Gingerbread Reaching the HTC Desire Z by the End of the Month


It was announced back in February that the HTC Desire Z would receive and update to Android 2.3. Since that time, Gingerbread has rolled out to the HTC Desire HD and Inredible S and HTC has flip-flopped on the update for the original Desire, but other than a leak back in March little has surfaced regarding the new OS version on the Desire Z. Now HTC is going on the record, confirming that testing is nearly complete and the update should be hitting the only Desire with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard “in the coming weeks.” The manufacturer is hopeful that the update will reach all owners on all carriers by the end of July, which is a good thing. We were beginning to think HTC forgot about the poor Desire Z for a minute there.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. Finally…. Very weird that the Desire HD was upgraded a while ago and HTC communicated a lot about whether or not the Desire would be upgraded, but kept totally silent about the Desire Z.

  2. Maybe they were hoping we all forgot?

  3. I see Eurodroid don’t credit their stories. This story was on 3 different sites before Eurodroid even woke up in the UK. They seem to have a bad habit of doing this.

    1. They would only need to credit the story if they got it via someone. This is basically just a retweet of a Facebook post.

  4. And where is the promised Desire upgrade, the best selling HTC phone to date?

  5. Just in time.. I was seriously considering a root in desperation for something new.

  6. i think the g2 has been forgotten unless we now get gingerbread sense which would be nice :P

  7. Could you guys check in with T-mobile to get the latest on the G2 update?

  8. lies they keep saying it will be updated by the end of the month, they said the February through July

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