Sprint’s Update Woes: Nexus S 4G GRJ90 Delayed, Samsung Transform EF09 Pulled


As Sprint Nexus 4G owners are probably well aware, the GRJ90 update scheduled for yesterday never went out. For one reason or another the system update comprised of mostly bug fixes (and possibly bumping the Android version up to 2.3.5) was deemed not ready for prime time. A new date has not been set for the updates rollout at this time.

In related news, the EF09 update for the Samsung Transform was pulled after widespread instances of the new system file failing to install. Samsung is working on a fix with a proper update hopefully on the way in the near future.

[via AndroidCentral]

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    1. you guys should really refrain from posting bs articles like this. okay it’s a day or two late so what? stop making a big ass deal out of shit like this, what are you 2 yo? Kevin Kraus yeah im talking to you.

      1. this is absolutely no different than chris chavez whining about people posting negative ratings on the google+ app….amazing what passes for editors/writers now…..

  1. Shouldn’t this be more Samsung’s update woes? Sprint’s HTC phones don’t seem to have near the issues Samsung’s do. The Epic had problems, but I don’t really remember anything bad about the Evo or the Shift.

  2. Would this be Sprint’s delay or Google’s? I always thought Nexus phones were updated without carrier intervention.

    1. sprint

  3. Samsucks issues not sprint. Epic fail (pun intended). i hope htc builds the next nexus phone for sprint.

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    1. Yeah…..this isn’t spam at all. The article talks about the issues, and you say “Samsung Is The Best!”. Prick.

  5. this is not a bs article smc29, the update has been postponed for the nexus and pulled for the transform I work for sprint, got the email this afternoon.

  6. im glad i dont have any problems with my phone

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