HTC Planning the Release of a 3D Enabled Flyer? [Pics]


Well, what do we have here? It looks like it’s that soft touch back piece of the HTC Flyer only with dual-cameras. Thanks to 175wan, these pics come direct from a factory in Shenzen, China (where all good things are made) and could very well mean a 3D capable HTC Flyer is on the way. Now, we don’t have any pictures of a leaked 3D display (probably being manufactured in another part of China) but I would think 3D cameras and a 3D display would go hand in hand ala HTC’s Evo 3D. (Below is a picture of the normal, non 3D Flyer back piece).

I’m sure there are many who will scoff at this like they did Evo 3D and dismiss this as merely a “gimmick” but a bigger 7-inch 3D display could be a bit easier on the eyes than a 4.3-inch. This tablet would be going head-to-head with the current 3D glasses-required LG G-slate. Let’s hope HTC further upgrades this device and equips it with a dual-core Snap.

Still unknown is if this tablet will come equipped with Android 3.2 which now enables compatibility for 7-inch displays or the same old, tried and true Android 2.3. I for one prefer compatibility of Gingerbread over the pizazz of Honeycomb but that’s just me. Anyone else think this would make a cool tablet? Or are you still waiting for this 3D fad to die off?

[Via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. it could be a prototype

    1. Or a fake prototype? =p

  2. Looks like another winner made by HTC. For those who have decided to pass on the EVO 3D trust me MADE A BAD CHOICE. TECHNOLOGY decides what’s best and its pretty clear to me that 3D is not a gimick it is technology that is advanced and being used on many products. I openly applaud HTC/LG taking the bull by the horns and spear heading this technology. My EVO 3D is simply the best on the market spec wise and performance wise day to day that’s all that matters. I see the EVO VIEW 4G in my future or maybe this flyer. People haven’t seen anything yet from HTC wait till the new EVO IN 2012 that will have the 4.7 inch screen…

    1. Whatever Richard….

      1. Don’t encourage it Chris. I thought you were a lot smarter than that.

    2. WRONG! PEOPLE and their OPINIONS decide “what’s best”. The general populace determines what’s “in”. Sure, 3D tech has matured a bit more, but how many people do you know have 3D capable TVs or computers? I’d guess none, mostly because the 3D aspect adds another $500 or so to the cost. 3D technology is not “advanced”. It’s been around for several decades, just not widely implemented until now. And most users of any 3D technology (even back when you had to use the blue/red glasses) still complain of headaches. If the technology was so “advanced” why hasn’t this problem been solved? Also, if I recall correctly, in another post you stated a 5 inch screen on the next Evo. Care to get your ridiculous story straight for once? 4 inch phones barely fit in regular sized pockets. What makes you think the next iteration will be 5 (or even 4.7) inches? It doesn’t make any logical sense. Shut up already.

    3. You’re one of God’s special little creatures, aren’t you?

  3. If they do come out with a 3D flyer this would be a bad implementation of the technology. The photo of the back cover up there would mean 3D in portrait mode only. Serious 3D needs to be in landscape.

  4. How about the white EVO 3D????

  5. 3d = gimmick that is fun for about 30 seconds. See failure that is the EVO 3D

    1. Explain to me how this device is a failure, Dave. Remove the 3d feature and hardware wise it’s still currently the top device in the US at this moment. If not number one, it’s a close second. When it’s overclocked to 1.5ghz (the chip’s actual spec) it beats the SGS2 in benchmarks that actually matter. The qHD screen is such a huge leap from the screens used on the OG EVO. Add a display technology like OLED in the EVO 3d and there really isn’t an excuse for buying the SGS2.

  6. Im sure when apple jumps on the 3d bandwagon it’ll be accepted as the new norm and not a gimmick.

  7. Well i didnt get my Evo 3D just because of the 3D ability i mean it is pretty cool..especially this past 4th of July the fireworks literally pop out at me.. i like it…but the processor is better and a gig of ram..better camera.. more pixels in the screen..overall better and improved phone

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