Motorola XT860 4G Is Canada’s Droid 3 Headed for Bell


Like many locations outside the US, Canada will be getting its very own version of the handset known stateside as the Motorola Droid 3 under the rather inconspicuous title Motorola XT860 4G. Why Motorola has decided to ditch the Milestone tag for the Canadian release is a mystery, but the details of the phone are not. The handset retains its 4.0-inch qHD display, 1GHz dual-core CPU, and slide-out five-row QWERTY keyboard. The XT860 4G is rounded out with an 8MP camera and 16GB of internal storage.

The phone will ship with Android 2.3 when it lands on Bell later this summer. Pricing details were not made available at this time.

[via Motorola]

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  1. I think it may be more of a mystery as to why the canuk version gets 4G?

    1. Because all the GSM providers here have HSDPA+.

  2. I hope they unlock the boot someday!!

  3. The milestone model does not have a very high level of recognition in many places. The phone was advertised as adobe flash 10 ready and it took motorola more than a full year to support it since adobe publish flash for froyo.

    At the beginning they said that 2.2 will never come and many milestone users flooded the Moto FB asking for the release. Then they came with a half baked version of froyo with many dsi errors, slow response and high use of ram.

    Thanks god that we have the geniuses of cyanogen and specially kabaldan that port cm7 to the milestone, even bypassing the locked and signed bootloader with tricks only a genius could do.

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