Leaked Pics of Sprint’s Galaxy S II Surface – Say Hello to the Samsung Within


Good. Gawd. And not right after I posted my review on how content I was with the Evo 3D, this shows up in my inbox. Thanks to TIMN, what you have in front of you are some freshly leaked, blurry cam pics of the Samsung Within. This is the eagerly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S II for North America and it just so happens to be for my favorite carrier, Sprint. (Excuse me while I scream out my window)

Now that we got that out of the way, we don’t have much else to go on other than these pics here. You can see Sprint’s branding not only on the backside of the device, but on the software as well. The familiar (and nearly indestructible) Galaxy S II texture battery cover is easily recognized as well as the diplayed 8MP camera. Word on the street is this will launch with Android 2.3.4 so you can expect Google Talk video chat right out of the box.

Let us hope (and pray) this new leak is a sign the launch date is just around the corner because it looks like this device might be all ready for shipping to Sprint stores very soon. Sprint is coming in hot this summer with the release of the Motorola Photon 4G in a few more weeks. Anyone else excited to finally get their hands on this device?

[Via ThisIsMyNext]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I’ve been waiting months for it to come out on Verizon, and lately I’ve been considering the Droid Bionic, but that phone may only have 512MB RAM. I hope to have a choice between the two of these, so I can try both side by side.

    1. Also, no NFC on the Droid Bionic, if that is a feature you are looking for. At least that was the latest word. I’m kinda torn between the two on Verizon also. I’m thinking a 4.5 screen would be nice, but the galaxy s 2 screen is supposed to be the bee’s knees.

      1. Galaxy s2 won’t have nfc either and won’t have lte.

      2. You can buy an SD card with nfc built in so doesn’t need the phone to have it.

    2. Bionic has 1 gb ram.

  2. why the hell do they even change the original phone.. SGS2 is a great phone I really don’t get it, why US carriers want their phones to be unique?… it takes just that longer for updates and so on. seriously..

    1. If every device was the same on every carrier and had the same UI for every manufacturer there would be no choice. Kinda like Apple. Me, I don’t mind the variation. =)

      1. There are so many Android phones available on the market you can’t really say there is no choice. There is plenty of choice. If every manufacturer had to maintain less OS versions there would be more people working on updates and fixes if you ask me. Android can never be like Apple, too much choice even if every manufacturer had only 1 phone per year.

      2. I respect your opinion Chris, and I agree that variation is a good thing, but overall I really think it would be better if Samsung put there foot down and insisted on no Hardware changes for carriers. Here in the UK phones like the SGS2 and Sensation get released on multiple carriers with the only difference being occasional carrier bloatware. I guess for now we all have to put up with bloatware unless you fork out for the phone SIM-free like I did with my SGS2!
        The choice however, is in the phone contracts! This is the way it should be… same phone – you choose the best contract that fits your needs!
        Anyways, the reason I say this? If anyone wonders why it’s taken an 2 or 3 months extra for Samsung to release the SGS2 in the US, then I’m pretty sure the hardware differentiation is the prime reason. Is that a price with paying for a slightly different camera design or button layout? I think not…

        1. I feel where you coming from as well but true facts in the us are carriers will always want exclusive devices. Question so how’s the SGSII over all. I was about to purchase one unlocked but I waited first to many choices

          1. Overall the SGS2 is a great device that makes my old Hero look like a cheap toy! The screen is so so good and I love everything about it apart from a few things in TouchWiz like not having your default home screen in the middle (it’s the far left), but yeah overall… it’s superb, and you wouldn’t regret getting one unlocked! :)

        2. I agree, good sir! To me, the enemy will alway be the carriers (namely, Verizon and AT&T). They seem to ruin everything =/

      3. whats wrong with that, imagine if the evo3D, SGSII, ip5, whatever you wanted, was available on any carrier. Hell, imagine all it took to switch to your favorite carrier was a new sim card

  3. Soooooooooooooo glad I saved my last yearly upgrade as a Sprint Premier customer for this phone! No wait…Nexus 3 is coming too…?? AHHHHHHHHHH.

    1. My thoughts exactly. From the rumors the nexus 3 looks like its going to he the phone to neat and finally become the Android phone that will take all.

      1. That’s what they said about the Nexus One. And it was. For a few months. Just wait for the Nexus Four. THAT will be the one phone to rule them all.. =p

        1. stop trolling go back to ur fuck iphone

          1. REALLY!? I do beleive that Chris uses the EVO 3D..

          2. he uses an evo 3d dumbass. smh

          3. fail @ life

  4. According to Headline News (whatever that is) the Verizon GSII is coming out July 21st. I am hoping AT&T doesn’t foist a keyboard slider on me. I update in about six weeks.

    1. I really doubt that story is true. We have yet to see a GS2 with CDMA radios pass through the FCC yet. They do hold them back sometimes, but normally we would see it by now, if it was coming on the 21st.

  5. i dont want to complain, sure this phone sounds great, and I am not one of those types to buy simply because its top dog now, but i think it too late for me, i am already looking forward to the nexus 3 or whatever they want to call it. One of the main specs in this phone was the screen, but in 6 months i will be able to hold an HD 720 samoled screen, so id rather wait, hopefully Samsung will be quicker about it with its next phones.

    1. Yeah, by the time this comes out, the Galaxy S 3 will hit Korea. But if you keep waiting for the next best thing, you’ll wait forever =/

      1. true, but the thing is, galaxy S2 has been the best thing since (2 months?) ago..I rather settle for another device for now until a more superior device is released and get it RIGHT WHEN IT”S OUT

      2. I totally agree with what you said!!! A lot of people don’t have problems with every 6 months a new device coming out because they can afford.as much as I love android I will always keep upgrading but when I feel its necessary for me.=)

      3. ZACTLY!! Why would you wait around for a company that is OBVIOUSLY giving the American market repeated eff yous? AND they’re wannabe iPhone interface?

  6. Great news. Hopefully we’ll hear something on the AT&T attain in the coming weeks as well!

    1. Evo 3D 4hrs battery life??? Not sure what you are doing or not doing I get 16 to 22hrs daily on my evo 3d. And yes whatever we get here in the states from Samsung it won’t be like the version abroad. It will perform less that’s for sure. On Sprint the EVO 3D and Photon 4G will be the best devices.

      1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Did you even read his comment? It’s one line and says nothing about battery life! F**K OFF

    2. ATT is the lamest when it comes to adopting cool phones. Instead of pushing an insanely priced docking station for the Atrix they should have put in a decent camera.

  7. pure joy i teared up a little bit i really hope it has the exynos inside…but after looking at it a few times with the bluriness it could be photoshoped on the back of someones import that also happens to have an epic 4g

    1. Yeah, same here. Lol If they went Tegra 2 I’m going to be really pissed… >:O

      1. Chris can I ask why? I thought the Tegra 2 was supposed to be so great?

        1. It’s good. I like it. Probably better than the dual-core Snapdragon. But from what I’ve seen in benchmarks, Exynos is the top dog.

          1. The snapdragon is better for battery because Qualcomm dual cores are asynchronous.

          2. Even though the Galaxy S users are reporting 15 hours of battery life EASY?

            My Evo 3D barely gets 4 =/

    2. Why wouldn’t it have the Exynos? I think people are confused because a blog showed a picture of a different Samsung phone and said Galaxy S2 Tegra 2??? Even though it was a different phone altogether.

      Samsung manufactures the Exynos, it would make no sense for them to use a chip made by another company in their top of the line smartphone,

  8. OMG what about tmobile versoin? I’m about ready to break down and get the sensation tomorrow and now this. GAHHHH! D:

  9. I plan to upgrade to HTC EVO 3D on Aug 1st.

    I hope there are news soon on when this will be released.
    if not then its EVO 3D for me.

    1. Either way, you’ll still have until Sept 1st to take that phone back and get the Within if it comes out during that time =)

  10. All the people who got the EVO 3D are gonna be kicking themselves when this bad boy comes out. I hope its not ran by the tegra2..

    1. I doubt that. Some people prefer HTC over Samsung. I’m anxious to see how it performs once all the Sprint bloatware is loaded on it. And I really hope it doesn’t have the same problems all the other Samsung phones have had on the Sprint network. FWIW, it sounds like the US version will have the Tegra 2. Most people wont be able to tell the difference between it and the Exynos processor.

        1. No your not. Don’t lie.

      1. Most people wont be able to tell the difference between it and the Exynos processor.

        ….yes they will…..Have you actually tried the Galaxy S II internation version?
        Exynos = bring on the bloatware.

      2. good thing sprint allows you to uninstall bloatware then.

    2. You know the tegra2 version benchmarked higher than the Exynos version……

    3. ??? I gave serious consideration to the SGSII…I chose against the wannabe iPhone interface and decided htc Sense 3.0 was the right direction. I can’t roll with a company that comes off like apple w/out the cache. #TeamEVO3D

  11. ” (Excuse me while I scream out my window)”

    Yes, exactly my sentiment, “squeeee!!” I’ve never wanted any cellphn like this one, it is so freakin’ awesome. This is just the tech news I wanted going into this wknd.

  12. Manufacturer will always be fast with something else to be released that’s how it goes they leave things out of phones on purpose then listen read blogs what the people dislikes & likes are so they can improve.so yes we do have a big affect as well why u think htc unlocking the bootloaders not just to do it motorola etc will follow but not to got off track SGSII/within will be a very welcomed device I’m torn between this & evo 3d I believe the next nexus will top all icecream outta the box even photon 4g will be good I’m digging the hardware on that moto I think its more like wat the evo 4g should of been upgraded to well people we have choices androidddddddddddddd =) & I disagree I feel certain phones should stay exclusive

    1. Period much?

    2. Jeez… That’s worse than Richard Yarrell… the periods (or exclusion of them) I mean.

  13. Obviously pure speculation but I wonder whether the Sprint variant will be 4G or not? I was afraid they might leave out the wimax radio in order to keep the slim form factor. What do you guys think?

    1. It has to have 4G. Even that one crappy Samsung phone on Sprint is coming out with 4G. =p

      1. I’d be happy if it didn’t have 4g, no 4g coverage planed in my area for a long time.

        A non 4g phone would mean no 4g $10/month luxury tax. Which btw is the biggest hurdle keeping me from joining sprint.

        It’s like if you bought a HDTV and were automatically no longer allowed to buy DVD but instead forced to buy BluRays and then having the store refuse to sell you a BluRay player.

        Ok, that’s not the best analogy, but I hope someone gets my point.

        1. Sprint no longer charges $10 a month for 4g. Instead they charge $10 a month for all smartphones…so please dont use that as a reason to not get a sprint phone. if your going to hate them hate them for a legitimate reason. like a person paying 214 bucks a month is not gold premier but a person only paying 179 is….wtf

          1. That’s interesting, I didn’t see that they changed the wording to “Required service add-on”. Since most smart phones are going the 4G route it’s smart of them. Lets them retain the fee without reminding us that we wont get 4G for years. I’ve wanted to go with Sprint, mostly because I don’t wanna go with AT&T. Sadly I have to admit, semantics of changing their fee’s name will likely placate me.

        2. As Garland said, it’s no longer being dubbed the “4G fee”. It’s basically “data fee” and it is applied to all smartphones, regardless of if they have 4G radios (I *think* this also applies to Blackberries, but I could be wrong). If you went out right now and bought the Kyocera Echo (a 3G only phone), a month down the road when you get your first Sprint bill, you’ll see a little $10 entry entitled “Premium Data add-on charge” (I just looked at my bill) and this is for unlimited usage of the Sprint data network.

  14. As awesome as this phone looks, i think i’m still gonna get the Evo 3D this week. Sense > TouchWiz and 3D is cool.

    1. but dude…. it’s the galaxy s2…

    2. Regardless of what people say here the Htc EVO 3D is and will be the better daily device. Plus it will be supported by HTC and SPRINT for all updates and trust me sprint takes great care of their evo line of customers….

      1. You say this as if the Samsung Within WON’T be a Sprint phone. You really are a dolt. Try using those elementary school skills to READ.

  15. People always complained how Sprint had bad 4G, a bad lineup of phones, and wasn’t worth it. Well look at us now. The 3D, the Photon, the XERPT, The Shift, origional Evo, the Epic which has 4G and a keyboard, and now the within. Plus Sprint is the one carrier with unlimited data and no throttling. This is what happens when you bash a carrier, they come back stronger.

    1. You work for sprint

      1. I don’t work for Sprint and i agree with everything ehrubesky said! Sprint is awesome…

      2. Sprint is totally cool. Let us no forget, they we’re second carrier to get on board with Android….remember the Hero October 2009…. and they currently have the best Android phone line up of any of the other carriers….not to mention a super sweet monthly unlimited rate (especially if you’re lucky enough to qualify for the 15% corporate discounts)…

        1. Only 15? I get 22 :D

    2. It’s simply because they’re the underdog. They have to try harder.

      Same with T-Mobile. Too bad they’re being bought up =(

      1. I know whatcha mean Chris.. But, you gotta be liking those 2 Evo 3D’s you got. ;D

    3. Its about time….lol

    4. Evo 3d= needs to change the name from evo 3d to evo plus and reduce the price to 149.99 3d is fail
      photon and within so far so good
      evo = getting old
      expert= fail
      epic still nice but needs 2.3
      shift= poor mans epic

      but what everyone has been complaining about is the lack of 4g coverage and sprint taking FOREVER to release devices. While Verizon release 3 or 4 in a small time period and took sprint over a year to get a good line up out(which Verizon will use there heavier weight to beat)

      1. Spoken like a guy that was fired from Sprint! The EVO is getting old, but the Epic on Froyo isn’t? Yeah your not a Samsung fanboy. Really just about every statement you made is wrong! Fail.

        1. fail becaue you dont agree? your OPINION is a fail becasue you think others opinions are a fail due to you not agreeing with them.

          1. I agree with quite a few other people on here, just not you. Your comments on here and on the Sprint Facebook page, have always been fanboyish towards Samsung. And your comments towards Sprint are of a scorned ex employee.

            But sure your entitled to your opinion, as long as you don’t mistake it for fact.

          2. yeah fanboish becasue I didnt go through 10 samsung phones like I did with HTC yeah makes perfect sense. Spoken like a true HTC fanboi. oh and I am such a fan boi I plan on getting a photon makes sense to me.. dumb fuck.

      2. Um… The Shift can be OC’d to above about 1.2 gtz, and since it’s a next gen snapdragon and the epic is a last gen hummingbird, the Shift has a smaller package and outperforms the Epic. They both have 512mb of RAM so no help for the Epic there either, and the Shift has a nice stable and official build of Gingerbread and has Cyanogen on it’s side. You we’re saying, Anthony?

        1. how many of the average users OC let alone root? not many… Epic has a better processor then the shift and epic has a MUCH better screen. In the end sprints 4g line up is lacking due to its 2 heaviest hitters now a year old and the evo 3d though a powerful phone the 3d is a fail( and the wifes evo 3d has been randomly rebooting now )

          1. You still fail to understand something. The Shift outperforms the Evo which has always outperformed the Epic.

        2. None of that really impressed me at all. Especially compared to verizon players. For me a phone MUST have a dual core processor and a real 4g network (LTE). Also a minimum of a gig of ram, not sure why you were bragging about 512 mb?

          1. Oh yes… bag on a phone that’s almost a year old by bringing up specs that are just now arriving on phones… How old are you? 8? 9?

        3. the shift processor out performs the epic chip??? please go back to school, and or load the same graphically intense game on both phones and see the shift crawl to a halt compared to the epic. add in the fact that the epics screen trumps the shifts screen. the shift has a lower clocked chip and smaller screen which should give it a little better battery life. please dont spew fanboy b.s

      3. What are you smoking whatever it is pass that out to all of us and let us have some fun. Verizon has been and always will be behind the times espically with 4G/Lte devices. Don’t fool yourself with all that hog wash a out speed and LTE because if Verizon was any good ALL THERE DEVICES WOULD COME OUT BEING LTE. Reason why they don’t is because Verizon and there LTE network drains batteries like no tomorrow. I can’t help but laugh at how bad sprint has kicked carrier behind.

        1. Then why is sprint going to lte? You are such a moron and a troll dick guess you had to change your name since you probably got banned. Ha you sorry old man. And the next nexus is lte so go hide in ur hole in the wall you idiot.

          1. Yes!! All I cared about in your post was “the next Nexus” LoL!! Can’t wait for that. I didn’t care for the Nexus S.

        2. Yet again Richard, you prove yourself to be a moron. Not everyone needs (or wants) an LTE/”4G” phone. Some people don’t have access to 4G, on ANY carrier. Some people don’t care about “better” or “faster” because what they have is just fine. Since where I live has no 4G service on any carrier, I’d rather wait for the service to get to me to get a 4G capable phone. But because of Sprint’s $10 “data fee” I’ll be getting a 4G phone anyway. Why don’t you worry about yourself and the things that ACTUALLY impact YOU? And are you really saying Sprint has been “kicking carrier behind” when it comes to 4G service? When was the last time Sprint brought Wimax to any NEW cities? December. Since then, Verizon 4G has expanded into well over 50 new markets. Still think Sprint is “kicking carrier behind”?

          1. “Not everyone needs (or wants) an LTE/”4G” phone”

            True but they aren’t interested in a super cpu/gpu either. Otherwise it’s like buying an alienware PC that can only use dialup modem to connect to the internet.

      4. Have you even seen the 3d on the Evo?! i doubt it….i have the evo 3d and the 3d looks amazing! and the evo is 150 now! Verizon has the same phone 3 times over with different names…

      5. haha u idiot the poor mans epic?
        my gf had to retune that buggy p.o.s epic and got a shift and has been way happier
        great phone
        htc does it best

      6. “but what everyone has been complaining about is the lack of 4g coverage and sprint taking FOREVER to release ‘good’ devices. While Verizon release 3 or 4 in a small time period and took sprint over a year to get a good line up”

        I added ‘good’ before devices..lol

        Exactly. And thats why I said….its about time….when I posted earlier, especially about the line up.

    5. who cares if they have a strong phone lineup its all about coverage no matter how good the phone is if the carrier doesnt have coverage it isnt going to work no matter what the phone is.

      1. Your another person caught up in that Verizon web what a misguided web they weave. Keep on fooling yourself and over paying for UNDERSPECED DEVICES GUESS YOU MUST HAVE MONEY TO BURN ON 2010 DEVICES THAT CAME OUT IN 2011 check the specs Verizon is fooling all their customers. Why pay 250 for the Thunderbolt?? 300 for the Droid Charge?? those devices have the same specs as my past evo 4G from last year. Verizon is OVERCHARGING as usual why because they know their customers will pay for anything rather it makes sense or not. April.t cares for there customers and gives them the best device every year.

        1. Ha OK dick just because you glazed your phone like a donut you are dilusional. They have good phones now but all the other carriers are getting the same onea what are you going to say then?

          1. …”but all the other carriers are getting the same onea what are you going to say then?”

            …What?… lrn2spl.

            & “glazed”? LOL. You’re the one making a huge deal about specs… It doesn’t matter if your phone has an octo-core processor, if it can’t make a freaking phone call.

          2. All carriers are getting the gs2 hence same phones on the carriers, damn you are stupid. I never said anything about specs next time use something I say don’t put words in my mouth. Yes glazed you are to simple minded to understand. Although you did copy what I said about it needs to be able to make a call. So yeah idk where you got anything about specs. Lrn2read!

        2. As I said before Dick, the average consumer does NOT care about how up to date their phone is, as long as it works. In fact, a friend of mine got a Samsung Moment a little before Thanksgiving last year and it was still on Android 1.5. She had no CLUE that the OS was even upgradeable, nor did she CARE. And if Verizon customers like the service they get and can afford it, let em pay for it. And yet again I am forced to ask, why do you care about Verizon anything? You don’t have service with them. You don’t own any of their products. Shut up already. And chris does bring up a good point. Even if you have the flashiest, most advanced phone available, it doesn’t mean jack if you can’t make a f**king phone call on it. GROW UP.

      2. i use t-mobile but cmon, it can’t be that bad for sprint.

      3. I have absolutely no coverage problems with Sprint, and I’m paying $30 less a month on my family plan than I was with Verizon. But I also realize that each carrier has their weak areas, I’m just lucky that all 4 major carriers have great coverage here in SE Michigan.

    6. suck cock

    7. I’m on 21.91GB of data on Tmo and I’m still getting 3G/4G speeds. Guess Tmo doesn’t have throttling neither…or anymore.

      1. yeah your not getting 4G speeds continously after the first 100 MB. 3G speed data is nothing to brag about. almost all of us have it.

        1. I really don’t get what you’re trying to say. Tmo’s data cap doesn’t start
          until 5GB and after that you are suppose to drop straight down to 2G for the
          remainder of your bill cycle. But I don’t. Ironically, my data connection is
          horrible before my data cap. I tested it twice and there is no connection at
          all on 3G/4G. Once I hit my data cap, I get 3G/4G based on my area. So…
          I’m not bragging about having 3G, I’m kinda bragging about not getting data
          capped anymore. It used to be the other way around, but that changed for
          some weird reason. But I’m not complaining though. 5GB of crap then
          unlimited good!! I let Netflix handle that 1st 5GB. LoL!!

  16. I just got aroused

  17. haha ive been scouring this site everyday for sgs2 news and finally this is good news. it seems like US will get SGS2 on all their carriers in just about the time i expected. just a lil more patience and…..

  18. Man, I hope this is real. Now we just need word from Big Red on the Function. I hate these carriers so much, give me my GS2 already!!

  19. Keeping my EVO 3D, unless it turns out this network trouble is limited to my device in the next few days. HOWEVER, I may sell my EVO 4G and sacrifice a few dollars to try this out. If it doesn’t live up to the hype I’ll return it. I’ll have my EVO 3D in case this doesn’t get ICS in the next year. Not sure if I’ll make time to root either as of now.

  20. Sprint is your favorite carrier? LOL No offense. They don’t even serve our area, their loss.

    1. no, your loss.

  21. i just bought a nexus s 4g i got tired of waiting and now i see this i guess im adding another line i want this phone bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. If this is a sign that Samsung is bring the SII to the states soon then Moto better get the Bionic out for verizon soon or else this will steal sales and bye bye Moto!

  23. What are the differences between the Galaxy S2 and Within? I have a Galaxy S2 (I live in the UK) and the camera & flash are set horizontally on the backside.

  24. Well. It looks like I will be going with sprint ladies and gentleman. What you though? I don’t care what carrier I get. I will get the Sammy gs2 at any cost

  25. Bottomline here ladies and gentlemen is sprint has been kicking carrier butt all year ling and trust me they have spared no prisoners. You can say whatever you want about coverage, speed go right ahead and fool yourself take the time and look right in the mirror and you will plainly see that Sprint has the best smartphone devices on the market. Led by the flagship HTC EVO3d, Motorola Photon 4G, and now the arrival of the Samsung Within 4G, to go along with the Nexus S4g, HTC Evo 4G, Evo Shift 4G, Samsung Epic 4G what more can anyone want or need. Three DUALCORE MONSTERS no other carrier can compare or compete. Plus throw in UNLIMITED USAGE ALL DAY LONG and you have the makings of an EMPIRE. If your not walking around with an android device with sprint branding then you should just turn in your device at the nearest factory. No CARRIER IS BETTER….

    1. Ha sorry I’d rather have true 4g speeds, especially in buildings, and better ccoverage. Who cares how good the phones are if the carrier has poor coverage. But keep ranting dick you can change your name but all your comments are the same.

    2. So many 4G phones, so little 4G coverage. Now, they are switching tech. Enjoy your obsolete “4G” lineup.

    3. Shut up Yarrell, your alias doesn’t fool anyone.

    4. ummm three dual core monsters which no other carrier can compare? the Photon is already on ATT as The Atrix4G And all major us carriers are getting the GSII so.. you should pay attention to the world before you post fake facts.

  26. Well I returned my heavy ass 3d to wait for this thing, hopefully its out soon. I dont want a Photon because of the locked bootloader. Come on Samsung/Sprint release it!

  27. Is this one going to have a keyboard?

  28. LOL -96 dBm
    Sprint is awesome and all, but damn their coverage is pretty shitty in doors and their data is as slow as 2G -_-
    I still love you Sprint!

    1. Holy shit you aint kidding. Love my 3VO tho.

  29. The Within? Is that the best name they could come up with? Maybe we need to get back to numbers.

  30. Forget that!! The next best thing in my book is the MyTouch 4G Slide. QWERTY, great Camera, and Front Camera. And the QWERTY doesn’t sux like Samsung’s QWERTY’s. Sorry, but they do. I mean, a keyboard is slanted, not squared. -.-

    If only I was into bar phones, then I’d definitely get this. Oh well… Everything aside, I know the Nexus 1 was my first phone, and I’ll probably get the Nexus 3 anyways.

  31. I think the first galaxy s on sprint was released in August. So hasn’t even been a year yet. But yeah this will be my next phone if and when its available on sprint. I personally would rather it not have 4g and keep the slim design. There is no lte / wimax in Myrtle beach SC where I live. Probably wont be till 2015.

  32. smh at people trying to argue this we ALL KNOW T-MOBILE HAS THE BEST ANDROID LNE UP

  33. I have been looking every month hoping Sprint would increase their 4G footprint but they haven’t, been about 1 mile from my house for about 2 years. Their 3G in my area is as slow as malases.I’m With T-Mobile and getting over 10 MB Download during peak hours with 3 MB upload, fantastic speeds and very happy. Just this buy out has me searching for my next new carrier. Have Verizon’s LTE in my area but would rather stay with T-Mobile and if that doesn’t work out, Sprint would be my next move if they every increased their 4G footprint. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM SPRINT?? Many customers would love to jump aboard but your 4G coverage just isn’t cutting it and now you are flipping to LTE, all those Wimax phones will join the T-Mobile phones in becoming expensive paper weights. This sucks, doesn’t leave the customers with much of a choice, AT&T with their make believe HSPA+ coverage, (if you can find it) or Verizon, need a 2nd job to pay your bill. Sprint needs to do something fast if they want all those potential new customers, they have great phones but their Network needs serious help.

  34. Shift is pretty much a G2 on Tmo. Epic has better hardware than these but it won’t be as fast in real world performance because of the laggy Samsung’s RFS file system. Shift is the better choice here. SGS2 has changed all that. It is the world leading responsive phone out there, even iphone4 can’t beat. As for Exynos vs Tegra 2, Tegra 2 GPU is only a little faster than PowerVR SGX 540 found in SGS and Epic. MALI 400 GPU in Exynos is about 2 times faster than SGS. The reason Tegra 2 version is benchmarked higher in Quadrant because of 60fps limit on Exynos. Exynos has advantage in more media codecs support. It’s basically drag, drop, play and no stutter. Tegra 2 has a hard time playing some media files (mkv, h264, wmv) at higher bitrate without stutter. Tegra 2 is pretty much only good at DivX and Xvid. Another advantage for Exynos is the ability to play 1080p Adobe Flash videos (only SGS2). Tegra 2 can only do 480p right now.

    Nenamark2 GPU benchmark:
    SGS: 24fps
    Tegra 2: 28fps
    SGS2: 47fps

  35. so……. um…… yeah……. how about that Samsung Galaxy S II??? lmao #off topic

  36. I paid $32.67 for a XBOX 360 and my mom got a 17 inch Toshiba laptop for $94.83 being delivered to our house tomorrow by FedEX. I will never again pay expensive retail prices at stores. I even sold a 46 inch HDTV to my boss for $650 and it only cost me $52.78 to get. Here is the website we using to get all this stuff, LiveCent.com

    1. Do people really fall for this crap?

  37. well looks like these pics are of what will the the infuse on sprint. http://forums.androidcentral.com/rumored-devices/104025-sprint-samsung-gahudi.html#post1107315

  38. Interesting. My Samsung Galaxy S2 doesn’t look like the photo shown – it has the camera lens and flash side by side when the back is viewed in portrait rather than above and below as shown above. Also, the Samsung logo is closer to the bottom than shown and a similar photo of my SGS2 would show a double line microphone on the right of the bottom strip (which also seems to be a different shape).

    None of this is necessarily indicative of anything other than different branding for different markets but why would Samsung see the need to change so much?

  39. Get Honeycomb pls, and i read in http://www.besteminem.info/motorola-xoom-get-android-3-2-first/ it’s said that Motorola Xoom can be upgraded to Android 3.2 now, why Samsung still keep froyo

    1. Huh? You know honeycomb is for tablets only right?

  40. I don’t think the photo shows SGS2. I own one of these, and phone from the picture looks slightly different than the one I have. Pictured phone’s back was rather redesigned for North America (to fit CDMA or LTE modules?) or it’s simply not the SGS2. I’d stick with the second option though.

  41. I really don’t get what you’re trying to say. Tmo’s data cap doesn’t start until 5GB and after that you are suppose to drop straight down to 2G for the remainder of your bill cycle. But I don’t. Ironically, my data connection is horrible before my data cap. I tested it twice and there is no connection at all on 3G/4G. Once I hit my data cap, I get 3G/4G based on my area. So… I’m not bragging about having 3G, I’m kinda bragging about not getting data capped anymore. Hmm…

  42. There is no real 4g in the USA yet. In order to have real 4g, you will need 4g antennas

  43. I did the research and found out that real 4g won’t be ready until 2012. Now 4g phones have 4g capability but the 4 g signal is not pure 4g. Also Sprint is in the business to make money. They will release a good phone out every thirty-three days
    so you can’t return the phone. Photon 4g is coming out at the end of July. SGSll won’t come out until at the end of Aug or in Sept. Just my opinion!!!

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