ASUS Eee Pad Slider Delayed Until Fall


As promising as this tablet looks and as ready as it had seemed, ASUS isn’t looking to rush this one – the Eee Pad Slider has been delayed until Autumn, which means we could see its launch slip into early-mid Q4 if they aren’t careful. They’re running surveys to “understand what is important” for their customers. Sounds to me like they weren’t 100% satisfied or confident with what they had. Considering this is such a unique and unexplored concept even with the Eee Pad Transformer out and doing well, we can’t say we blame them too much. Fall is really the latest they can launch this thing without being overshadowed and passed up by competitors. [Facebook via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. will this allow us to connect our current Eee Pad Transformers into the slider keyboard?

    1. nope. the sliding keyboard is built into the tablet itself.. It is not detachable… I still say Transformer is still the best…

  2. Throw a dual-core OMAP or Exynos along with stock Android 3.2 in there and you have me sold.

  3. I had love at first sight with this and I think they’re waiting for me to have enough money to buy this before they release it =) thx asus!

  4. Arrghhh I was looking forward to checking this out. Not sure if I want to lug around that extra weight of the keyboard all the time though.. sometimes you just wanna watch a movie and dont need anything else

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