What’s Going on with Motorola’s Next Tablet?


It’s no secret that Motorola is already working on their followup to the Motorola XOOM. Some have been referring to it as the XOOM 2, others insist it will be the XOOM 4G, but no matter what you want to call it no one quite knows any solid details on the device that hopes to wash the bad taste of the its forerunner from our mouths. New rumors have surfaced suggesting Moto will ditch the 16:9 aspect ratio found in their debut tablet in favor of a 4:3 display. The move is a departure from the 1280×800 widescreen look found on most 10-inch Honeycomb slates and echos the design of the iPad, which compared to Android 3.0 slates sits a bit shorter and stouter in portrait mode.

Unlike the current generation of iPads, the new screen is rumored to host double the resolution at 2048×1536 and be capable of displaying 1080p video. The trade off means the new XOOM would lose some of its landscape widescreen video viewing appeal, but gain in other areas.

When we might see Motorola’s next tablet is another question entirely. Some have suggested it could launch this summer, while other rumors say the device will ship with Ice Cream Sandwich and be available later in the year. In the meantime we can hope Motorola makes the most desirable change of all: a more competitive introductory price.

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  1. Should this next tablet actually be doomed the Xoom 4G, and should that prevent me, as a first-gen Xoom owner, from getting the 4G upgrade I was promised, I am going to create havoc in my local Verizon store.

    1. I’m in Chicago so I will create havoc at Motorola corporate.

  2. Unless Moto brings this out by the fall, it seems like they’ll be playing catch-up to the ipad 2+/HD/what ever it’s going to be called. Also, not sure how android will support that resolution

    1. What are you smoking the rumor says it will have quad core and the same resolution as the I pad HD

      1. Exactly, same resolution as the ipad hd a couple of months later, and consumers just geeks care about how many cores their devices have. Last time Moto innovated and led the pack was with the OG Droid which beat the iphone on all specs, now they’re just playing catch-up.

  3. I’d argue the best “change” they could make is making those original Xooms, Xoom 4G’s

  4. Why do I have a hunch Motorola hasn’t learned their lesson and it will launch at the same price as the Xoom 1? :/

    1. If they sell it for the same price as the Xoom then they will only sell 2 or 3 of them.

    2. If this is true, that means Moto found it profitable enough to produce a 2nd Xoom… Or does it?!?!

    3. They’ll try and set a lower price point, but in doing so you’re going to get some trade-offs. The profit margins on Xoom were not big. It’s not like Moto secretly has a Magic Xoom Machine that pops them out for free. As I recall the parts alove were close to $350. And they they needs to add in overhead, development costs, etc.

      So in round 2, development costs will be lower (since they have a baseline), overhead will probably stay the same and they’ll likely try and build it using cheaper parts. But even if they get the parts cost to $250, you’re still not going to see a $300 Xoom 2. If they can’t make a reasonable profit, they’re better off not making anything.

  5. I think people are misunderstanding the rumors…the device that leaked in the verizon ad is different then this new one leaked yesterday…I believe correct me if I’m wrong

  6. what kind of horseshit article is this… now we’re posting people’s speculations?

    1. Eh, speculation news is better than no news at all. (IMO)

  7. The XOOM does everything I want/need it to. Don’t generalize that everyone has a “bad taste in our mouths”.

    So much for unbiased journalism.

  8. what’s wrong with the xoom? granted i haven’t seen much of it in the wild but the few people i have seen talking about having them had nothing negative to say.

  9. 3:4 ratio…………………….


  10. I’m sorry but this story is FUD. I say this because of a couple of things.

    1) Resolution is crazy and all and yeah I would love a resolution like this, but when you have this:

    As you can see this video rendering of this glow ball is great, but look at those Kal El cores and how hard they are working at the current 1280 x 800 resolution. They are working hard as f*ck. NVidia says they are able to crank another 25% more performance out of this chip, but imaging this same rendering at twice as many pixels. The performance would tank and this is one reason why I think this is just FUD. Performance is relative to native resolution and sure we can speak that Samsung Galaxy S2 is better than most phones, but when you compare it to an HTC phone or Motorola that has qHD screens, 26% more pixels than a Super Amoled screen, then we are not comparing apples to apples. Remember I’m not talking about how pentile screens are better than Super Amoled screens. I know they are not. I’m talking about native resolution and how much harder a CPU has to work with more pixels on the screen.

    2) There may be a Kal El version, but it will come out with the same resolution that Google wants on the original Xoom or this will be the 4G version that we were suppose to buy 3 months ago.

    Bottom line. This is FUD.

  11. The question the title should be asking is “what is Motorola doing with their current tablet?” Moto shouldn’t be worrying about this NEXT tablet,but should be focused on giving me and everyone else the LTE update and SD card support. This shit is crazy

    1. The SD card support just arrived well it did for wifi models like mine, I’m sure it won’t be far behind for you.

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