Jul 12th, 2011

After letting what seemed to be the proverbial cat out of the bag via their Romanian Twitter yesterday, Samsung is backtracking on comments posted that indicated the company would manufacturer the next Nexus device and it would feature a Super AMOLED HD display. It turns out that the tweet wasn’t intended as an announcement and was rather meant to engage in a conversation on current Nexus 3 rumors. In a response to our own Chris Chavez, Samsung Romania stated “We haven’t got any info.”

Samsung Romania further clarified that the tweet was uploaded by mistake and that it was not intended as official confirmation of the Nexus 3 or any of its specs. The original tweet was most likely based on rumors originating at BGR and not any sort of top secret insider info. While there is still a chance the rumors could pan out, it seems unlikely that Google would favor Samsung for two Nexus handsets back-to-back, but it wouldn’t be a total shocker. So boys and girls, back to your speculating on this one. Nothing is official just yet.


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