Samsung: Nexus 3 Tweet Based on Rumors, Not Facts


After letting what seemed to be the proverbial cat out of the bag via their Romanian Twitter yesterday, Samsung is backtracking on comments posted that indicated the company would manufacturer the next Nexus device and it would feature a Super AMOLED HD display. It turns out that the tweet wasn’t intended as an announcement and was rather meant to engage in a conversation on current Nexus 3 rumors. In a response to our own Chris Chavez, Samsung Romania stated “We haven’t got any info.”

Samsung Romania further clarified that the tweet was uploaded by mistake and that it was not intended as official confirmation of the Nexus 3 or any of its specs. The original tweet was most likely based on rumors originating at BGR and not any sort of top secret insider info. While there is still a chance the rumors could pan out, it seems unlikely that Google would favor Samsung for two Nexus handsets back-to-back, but it wouldn’t be a total shocker. So boys and girls, back to your speculating on this one. Nothing is official just yet.


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    If Samsung is gonna make it, they better not screw this up.

  2. I’d rather HTC manufacturer it.

    1. That crappy company? why?

      1. I prefer their hardware over Samsung’s,

    2. the moment i turn on htc phone, the moment i need to charge it.

      1. Yeah but it will be functional non like samsung products.

      2. Funny. I haven’t encountered that. Everyone In my family has a HTC device, and none of us have encountered battery issues. G2, Mytouch Slide, Mytouch 4g, Nexus One and HTC Sensation. The only phones I know with power issues are the Evo and the Thunderbolt. Two overhyped bulky phones. So quit hatin

        Besides, I want a phone that’ll last for more than a year without a case. I got my nexus one and my nexus s a year apart, had to get a case for my S, and my One is still in perfect condition, unlike my S.

        Bottom line, Samsung makes great screens and internals, but that’s it. They’re outsides are great for all of 2 weeks. HTC makes really good (not great) internals and phenomenal outsides that’ll last till your next phone

        1. The Evo is a great phone, far from “overhyped”.

          1. I never said it wasn’t. But lets look at the facts: it was a large phone that sacrificed thickness for screen size, and Sprint 4G (which is not all that fast. T-mobile 4g is just as fast, covers more area, and doesn’t suck up power – both aren’t that great though) for battery life. I’m not saying it wasn’t a good phone; it had a lot of firsts for smartphones. I just don’t think that it was that much better than the nexus one, given its faults, and yet people still talk about nowadays it as if it’s one of the best when phones today run laps around it.

          2. Agree to disagree. The evo is the best phone I ever owned and I’m a former iPhone/Nexus One owner.

        2. You are right on point with your assessment. A couple of other points. I like Samsung because they do not limit storage for apps like HTC. However, HTC seems to be the darling for modders/rooters.

          Love the look of the Nexus S, but that plastic is pure shit.

          Love the materials/aesthetics of HTC phones, but again they gimp their handsets on storage (e.g. Nexus One, Desire).

          What we really need is a combination of both. Although to me that HTC sensation comes close to being perfect.

  3. The Nexus S was practically perfect they just need to up the processor a bit is all and possibly removable memory, though I have noticed that mounting an sd card has proven to cause some freezes on my SK4G

    1. The need to also at least replace the back with a matte plastic, if not switch to metal (though I can’t see it happening). This glossy plastic has gotta go. All it does it attract fingerprints and make scratches more visible.

      1. Yes and Yes and remove the hump in the back.

      2. Funny. Was looking for an aftermarket metal or carbon fiber type back for the Nexus S. Would have been killer.

        1. I considered taking a sand blaster to the back (I have easy access to one) but I new I’d eventually be selling it, so I decided against it.

  4. “We’s aint got no info”

    You know the biggest question I have is why did Google go from HTC to Samsung in the first place? Before you HTC junkies and Samsung haters get excited, I ask because it was either they want to spread the Nexus love around OR they Prefer Samsung’s hardware.

    I for one think it is the hardware and the Nexus 3 will in fact be another Samsung.

    1. they switched to samsung because samsung has a better screen and overall a better phone. the galaxy line of phones are the best available to the public.

      yes samsung has had it’s problems with updates, but they have proven that they are willing and ready to take care of this. The fact that they sent galaxy s2’s to the CM7 team should be enough of an indication that they are going full out and that when we (the consumer) spoke, they listened!

      1. I totally agree with you. Besides, once you go Super AMOLED, there is no turning back. I’ve been spoiled for life by this screen technology. And with the new hd super amoled, it’s going to blow everything out of the water. As far as performance goes, we all know how sammy makes one of the best cpus in house for their phones.

    2. I couldn’t agree more, i really hope it’s made by Samsung.

    3. It was really a matter of economics – Samsung made them a deal on development costs they couldn’t refuse.

      Would it have gone down the same way if the two bidders – HTC and Samsung – were even at the time? Honestly, we’ll never know.

      In any case, I’m glad they spread the Nexus love, regardless of reason.

  5. HTC did the first two “back-to-back”, no reason that Samsung wouldn’t get to do the same. I hope the LTE rumors put this on Verizon. It should be just about the time I’m ready to jump ship from T-Mobile as it gets eaten.

    1. no htc didnt. They did the original nexus. Also technically moto did the first nexus with the og droid since it was the first to launch with 2.1 way back when.

      1. First Android phone was the G1, made by HTC.

        Not sure how the Droid was a Nexus at all.

          1. pawn that biotch! BOOM

        1. uum the droid was the first phone to have 2.1. seeing how the nexus always has the newest os first thats how it was.

      2. First, the nexus name indicates updates first, which was not the case fro the og droid. Second, the og droid got 2.1 2 months after the nexus one came out so no.

  6. I was thinking about the LG G2X, but that phone is unh unh. I’m not liking it. I don’t know about having LG making the phone. I read a rumor somewhere on the internet (good luck finding that) about LG is suppose to make the next Nexus. Hmm… I like the original Nexus 1. It looks the coolest out of all of them. That’s kinda why I got the G2. They need to make another Nexus like the original one; with that grayish body design.

    1. I like the original nexus one too (although the all black no screen nexus S looks slick too). That’s one of the reasons why I got the Sensation.

  7. I’ve been much happier with the S after the most recent updates. Gps works like a charm now. Battery life still isn’t that great. Whoever does the next phone should really focus on making it last the whole day. My wives iPhone 4 will go a whole day without blinking. It’s not a trolling statement, just stating that other phones have better batteries.

    1. How many wives do you have?

  8. Stop teasing us! It’s hard enough to wait for this phone without false rumors flying around. Can we just post something once it is official?

  9. Endless discussion……….. http://www.iphoneleaks.net/

  10. Bla bla bla….all I read is: “Nexus 3 will have a Super Amoled HD screen manufactured by Samsung and the other parts of the phone will be created by some other company”

  11. I think writers, not only from this site, need to do a little more digging before posting every single little rumor….a samsung romanian tweet comon…..

  12. It will be manufactured by multiple companies. Why do you think its called the “Nexus Prime”. Nexus Prime is the name of a transformer who has parts from all different sources.

    1. where have you heard it be called nexus prime?

      1. Google and see bitches. What is there not to understand about the logic? Are you slow?

    2. please be joking. i dont even understand the logic.

  13. This is one reason I refuse to follow anything on Twitter. Nothing relevant is ever tweeted about and if it is, I’ll read about it online within the hour. I certainly don’t need news and rumors spoon fed to me instantly. I do have a life and could care less what Kim Kardashian or Ashton Kutcher have to think.

    1. If I could give you enough thumbs up to bump you to the top, I would.

    2. *couldn’t care less

  14. Please let it have a dedicated photo/camera button…or just re-use the volume button for this case…but using the on screen button is HORRIBLE!!!!

    Especially when trying to photograph your new haircut to send it to your friends to find out what they think of it…..the way you have to hold it to take a picture of yourself is just…..UNNATURAL….

  15. Which carrier? (att?)Tmobile, verizon, or sprint. (Which would u prefer if u don’t know?)

    1. Ideally, T-Mobile direct through Google. Unlocked for use with any carrier that can take a SIM card. Even more ideal, make one for every carrier.

  16. oh yeah? well @BeckArnold says that its BidsOut! which is it!

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