipment, I wouldn’t mind messing around with Virtual Guitar for a few minutes. Strum chords, create songs and have a good time. It probably won’t teach you everything you need to know about playing guitar and it won’t land you a record deal, but you’ve gotta start somewhere. Free in the market. [Market]

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  1. How about Hive Player? The music player for Honeycomb with a scrollable widget with full music navigation.

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