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I always love a good mystery. Combine that with some juicy Nexus rumors and you’ve already got me salivating. Well, apparently the Romanian department of Samsung Mobile has been a little chatty on Twitter as of late. Scanning through their Twitter I found all kinds of tweets and retweets in regards to the rumors that Samsung will be the manufacturer of choice for Google’s next Nexus device. While, my Romanian is a little rusty, I was able to use the power of Google Translate to translate these tweets into English and screen cap them for you all. When asked about the next Nexus device, SamsungMobileRO tweeted someone that the production of the phone should be starting soon and it will probably launch late 2011.

These tweets/retweets could be seen as some sort of confirmation that Samsung will, in fact, be producing the next iteration of the Nexus and it will be the go-to device for showing off Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This actually falls in line with the recent rumors BGR got rolling when they claimed to have “inside sources” close to the Nexus 3 project that cofirmed the device would be manufactured by Samsung.

If you look at the tweet below, Samsung Mobile Romania even confirms that the Nexus 3 will also have the fabled 1280×720 Super AMOLED HD display (a DPI so high, it will make Apple’s Retina display look like 8-bit) although it links to some blog citing BGR about the rumor.

I don’t want to get into other unconfirmed rumors that the phone will be packing a quad-core processor or spit out Toaster Strudels but there you have it. Straight from the horse’s mouth so it seems. Or could this merely be a clueless Romanian tweeter excited about the Nexus 3 rumors and who just happens to be in charge of Samsung’s twitter? No saying for sure.

What do you guys think? Could this be real confirmation from Samsung Mobile (Romania)? And how do you feel about the possibility that the next Nexus 3 might come from Samsung? I mean, all Samsung would have to do at this point is slap stock, vanilla Android 4.0 on a Galaxy S II and I’d still be happy. Either way, I will say this — the plot thickens…

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