Rumored Motorola Dinara to be the Superphone of Superphones


Just when you thought you wanted the DROID Bionic, another rumor has cropped up. It’s another Motorola phone that’s currently being called the Motorola Dinara – seeing a pattern with mountain names here? It’s said be have a TI chip – we’d guess OMAP4 – 1GB of RAM, a 13 megapixel camera with a matching VGA camera on the front, an “HD” display that is bigger than the DROID Bionic’s (probably 4.3 inches) and an internal battery.

Early rumors suggest Verizon will be carrying it, but as we’ve seen with Sprint and AT&T carrying the Photon and the Atrix, that really wouldn’t mean a whole lot even if it turns out to be a DROID-branded device. It’s said to be here this winter, but we’re not sure which version of Android it’ll run – ice cream sandwich is going to be out later this year but it’s currently running Gingerbread, according to Droid-Life’s sources.

Sounds like a great phone, but we aren’t going to get too excited just yet. The Bionic was (and is) a great looking phone, but it’s been nearly 7 months since its announcement and it hasn’t launched yet. So what say you? Wait and see how this one pans out or grab the Bionic when Verizon finally decides to release it? [Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I’ll wait for the Nexus 3/Prime.

    1. Nexus3 or whatever Moto brings, this will be the beginning of something really great!

  2. I’d love to wait, but I can’t wait forever. Waited for the Bionic, and then this comes out so I wait for it, then something else comes with Android 5.0 Blazing Banana or something.

    1. +1 for “Android 5.0 Blazing Banana.”

      Even though they’ll be on j or k by then.

      1. I just walked away from my computer and realized that name sounds more like an Ubuntu release. How about Caramel Apple?

        1. if google starts naming their android OS versions after different types of apples it’d be quite entertaining

          1. I would love to see how Granny Smith works…LMAO!

          2. Android 2.4 Cream Soda. :3

        2. Crabby Cellini? Elegant Earligold?

      2. Jello is a brand name, doubt they would do that, unless Jello sponsored it…


  3. Wow it has an internal battery? Lol gonna have a locked bootloader.. not gonna be a superphone. Although that 14 MP camera does sound ridiculous.

  4. id trade in the bionic if its as big of a jump as the hype, but only incremental hops in tech is not worth it.. bionic is for me

  5. I’ll buy the Bionic if it has 1 gig of Ram. Otherwise I’ll wait for a real flagship phone. GS II or something else.

  6. I wonder if this will be one of the “many” Motorola devices coming to Sprint this year, like they said when they announced the Photon.

  7. You know with the way all these phones are coming out, I think along with myself, a lot of people will be holding back just to see what all is coming in time for Christmas. Every time I hear of a new phone I remember I’m committing to a two year contract, so I want state of the art technology.

  8. My dream of taking grainy photos the size of billboards is about to come true :D

  9. superphone is 4.5-5″ display. otherwise no. not in 2011.

    1. No…
      Are you saying you could slap a 4.5-5″ screen on a Droid Eris or OG Droid (Older, slower models) and it would be a superphone?

      What really matters is the insides.

      1. no, kid. i’m telling you that a Superphone in 2011 requires a Super large display ie 4.5-5″. of course it needs to come with super specs beyond that too.

      2. That’s what she said!

  10. But can it play Crysis?

    1. But will it blend?

  11. That sounds impressive, but will it still have Moto-Blur?

  12. i dont get it, what am I missing that makes this a superphone? Im assuming it will be a quad core with advanced SOC graphics and atleaset 1 GB of ram?

  13. 1 Gb RAM is so 2 years ago.. when it comes to cameras, 13MP camera doesn’t mean anything, its all about software. Come on Motorola stop holding out… Innovate like we know you can.

    1. Please do tell me what phones 2 years ago had 1GB of ram. Please do tell me how many of last year phones had 1GB of ram.

      1. ..and please do tell me why we even need 1gb of ram lol.

  14. What part of that Front Facing VGA cam matches the 13MP back one ? :P

  15. Maybe its going to T Mo? Isnt that the only carrier left out of the recent Motorola phones?

  16. check out howard forums it is being tested on at&t not verizon.

  17. Does it have an unlocked bootloader on day 1? Thats the real dealbreaker.

    Motorola: “Oh nahhh..we unrock it for you soon you see we sowwy, we unrock it in a coupre uh months.”

  18. Seriously this is getting ridiculous. There is ALWAYS going to be the argument to “wait and see”. But there is a point that comes when you have to pull the trigger, and for me that will most likely be with the Bionic or iphone5.

  19. Sounds like a recycled targa rumour…

  20. “1GB of RAM”? Wow, Android phones (and phones in general) have come so far since the little ol’ G1.

  21. LMFAO… Nokia are planning to release a dual core replacement for their flagship N8 model later this year, and fom what I’ve heard the camera will be even better.

  22. “Sounds like a great phone”

    Did you not read what you wrote? Its going to be loaded with bloatware, typical of Moto, and an internal battery? Seriously this phone is going to be junk.

    On top of that, if its with big red its going to cost $500 with the 2 year agreement.

  23. I need a keyboard!

  24. And knowing Motorola, they will probably do something stupid like price it so high that it will cost you $700 for the phone with a two-year contract.

  25. I hate, and I mean absolutely HATE this trend of higher and higher megapixel phone cameras. They progressively take shittier and shittier photos, because they’re just slicing up megapixels and not actually helping more light hit the sensor. I wish they’d just stick to 5MP and develop it the sensors to actually take better photos! Bumping up the megapixels is just marketing bullshit!

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