LG Mod Says G2x Gingerbread Should Be Here Within a Month, Still Losing Money in Smartphone Race


LG has created somewhat of a bad reputation for themselves with the G2x. It was out mid-April, but came with Froyo. A Gingerbread upgrade was promised about a week and a half later. “Soon” eventually became “a couple of months” for its arrival and we still have no clue why it isn’t here yet. An LG forum moderator has stated that they’d be “surprised” if we go more than another month without Gingerbread on the G2x, but that’s not really telling us much.

It’s problems like those that are causing LG to lose money in the smartphone game. After joining the Android train late in the game, LG has been trying to improve financial performance in the smartphone sector, but nearly a year and a half later have yet to show anything but bleak potential. They’ve lowered their 2011 expectations from 30 million smartphones shipped to 24 million. In contrast, Samsung, one of the biggest players in this space, sold around 19 million in Q2 this year.

If LG wants to compete, they need to make compelling devices and they need to make sure those devices are supported properly. In the case of the G2x, it’s not just that users want to be on the latest and greatest, but that they’re still experiencing serious issues that they have been dealing with since day one.

A fix to those issues were promised with the Gingerbread update, but it seems like they or T-Mobile are dragging their feet in getting it finished. It will have been 3 months since their “coming soon” promise on July 24th. For the sake of all things that make sense, it doesn’t even have a custom UI over it! What’s taking so long? In any case, let’s hope this forum moderator knows more than most give him credit for. [TmoNews, Electronista]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Kinda regretting getting this G2x.

    1. I hear that there may be 3 or 4 different Nexus phones coming out this year on different carriers. I used to look at other phones when I had my G1 and Google Ion but ever since I got my first Nexus I never really cared about any other phones that much.

  2. I wonder how their 3D phone is gonna do on AT&T. Be a shame to have these problems twice on “flagship” phones.

    1. I have the optimus 3D for a week now and i haven’t experienced ANY problems so far. Excellent build quality, no reboots, no slowdowns. Everything works as expected. Honestly, it’s a great phone!

      But yes, LG is still lacking in properly supporting their products.

      1. So the 3D and Revolution are just fine but the G2x is a POS.

  3. Hey Quentyn i haven’t heard any word on an update for my G2 either. It was promised for Q2 and still no word from htc or tmobile. I know you guys have alot of phones to review but the G2 and MT4G were out long before these phones and still have not gotten what was promised. Why not shine some spotlight on these two phones as well…

    1. The G2 has reached EOL already.

    2. Yeah. Not gonna happen.

      I just had to file a warranty claim on my wife’s G2. Since it’s EOL now, they offered to replace it with a myTouch 4G. You can still get the G2 as a replacement, but I figured that I shouldn’t have her stay on a phone that’s no longer being supported, so we accepted the myTouch 4G.

  4. I love my G2x but the issues and the wait for a resolution are becoming unbearable. If this ETA ends up getting extended again, I’ll be looking for a new phone.

  5. LG is stumbling outta the smartphone gate but they can still get back in the game. If they come through with a good fix and a stable update to 2.3, within reasonable time, all us G2x owners are gonna be happy campers. The peeps I do feel sorry for are our G2 brethron. The G2 also has vanilla Android yet they haven’t been bumped up to Gingerbread since it debuted last October 2010 plus now it’s a discontinued phone! Damn..that’s just harsh HTC. At least we can look forward to an update..sooner than later I hope.

    1. 2.3 debuted Dec. 15th. I know what your saying but you gotta start the update timer from the release date of Gingerbread. The same clock is ticking for my Vibrant.

      1. Dully noted. Keepin the pimp hand strong as always! (slap)!!

  6. Lg is so whack all this wasted froyo stuff then some outdated 3D phone with froyo and 512 RAM what a waist. That Gx2 is nothing special either…

    1. The Evo is gay . So is adding 3d to a phone. the gslate tablet that is basiclly thhe g2x with a big screen i have one and every other tablet on the market. I get every new phone and tablet mailed to me for testing. The G2x destroys the evo 3d. Wow you have 3d and i dont. Let me tell you something about the HTC its junk and its produced under horrible conditions for building electronics . Be happy you bought a piece of shit …have fun

  7. I was in the market for a new phone and it came down to the LG Optimus 2X and Google Nexus S. I made the decision to go it with the Nexus S instead of the 2X as the phone has some issues with stability. I’m a happy Nexus S user :)

    1. Nexus S is nice, GF has it, but I do see the difference in 3d stuff with Tegra (though Nexus S is smoother overall).
      Got a rare reboot every so often with 2.2 on G2x, been running the leaked 2.3 and it’s been great, though a bit more unstable… though the leak is old now.

  8. I remember getting my g2x and hearing about the update coming later in the week. Here it is 2 months later and still waiting for the update. I thought the major benefit of vanilla android was quick and ready updates, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m stating to miss touchwiz now. The g2x is an amazing phone, it has a few flaws but nothing that a quick update couldn’t fix. And why they used froyo instead of gingerbread still boggles my mind..,

  9. I’m too lazy to research but one of these sites talked about why you should wait for the next nexus phone and rumored it was going to be made by LG. I said NO WAY because of their G2X debacle. Still looking right at this point.

  10. I agree with so many of the previous posts and am not going to rehash them here…

    One of the reasons why I went with the G2x was because it was supposed to be one of the flagship phones. But, even the G2 gets Netflix support, but not the G2x. I should’ve went with a Nexus S. They get all the new stuff: Netflix, Hulu, Skype video chat… Apps can’t take advantage of the G2x’s front-facing camera until it gets Gingerbread!

    1. On day one some apps had problems supporting the front facing camera on my G2x, but Qik and Tango work great with it now.

      1. This is what I meant about the Gingerbread comment:

        (from http://digitaldumptruck.jotabout.com/?p=797 )
        “One welcome addition to the Android SDK in the Gingerbread (2.3) release is a standard API for accessing front-facing cameras on devices like the HTC EVO, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and now the new Google Nexus S. With Froyo, we developers had a set of incompatible, poorly documented vendor-specific APIs to contend with – some I still haven’t gotten to work properly.”

        Gingerbread allows apps to use the front-facing camera without having to be hacked into using it, which is why the version of Qik is T-Mobile-specific.

    2. how stupid i have the g2x and its great who wants to watch netflix on a phone . spend some money get a ipad

      1. My point wasn’t about watching Netflix on the G2x. (I’d rather watch movies on my 55-inch TV.) My point was that the phone is not getting much developer support.

  11. Lookin forward to it! Hopefully we’ll be able to get a review on the blog for project Advanced Technology and Design Korea’s blog soon! Shared this on the Facebook fan page and twitter!! Keep up the awesome posts and have a good one! (@advancedtechkr)

  12. Man am i glad I returned my G2X before my 14-day period ran out. It was the tinny and low-gain audio out of the headphone jack that pushed me over the edge, but there were lots of other issues. Got a Sensation and like it. I do miss Vanilla Android though.. Sense 3.0 is OK, but really no necessary- wish I could just turn it off. Its cool how the screen will play movies without any bars- fits right to the screen.

  13. I would say lg has created a bad reputation more because they release crap products. This whole g2x fiasco sounds way too familar when I/my friends had problems with the chocolate, rumor, env series, and couple other phones. noooooo moooooore lg! life is not good with lg.

  14. It’s sort of funny how overseas market phones or the Korean and Euro version of the Optimus 2x are getting all the updates first. As long as T-Mobile and LG work to make sure the US version is as stable as possible and it has all the fixes I don’t mind waiting until the end of the month. The Tegra chipset is so powerful that almost all Smartphones that carry the chip have the issue with at least Froyo.

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