Apps of the Day: SPB Brain Evolution, Zinio, and More


What time is it? It’s time for Apps of the Day. We once again dove headfirst into the Android Market and came out on the other side with some of its latest and greatest apps. Today we train our brains, read up on back issues of a wide selection of Magazines offered through Zinio, and once again sync our SMS messages with our tablets. Read on for more.

SPB Brain Evolution – Didn’t train your brain well enough with other brain training games? If you’re still stuck with “Schoolchild” as your Brain Evolution status, you’ll be glad to know that you have another suite of compelling games to test your intelligence level. Sudoku, memory games, mathematics – it’s all here. You’ll unlock more games as you perfect the others. Play two games per day minimum for a better chance at increasing your intelligence level. If you’ve been out of the school loop for a while and need to jog your brain, download the free version now. [Market]

Zinio – It wasn’t that long ago – less than a month, in fact – that Zinio for Honeycomb tablets made its way to market. Aside from offering a boatload of magazines from a boatload of publishers, one interesting feature was its hardware acceleration. While those features, by nature, aren’t available in the handset version that’s just come out, we’re glad that a handset version is available. For free, in fact. But the app is driven by you buying subscriptions, of course, so if you’re a fan of reading your magazines digitally Zinio is a sure bet. Go ahead and find it in the Android market. [Market]

DesktopSMS – Another option for gaining access to texts on your Android tablet or desktop PC, DesktopSMS from ClockworkMod cleverly intercepts messages and forwards them to your Gtalk or Gmail. Reply to the message and the opposite occurs, pushing a message to your phone and sending it as an SMS. An elegant solution, to say the least. The app is still in beta, so bugs are to be expected, but definitely worth checking out. [Market]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. hive player for honeycomb…music player with scrollable widget that lets you navigate through all your music…much better than stock player $1.99 or lite version available, check it out

  2. Wow, sounds like Zinio to the rescue….Not only can I watch Hulu for my video pleasure, CNN for my news entertainment, And now Zinio for my Penthou….err I mean Popular Mechanics to further my knowledge….

  3. I have Zinio that came with my Transformer tablet and its a piece of crap. Funny thing is I checked it out on the market place and its a completely different version. Doesnt say theres an update for Zinio or anything. So I download, installed, and now I have two different versions of Zinio on my tab. The one I got from the market place is soooooo much better. I just hope that all magazine that I decide to purchase is as clear as the free one I get to check out.

  4. Here is another cool brain evolution type games work great to improve math skills.

  5. I was a big fan of Zinio on the PC a couple of years back. I even subscribed to several magazines through the service, but I got tried of waiting for the Android version. I waited for two plus years while they invested all there time in the IOS version. So I got tried of waiting and dumped them. I just don’t have any interest in using a service that so blatantly favors another platform. If they’d have treated the platforms (PC, IOS and Android) equally, I’d still be using them.

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