HTC Desire HD, Desire Z and Incredible S Join Desire in Spring Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update


We heard back at Mobile World Congress that the HTC Desire would receive an upgrade to Android 2.3 shortly after the new Desire S hits shelves. Now, an HTC spokesperson is adding a few more handsets to the list of devices receiving 2.3 this spring. The two other Desire handsets, the Desire HD and Z, will be graced with Gingerbread along with the upcoming Incredible S, the only phone revealed at MWC to feature an older version of Android with 2.2.

As with all Android updates, don’t hold your breath too long. Spring leaves a lot of flexibility for the update to begin, and there is still a chance it could be pushed back even later than that.

[via Electronista]

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  1. Excellent….

  2. EVO or bust!

  3. MyTouch 4G update please, just updated my Nexus One with Gingerbread yesterday and its sooo Nice, even works faster than before. More efficient. : )

  4. desire z?!?!?! omgggggg does that mean the G2 will get it as well since its pretty much the same phone…='(

  5. Guess we will see what happens. This droid Incredible S should not release in the states with no 2.2 froyo. My brother’s incredible already has 2.2 as well as my KING EVO.. Plus that new htc sense 2.0 looks great. HTC RULES ANDROID

  6. @Richard
    Isn’t the latest version of Sense 2.1?

  7. hurray!, after HTC releases the update I’ll have to wait another YEAR for Vodafone to pump it out. I HATE my branded phone >:[

  8. Will the Droid Incredible get Android 2.3?

  9. And still no 2.2 update for Milestone. WTF Motorola?

  10. Is HTC responsible for doing updates for the G2 and MT4G? They’re T-Mobile-branded, not HTC-branded.

    Also, I’d imagine that because the G2 ~stock, and the MT4G is not true sense, that the release schedule for those two phones would not necessarily align with the release schedule for the DZ and DHD.

  11. I reckon the Desire and Desire Z deserve at least 4.5 stars, especially the Desire after it got the Froyo update.

  12. DESIRE. FTW!

    Oh wait! Orange UK, oh damn, I won’t get it until next year, lol!

  13. @LNG,
    I would imagine that HTC and TMO, in conjunction are responsible. This is the way it is for most devices. HTC gets their stuff together after which point it is up to the service provider to add the “necessary” changes.

  14. @jmax… I thought the new sense was 2.0 I believe I am right but I will check… @LGN… HTC makes the g2 and the mytouch 4g.. They are responsible for issuing the update to the tmobile then tmobile adds or subtracts what they want from the update then they test it for however long then they are suppose to send the update… over the air to your device. Tmobile is not known for keeping up with there updates on handsets… Wish you luck…

  15. Agreed with Wesley. All 3 are among the best Android phones available.

  16. EVO anyone?

  17. HTC Sense sucks anyway, already did the deed of rooting. Freedom!

  18. since the desire hd got it, what are the chances of the inspire getting it

  19. Will this include the Canadian Desire Z?

  20. I would also love to see the inspire go to 2.3. Come on HTC!

  21. cloakster, i was wondering the same thing. would be nice, while i sit her wondering if i am going to sell it for the atrix. hmm…its been rock solid though!!! hard decision.

  22. gingerbread on desire HD? yes please!

  23. Have the Desire HD on Orange UK… it took them an extra month or two to get the 2.1 update to the Hero, so I’m probably expecting 2.3 on the HD by about… Christmas 2013

  24. Awesome can’t wait for a LeeDrOiD Rom of this

  25. Will this include the G2 which is essentially the desire hd?

  26. @Richard: T-Mo may not be known for being timely, but they do keep up with updates. The original MyTouch is on FroYo, the G1 got as far as Donut. Supposedly there’s a QA issue holding up FroYo for the Slide, but the update does exist.

  27. That desire-Z update better include my mother F’N G2 or ima be heated

  28. I think cm7 isn’t as good as cm6, does anyone else agree? I think the ui in gingerbread is very ugly.

  29. Does that mean the t-mobile g2 is getting the gingerbread update? After all The desire Z and the G2 is the same phone?

  30. The original Desire is also getting this update (reported elsewhere). June is a long way off and I’ll then have to wait for the VF approved version, sigh.

  31. shuda told us this info lik a couple days b4 it updates now im goin be waitn till spring

  32. ahahahahahahaha. No.
    remember, we are talking about verizon here, not tmobile.

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